An Overview of the Top Things to Do in Caucasia

An Overview of the Top Things to Do in Caucasia

TLDR? La Ciénaga del Silencio is one of the places you must visit in Caucasia.

If you’re planning to travel to Caucasia and aren’t sure what to do in this beautiful Antioquian town, I have some recommendations for you.

Caucasia is a small town eight and a half hours from Medellín. Its distance from the Paisa capital makes it a potential destination if you want to get away from the city and mix a little with nature.

Caucasia has different outdoor activities to enjoy. A few days can be a short time to make the best plans there, so I want to give you a little glimpse of what you can do in this little fishing town in Antioquia.

Let’s begin!

La Ciénaga El Silencio

La Ciénaga El Silencio

This lagoon is one of the most important nature reserves in the region. It’s known as Ciénaga and houses vast water mirrors created by the rivers near Caucasia.

Since La Ciénaga’s in the middle of the town, it’s surrounded on one side by houses from nearby neighborhoods. Several people come to see the scenery and hang out.

From the shore, you can see small crocodiles and birds in the middle of the lake, standing on any small space of land or plants.

You can plan to take a walk to breathe fresh air and prepare your camera for the landscapes.

Ciénaga Colombia

Ciénaga Colombia

There are different places to observe Caucasia’s unique and natural beauty, and this swamp is one of them.

It’s the favorite place for fishermen. To get there, you must go with one of the fishermen who own small boats. However, you must speak Spanish to understand their explanations.

If you just want to admire the beauty of the place, you can do it anyway!

Due to the green areas surrounding the brown water, you’ll see different animals, including many birds, iguanas, and even monkeys jumping from one tree to another.

It’s a place that makes you feel small. The most surprising thing is that the swamps are created naturally due to the water coming from other rivers, including the Cauca River.

Ciénaga Colombia is a tour that you cannot miss if you visit Caucasia.

Parque Las Ceibas

Parque Las Ceibas

Parque Las Ceibas is perfect for hanging out or resting after a day of touring Caucasia.

Like any town in Colombia, Caucasia also has its central park. Its name honors the leafy Ceiba trees that are all over the place. 

You can sit next to them on the walls and feel that freshness that only big trees can give.

You can sit here in the evening for a good chat with a nice beer.

Puente Carlos Lleras Restrepo

Puente Carlos Lleras Restrepo

You may have seen many bridges spanning rivers in different cities, but I bet you haven’t seen one like this.

I was fascinated when I saw the size of the Cauca River! This enormous river crosses town and has a brown color in contrast with all that Caucasian green.

Jardín Hidrobotánico Jorge Ignasio Hernández 

Jardín Hidrobotánico Jorge Ignasio Hernández

When we talk about gardens, we imagine something small outside our house. Well, imagine that Colombia is a huge farm full of giant gardens.

The Hydrobotanical Garden is one of the lines of research gardens in Colombia, like the Medellin Botanical Garden.

In this beautiful place, you can learn a lot about the different plants, the different native animals of Colombia, and how they walk or are just out there looking at you secretly while you pass by.

I love birds, so it was fascinating to see them up close and hear their songs from the middle of the trees.

Templo de la Sagrada Familia

I have realized that when I visit places in Antioquia, I always like to get to know their churches. Each has a story to tell and different architectural styles. This one has a striking point-shaped facade, despite its simple interior.

Templo de la Sagrada Familia is deeply significant to the natives, who consider it their most sacred temple.

Address: a 9-104,Cl. 22 #92, Caucasia, Antioquia

Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike

One of the best ways to get to know Caucasia is by renting a bicycle. It’s a very cheap and fun option since you can go from one place to another without any problem, getting to know this fishing village at your own pace.

To hydrate and eat something during the tour, you can do it at points of sale located in different places.

In Caucasia, as in any part of Colombia, it’s easy to find informal food sales to have a delicious and cold freshly made natural fruit juice for less than a dollar.

Include Food in Your List

Include Food in Your List

You should include food among the things to do as a tourist!

Caucasia is a fish town, but you can find food for all tastes. Here are some options to change or try other versions of the dishes you usually find in the city:

  • Parador la Suegra: Here, you can find a breakfast full of all the flavors of Antioquia. In case you miss the Arepas, eggs and hot chocolate.
  • Peccatori Restaurant: Perhaps this is your best option if you want some pizza.
  • La Estancia Asados ​​& Mariscos Restaurant: Perfect place to find everything to eat. Pasta, typical coastal food, and even Colombian fast food. You choose.

Check up the Top Things to Do in Caucasia!

If you thought there weren’t many good things to do in Caucasia, I hope you have changed your mind.

Caucasia has several tourist experiences to offer you. Take advantage of your stay and add this town to your must-visit list!

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