Where to Get a Good Wifi Signal in Sabaneta

Where to Get a Good Wifi Signal in Sabaneta

​​TLDR? Meraki Coworking House boasts some of the best Wi-Fi in Sabaneta!

If you’re planning a tour in Sabaneta but need some time to work, you might wonder whether there are spots with Wi-Fi access to get ahead of the slopes before continuing touring.

No need to reschedule your trip! 

Read below about where you can find WiFi to get your work done while exploring Sabaneta.

Meraki Coworking House

Meraki Coworking House

Meraki is an old and traditional house south of Medellin suitable for coworking.

It’s one of the city’s most recognized spaces of this modality. It has shared spaces, clinics, and private offices for rent with wooden tables and office chairs!

Meraki’s coworking space offers:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Meeting room for up to 6 people
  • Printing machine
  • Common areas for a break
  • Point of coffee and aromatic
  • Office manager

You can rent a space for hours, days, weeks, or months! Either spend the day or make a long-term contract if you plan on staying there longer.

Meraki also offers courses that can be useful for independent workers, freelancers, digital nomads, and others, such as basic excel classes and consultancies in entrepreneurship, sales, and strategic marketing.

It’s open from Monday to Saturday.

Address: Cra. 44a #64 sur 24, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia

Cafe Bosque Adentro

Cafe Bosque Adentro

Bosque Adentro is a cafe located in a residential area’s mall.

The place’s spacious, quiet, and perfect to focus on your tasks with original Antioquian coffee. Enjoy fresh pastries, breakfasts, lemonades, and coffee of their production.

Bosque Adentro has wide and comfortable wooden chairs and tables and, of course, a Wi-Fi network.

This place’s also pet friendly.

Address: Cra. 43A #75 sur – 05 Local 12, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia

La Betania Coffee

La Betania Coffee

La Betania is a coffee shop and coworking space near Parque de Sabaneta.

In this place, which evokes a rustic and traditional Antioquian house, you can enjoy an extensive menu with breakfast, brunch, lunch, and drinks while you work. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll also find several presentations with all the techniques.

The best thing about this place is that it opens from Monday to Sunday.

La Betania frequently holds live music events, so if you need to concentrate, check their schedule.

Address: Cl 71Sur #43b-23, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia

A Lomo E’ Mula Cafe

A Lomo E’ Mula Cafe

A Lomo e’ Mula is a small cafe between Las Vegas Avenue and Sabaneta Park distinguished by its coffee heritage.

This place is very cozy and perfect to work for a few hours as it offers Wi-Fi. They offer all kinds of coffee preparations, infusion drinks, and even beers.

I suggest you pair your coffee with a sandwich, a cinnamon roll, or a piece of chocolate cake.

In A Lomo e’ Mula, you can enjoy the best of an environment with dim lighting, comfortable wicker chairs and wooden tables, Wi-Fi to get some homework ready, and exquisite coffee preparations. 

And well, the excellent company of your four-legged friend: they’re pet friendly!

Address: Cl. 72 Sur #46a-27, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia

Cafe Alimor

Cafe Alimor

Alimor is a very spacious site with different indoor and outdoor environments near the Estrella station of the Metro System, in the jurisdiction of Sabaneta.

The place offers a coffee bar, bakery, pastry shop, cocktail bar, and a food menu for any time of the day!

It’s a large and modern private venue specializing in coffee that has a comfortable coworking space with Wi-Fi, furniture seats, and wooden tables.

Work at Alimor and enjoy a local coffee grown with the same name as this bar, a pizza, or a shrimp cocktail. Besides, you can stay with your pet to enjoy one of their events, such as karaoke night or a workshop on coffee preparation methods!

Address: Cl. 78C Sur #47g-10, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia

Other Places to Get WiFi in Sabaneta  

Get WiFi in Sabaneta

The Sabaneta government has a free internet program located at strategic points, ​​especially in rural areas, that you can obtain by filling out a short form.

One of these areas to enjoy free internet for any emergency event you have to solve is located two blocks from the central park of Sabaneta and is called the “Free Wi-Fi zone for people”.

Sit in a neighborhood cafe or store to work or simply from a sidewalk with no complications!

Enjoy Sabaneta With Several WI-Fi Zones

Take a tour of Sabaneta without worrying about the meeting you have to attend or the homework you have to do! Locate one of the areas or sites with Wi-Fi available in the town and enjoy a local coffee. 

Choose between a cafe with a Wi-Fi zone to work, a coworking space, or try Sabaneta’s free internet project. It’s up to you!

Just don’t miss out on what this beautiful place has to offer!

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