How to Get To Doradal From Medellin

How to Get To Doradal From Medellin

TLDR? It takes about four hours to get to Doradal, and there are many options to travel there.

If you’re looking to escape a bit from the hustle and bustle of the city, Doradal’s one of Colombia’s top destinations, and it’s only a few hours from Medellín!

Traveling to Doradal from the Paisa capital is quite simple. Here I’ll show you how to get to and what to expect from Doradal. Are you ready?

How Far Is Doradal From Medellin

Doradal From Medellin

Located on the well-known Bogotá-Medellín highway, Doradal’s a district of the municipality of Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.

Being 106 miles (172 km) distant from Medellín, it takes a trip of approximately three and a half hours to get to Doradal.

Remember to consider the departure time and the weather to avoid delays in your itinerary and reservations.

Due to the distance, I recommend you spend at least one night, to take a break and enjoy the tourist attractions of the place!

How to Get There From Medellin

There are a few options to get to Doradal from Medellín. Choose the one that fits your budget!

Bus trip From Medellin to Doradal

Bus trip From Medellin to Doradal

Buses in Colombia are always your cheapest option to travel.

Usually, people think it’ll be an uncomfortable trip because it is a shared service, but it’s just a matter of knowing how to choose.

Get to Medellín’s North Terminal with public transportation, a taxi, or a private service of your choice.

You can take buses with Wi-Fi service if you need to work during the trip. They may also have air conditioning, bathroom service, and even power for your phone or other equipment. The bus will take you straight to the Doradal terminal.

Buy your tickets online to avoid inconveniences.

Car Trip

Car Trip

Perhaps the most comfortable option for many but not the cheapest. For this car trip, you should consider the car rental’s cost, the value of gasoline, and the tolls you’ll find on the road.

There are two tolls on the road from Medellín to Doradal, the Copacabana toll and the Santuario toll. Both have an approximate cost of 3 USD.

The advantage of having your own vehicle is that you can explore a little more and have an easier time getting to the places you want to visit.

Trip With Private Service

Trip With Private Service

You can also consult other different options to travel to Doradal. It’ll depend on your budget and the comfort or taste you require.

Check the different services from Medellin and plan your trip.

What to Expect From The Town

Expect From The Town

So you’ve arrived in Doradal! Go check-in at your hotel first, take a short break, and organize your ideas.

After a trip, we’re always hungry. If your lodging doesn’t have a restaurant or you simply want to go out, you can always enjoy the nearby options.

Where to Eat

This place has several restaurants on the road, an ideal location for travelers.

You can find different options of food and facilities according to your preference. Most have big parking lots, restrooms, and even souvenir shops.

Most dishes you’ll find are typical Colombian, from breakfast to dinner. If you want something more reserved, you can go to Aldea Plaza and eat in its restaurant while you enjoy the place.

What to Visit

What to Visit

In Doradal you can have a fun experience and plenty of cultural things. Book your tour, and let the fun begin!


I recommend you start your trip with a tour of the neighborhood known as the Colombian Santorini, a place very much like the original Santorini in Greece. 

The colors and the architecture will make you feel like you’re in Europe. Next to it, you can find the Hotel Aldea Plaza.

Río Claro

For a more radical experience, get to know the Rio Claro, a green and bright river where you can do different activities such as rafting, and get to know the nature that borders the river. There are also marble caves and caverns!

If you love hydro-trekking, that can also be part of your experience in the Rio Claro nature reserve.

Hacienda Nápoles

Visit the theme park at Hacienda Napoles, a place once owned by the famous Pablo Escobar.

Currently, Hacienda Nápoles is one of Doradal’s most famous tourist centers. There’s even a mini Jurassic Park there!

You’ll also find a museum, the famous hippos, a butterfly farm, and other water activities.

Have a Nice Trip to Doradal

Doradal will never be a disappointment for its visitors, and the trip’s totally worth it.

Find the best means of transportation and get there as soon as possible to enjoy this unmissable destination and make the most of it!

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