A Quick Guide on Things to Do in Rionegro

A Quick Guide on Things to Do in Rionegro

TLDR? Despite being small, Rionegro has quite a few fun things to do for a day.

Rionegro is just a hop, skip, and a step away from Medellin. However, it’s still often overlooked by tourists. 

In fact, I’m guilty of ignoring Rionegro as a place to check out too! 

Still, if you have a spare day to spend in Medellin, you might want to head up to Rionegro to see what there is to do. Or, head out there before an evening flight and spend the day exploring the area.

Here’s what to do around Rionegro.

What to Know About Rionegro

Before we dive into talking about Rionegro’s plethora of activities, let’s take a second to talk about what this place is and where it’s located. 

Rionegro is a small heritage town in Antioquia that’s visited by tourists who are interested in the architecture of the place, the culture, and the friendliness of the people.

It’s one of the closest places from Medellín to visit on the weekend.

When most people book their flights to Medellin, they fly into the José Maria Cordoba international airport. Many people think that the airport is in Medellín and are unaware that it’s actually located in Rionegro!

As a result, you’ve probably already been to Rionegro without realizing it (unless, that is, you flew into Medellin’s smaller downtown airport).

Getting to Rionegro from Medellin

Rionegro is a town in the department of Antioquia, located one hour away from the city of Medellín

There are three ways to get to Rionegro from Medellin:

  • Taxi: This is a more expensive option, but the trip lasts only about 40 minutes.
  • Car: If you have rented a vehicle during your stay, you can go by car. This is convenient if you’ll be dropping your car off before a flight.
  • Bus: Taking the bus is the cheapest option and takes about an hour and a half to get to the airport. You can take the bus from the San Diego mall. 

Whichever mode of transport you pick, the journey is quite pleasant. You climb up into the hills, so you’ll get great views of Medellin as you head over to Rionegro!

Things to Do

With the details out of the way, let’s talk about what you can do in Rionegro. Luckily, there are quite a few fun activities for you to enjoy.

Visit Plaza de la Libertad

At Plaza de la Libertad, you’ll find two things to admire. 

The first is the beautiful Cathedral of San Nicolás. The second is a statue of José Maria Córdoba, a renowned Colombian soldier honored and remembered for his service to the country.

In the square, you will also find what is known as the basement of the park

The basement is actually a mini-museum, where you can check out works of art and sculpture by local artists. It’s not big, but it’s a nice place to check out.

You can also find exhibitions of local and international artists, promoting culture among the people of the town and their visitors.

If you like that museum then two blocks from Plaza de la Libertad is the Museo Casa de la Convención. This is a place with a political history that also houses works of art related to the history of the town.

Visit La Catedral

Like many cathedrals in Colombia, La Catedral is a Catholic church that’s been around for centuries. Because of this, it has many unique stories behind it.

Rionegro’s famous Cathedral has a crypt that houses a renowned soldier from the time of the Colombian war for independence. 

And, it also has a charming museum full of religious art.

If you enjoy looking at old architecture and taking in history, you should definitely consider going for a stroll through the crypt. 

Go to Parque San Antonio de Pereira

This park stands out for its beautiful church (yes, another one) and statues. Here, you’ll find street vendors selling typical Colombian food such as empanadas.

There’s not a whole lot to do here apart from eat. But, if you haven’t already tried a Colombian fritanga (fried food), then this is the place to do it. 

Sit down on one of the benches and enjoy your snack!

Visit Puente Mejía Rionegro

This historic bridge is made of wood with stone bases on both sides. This bridge crosses the town’s namesake river, the black river. 

The black river, or Rio Negro, is a river with a dark hue that lives up to its name. It’s surrounded by stones and trees, so it’s a nice place to just get out and enjoy some nature.

Go to Comfama Tutucán

This recreational park has a couple of different attractions. 

For one thing, there’s the Pueblo Tutucán. These are small wooden cabins where you can post up and go glamping for a few nights.

There are also four swimming pools for adults and children. These are great for splashing around and cooling off on one of Medellin’s sunnier days!

Another place in the park is the extreme zone. This is basically a high ropes course where you and your friends can put your fear of heights to the test. 

Finally, there are the air bikes. This is an attraction that some may find strange, and it is not very common to find in an amusement park. The air bikes are basically chairs with pedals that are suspended on a cable.

They’re a unique way to get a look at the park from above!

Follow This Guide on Things to Do in Rionegro

This was a quick guide on the fun things you can do in Rionegro. Whichever you pick, I’m confident you’ll enjoy spending the day in Rionegro!

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