Hiking the Cerro del Aguila in Necocli

Hiking the Cerro del Aguila in Necocli

TLDR? Cerro del Aguila is a beautiful viewpoint in Necocli that leads to a stunning beach where you can even see baby turtles!

The small coastal town of Necoclí, Antioquia, is a growing tourism destination and has already become a favorite for paisas due to its tropical scenario. 

It’s no wonder: if you’re in Medellín, you can spend time relaxing on the Caribbean Coast without going up to the north of Colombia!

This city’s also known for the traditional festival of coconut: you’ll find this fruit everywhere when you go to Necoclí. You can try it in every shape and taste, like Cocadas (a sweet deli made of coconut and panela), coconut rice, refreshing coconut water, and coconut lemonade!

This municipality also has areas with archaeological remains and pottery samples of the Urabá indigenous tribe, described in the chronicles and the documents of the conquest of the Gulf of Urabá.

And, even if the beaches and the mangroves are the most known natural attractions here, Necoclí has beautiful hikes that are worth the sweat. 

I’m talking about the Cerro del Aguila, and I’ll tell you all you need to know from my extraordinary experience there!

The Hike to Cerro del Aguila

Cerro del Aguila

Cerro del Aguila is a hill located about 18 miles (30 km) from Necoclí.

From the Cerro del Aguila, you’ll have a paradisiacal viewpoint to see an intensely blue sea and super green mountains. After some time to enjoy the view, take pictures, and breathe the mountain’s fresh air, you’ll get to a virgin beach surrounded by coconut palm trees.

You can choose to get there with a tour or to walk up. Let me show you the difference between these two:

  • The complete trail: it’s possible to do with a motorbike, a bicycle, and by walking. You can start from Necoclí or take a mototaxi and ask them to leave you closer to the Cerro del Aguila. It takes about five hours to get there from downtown Necoclí, and you can take a moto-taxi or a car to return.
  • The hike with the tour: the other option is to book a tour that’ll leave you approximately one hour away from the viewpoint. So you can walk there, go down to the beach and come back and it’ll be a short but beautiful hike. This tour includes lunch, water, insurance, and transport from and to Necocli.

In both options, you’ll get to Playa Faro del Aguila and Playa Bobalito, which also host sea turtles that come to lay their eggs. 

So maybe if you’re lucky and visit between April and September, you’ll also see a turtle hatch

Just check if the Playa Bobalito’s open before booking your tour because lately, it’s been closed to protect a new species of turtle that arrived there.

What You Need For the Hike

Forest in Necoclí

The weather in Necocli is hot. It’s always about 86º F (30º C), even in the rainy season (May – December). Consequently, the rain won’t hit so hard here.

Anyways, in any season, you may bring with you:

  • A rainy coat: it’s better to bring it and not use it than leave it and miss it!
  • Hat: to protect your head from the sun.
  • Sunscreen: even if it isn’t sunny, it’s always better to protect yourself.
  • Trek shoes with grip: just if you’re doing the long hike; otherwise, running shoes will be ok. 
  • Swimsuits: you don’t want to arrive at your destination and not get a refreshing swim in the water, right?
  • Clean clothes: if you fall or need to refresh yourself with clean clothes after the hike.
  • A good camera to take nice pictures: I promise, the view is stunning, and you’ll want to remember this moment.

In some seasons, this hike can be closed because the trail has mud, and it might become impossible to walk there. It’s also close to many water sources, such as Cienaga Marimonda and the Salado.

Other Activities in Necoclí

Activities in Necoclí

Necoclí has many other hiking and activities to enjoy with your loved ones. These are some:

  • Tour of the beaches: Playa El Pescador, El Totumo, Playa Linda, Playa El Turista and Playa Bobalito. Some of these are virgin beaches, and others have restaurants and bars in front of the sea.
  • Volcanes de Lodo: Necoclí has about 14 mud volcanoes. Some are in private areas, and some are open to tourists. Virgen del Cobre volcano is one of these. Paying just an entrance fee, you can get your skincare on with the mud clay’s properties.
  • Ensenada de Rio Negro: a natural reserve with mangroves and tons of migratory birds. You can get a tour for a day, and the guide will drive you around the labyrinth made of mangroves. You can also jump into the quiet water!
  • Ciénaga la Marimonda and El Salado: get a boat tour around these swamps, and learn about this tropical climate and its wildlife.
  • Archaeological Center and Ecoturistic El Carlos: Necoclí was one of the first towns founded by the Spaniards on American soil. This place will show you the archaeological remains that are a part of their history. 
  • Cabalgada Ecologica: ecological horseback riding through the landscapes of Necoclí.
  • Arbol Magico del Amor y la Vida: a day trekking through the tropical forest until arriving in front of a big tree of love and life.

The Perfect Getaway in Necoclí

Pack your things and get to know this Caribbean part of Antioquia just waiting to be discovered! Virgin beaches, beautiful hikes through the forest, and wild fauna in the mangroves – doesn’t this sound like the perfect plan for your next weekend?

Don’t miss this Antioquian gem and enjoy Cerro del Aguila!

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