Where to Eat Lunch and Dinner in Bello

Where to Eat Lunch and Dinner in Bello

TLDR? Asados ​​Bar La Mula Paisa is one of your best options for lunch.

There’s a Latin American saying: “Barriga llena, corazón contento” (full belly, happy heart).

As I always say, food is the most important thing, the first thing you should know before traveling anywhere! So, if you’re going to Bello and want to eat a lot, today’s your lucky day.

In addition to its people’s friendliness and beautiful mountainous landscape, Bello has a gastronomic offer that, although very similar to that of Medellín, will blow your mind.

So come with me, and I’ll show you the best places to eat if you’re visiting or planning to travel to this beautiful town on the outskirts of Medellin.

Where Is Bello?

Where Is Bello?

One of the best-known towns in Antioquia, Bello is just half an hour from Medellin. It has a pleasant climate as it’s near the mountains.

Within its natural riches, you’ll find the famous Cerro Quitasol. These hills are worth visiting, especially if you like to play sports or enjoy nature!

How to Get There

How to Get There

Being a town so close to Medellín, you have several options to get there.

You can calculate the trip’s cost by checking one of the apps to get around and take a taxi from where you’re staying.

If you’re going by metro, you must take Metro A at Prado station. After a few stops, you’ll be in Bello.

If you have rented a car, it’ll be easier to go at your own pace to Bello. Don’t forget to consider the traffic schedule.

Where to Have Lunch

Where to Have Lunch

After taking a tour of Bello, you’ll need a proper lunch to recharge your batteries!

Most restaurants offer typical paisa food. You might be thinking: I’ve had that before! But each plate is unique, and the variety and type of Colombian food are diverse in every corner of this country.

I chose two of the best places to prove that!

Asados ​​Bar La Mula Paisa

Asados ​​Bar La Mula Paisa

La Mula Paisa is one of the busiest restaurants in Bello. Its distinctive trait is the delicious avocado you can find in their dishes!

La Mula Paisa is a simple restaurant with all the touch of a Paisa town. A rich soup accompanies all the main courses, but you can also choose classic ground beef with pork rinds.

Address: Cl. 50 #50-75, Bello, Antioquia

Bianchas Restaurant

Bianchas Restaurant

If you want something different from classic paisa food, try the seafood served at Bianchas!

The restaurant has a variety of dishes on its menu. I suggest the fried fish with fried plantains, La Sierra en Camarones, or a delicious Trout en Camarones.

However, you can also find typical lunches, including meat or chicken, and the regional Bandeja Paisa.

Bianchas, like many of the restaurants in Bello, has a simple appearance. Although delicious, their dishes are inexpensive.

Address: Dg. 57 #33-82, Bello, Antioquia

Dinner in Bello

Dinner in Bello

When the night comes after doing some sightseeing, you usually want to have some fun! Here are some options to enjoy yourself after a long day.

La Plaza Hamburguesa

In La Plaza Hamburgueresa, you’ll find different types of Colombian-style fast food.

Its specialty, as the name suggests, is hamburgers. The restaurant has a variety of styles, all with names as original as their flavors.

I suggest you try Chicharronada, a dish full of pork rinds (delicious fried pork skin). If you want to share something with less fat, you can also order a Pataconera, a proposal made with fried plantains.

The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere and great food to end a day of exploring!

Address: Cl 27B #57 15, Bello, Antioquia, Colombia

El Mekatiadero 

One of the words you’ll have to learn in Spanish in Colombia is mecatear, which refers to desserts or little sins we commit by eating extra food between meals.

I suggest you try the pasta bolognese as a main dish. You can also have it turned into a delicious pizza!

You can also try some other fast food options like hot dogs. Colombian hot dogs tend to come in different presentations, all worth trying!

Don’t forget to accompany your dinner with a delicious beer or have a sangria after the meal.

El Mekatiadero is a pet-friendly restaurant: you can even order a small dessert specially made for your pet.

Address: Dg. 52 #15a-351, Bello, Antioquia

Bello, as Beautiful as Its Name!

Now you know where to try the best foods in Bello!

Schedule your trip, and don’t forget to have a coffee after lunch! You’re in Antioquia, after all!

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