The Best Places to Have a Meal in Tamesis, Antioquia

The Best Places to Have a Meal in Tamesis, Antioquia

TLDR? Charco Azul Bar Restaurant is the best place to have lunch in Tamesis!

Food is an essential issue in our daily lives, and vacation food is no exception.

Luckily, small towns in Colombia are the best places to try new and delicious dishes!

In this article, I’ll give you some advice on the best restaurants in Tamesis, a little-known weekend-escape destination in southwestern Antioquia.

A Quick Introduction to Tamesis

A Quick Introduction to Tamesis

Tamesis is known for its nature, cocoa and coffee quality, and beautiful waterfalls where you can practice extreme water activities.

The village is often a destination for those tourists who want to take a break from the city’s noise and have a coffee while watching a beautiful sunset.

It takes about four hours to get there by bus from Medellin, and although traveling 88 miles may not seem exciting for some travelers, I can assure you it’s worth spending a weekend there.

It’s a small village, and houses and huts might hide good restaurants. Ask the locals about their favorite places to eat: people tend to be very friendly in Tamesis.

Now that you know more about the village, it’s time to crave tasty dishes from the best places to have a meal there!

Best Breakfast Place in Tamesis

I can’t stress just how important breakfast is in Colombia! You’ll find a wide variety of dishes for this meal, usually accompanied by a cup of one of the best coffees in the world (or hot chocolate, if you prefer).

Repentino Cafe

Repentino Cafe

Repentino Café is an outdoor place where you can have a delicious Colombian breakfast.

You can have from a traditional breakfast with scrambled eggs and hot chocolate to a coffee frappe with chocolate cookies. You’ll find different cakes, coffee preparations, and even an entrance of platanitos with guacamole.

Their regional coffee is so good – you can buy a bag and bring it home!

Insider tip: I recommend you accompany the banana cake with an Americano, a coffee without sugar or milk.

Address: Casa de Gobierno, Tamesis.

Best Lunch Place in Tamesis

After spending all morning visiting tourist attractions or hiking, there’s nothing like a satisfying lunch to revive and keep you ready for more. You’ll find plenty of good lunch options in Tamesis, but this is my favorite!

Charco Azul Bar Restaurante

Charco Azul Bar Restaurante

Charco Azul is a family-friendly restaurant specializing in seafood and matured meats. Their drink menu includes many Colombian fruits, perfect if you want to discover new flavors.

What stands out most about the place is that you can take out your fishing skills to try to catch your lunch in the sports fishing lake.

I have two dish recommendations! The first is fried red tilapia with patacón, a yucca croquette, and salad. Don’t forget to accompany it with a passion fruit juice (also called Maracuyá), which gives a freshness to the meal. This satisfying dish is for those who like to eat a lot: I couldn’t finish it all!

The second dish I recommend is marinated garlic fish steak with house spices, shrimp, salad, and french fries (or yucca croquette). You can choose your favorite fish or eat the one you caught at their lake.

If you want an appetizer, get the ceviche! It comes with a good amount of sauce, seafood, and crackers to accompany.

There’s also a restaurant playground for your little ones. If you get bored while waiting for lunch, you can enjoy their pool table or play a game of Tejo. People tend to meet there to watch soccer games on the big screen. You might like that as well!

Address: Tamesis, Antioquia.

Best Dinner Place in Tamesis

How about a pizza to end the day? Here’s my recommendation!



If you like all imaginable pizza flavors, Pizzabella is the perfect place for you.

From vegetarian pizzas to more luxurious items like a cheese board with ripened meats, you can enjoy their extensive menu with a glass of wine to finish the evening in a good mood.

I recommend the Neapolitan pizza with mozzarella, chicken BBQ, red onion, and cilantro. And for dessert, caramel flan garnished with whipped cream, banana, and syrup!

This small cozy place is gigantic when it comes to tastes!

Address: Cll 11 #11-05

Delight Yourself With Tamesis’ Flavors

Whether you want to try something new or enjoy your favorite comfort food, Tamesis is a gastronomic destination to discover. From the richness of its coffee and cocoa to the variety of dishes, I’m sure Tamesis won’t disappoint you.

Enjoy your weekend in this beautiful village full of nature and flavor!

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