How to Get to Caucasia from Medellin

How to Get to Caucasia from Medellin

TLDR? In just six and a half hours, you can be in Caucasia, Antioquia!

Despite being a small town, you’ll find different activities to do during your stay in Caucasia.

Caucasia is a small fishing town, six and a half hours from Medellin by road. It’s known for its typical seafood, Ciénagas, and the Cauca River that runs through it.

If you’re interested in traveling and adding this unmissable town to your tourist list, I’ll give you several indications on how to get there!

Where Is Caucasia?


To go to Caucasia, you need a whole weekend that hopefully includes some Colombian holiday to allow you to stay longer.

It’s approximately six and a half hours from Medellín. It may seem like a long trip at first glance, but Caucasia’s well worth visiting, like every corner of Antioquia.

The ideal time to rest and enjoy Caucasia without haste is to spend three days and two nights. This way, you can have a rest after the trip, get to know the different places, and regain energy to start the return trip.

How to Get To Caucasia From Medellin

Caucasia is a small town without a nearby airport, so you’ll have to rule out flying there.

However, there are other convenient options that you can choose from depending on your travel budget and itinerary.

Rent a Car

Rent a Car

Medellín has different and good places to rent a car. It isn’t such an expensive option; however, it does have a higher cost than traveling by bus.

Colombian traffic regulations allow you to drive as long as you have a certified license from your country, so don’t worry about that.

I recommend you take a shorter route first to get to know Colombian roads, their signs, and how to recognize their speed limits (here, you must drive a little more slowly).

Additionally, due to the mountainous areas, it’s common to lose the signal at different points. I suggest you download the instructions on how to get there so as not to get lost. You also shouldn’t travel at night because it could be dangerous.

Choose a good car, preferably a small and cheaper, but also an almost new one. Ask for directions on gasoline and what to do in case you need a spare part.

Bus from Medellin

Bus from Medellin

I have told you before that in Colombia, the cheapest option to travel will always be to take a bus.

To take the bus to Caucasia, you can buy your tickets online on the pages of the buses that take you directly to the town. There are comfortable options with different services. 

You can also get the tickets at the box office, but you’ll have fewer options.

Then you must go from your hotel or your Airbnb to Medellin’s North Terminal.

From the Caucasia Terminal, you can take another transport to your hotel.

Private driver from Medellin

Private driver from Medellin

Although Medellin’s a city full of color and simplicity, it has some elegant options for you to travel very comfortably to your destination.

For example, if you wish to travel but don’t want to drive or go by bus, you can take a private vehicle with a bilingual tour guide.

There are other more expensive options that you can choose if necessary. Just contact them and check the prices.

Where to Find Lodging in Caucasia

Where to Find Lodging in Caucasia

Caucasia offers lodgings within the town, on the outskirts, and in nearby villages.

You can choose options such as the Hotel Caucasia, which is well located within the town and includes internet service.

You might also like the Hotel y Restaurante Mesón Gitano, which has Wi-Fi and is about twelve minutes from Caucasia.

The cost of the lodgings is varied without being expensive. Some have a restaurant, room service, English-speaking staff, and even tourist information.

Where to Take Some Food

Where to Take Some Food

Caucasia is known for its cuisine of fishing origin because the locals use the nearby swamps and rivers as an economic livelihood.

Due to this, most restaurants or places to eat will have different types of seafood prepared for all tastes.

Despite that, you can find restaurants with a wide variety of dishes on their menus, such as pasta, fast food, and roasts.

Don’t forget that despite being far from Medellín, you’re still in Antioquia, so you’ll find places like Parador La Suegra, where you can find the best paisa breakfast.

Don’t Miss the Trip to Caucasia!

Now that you know how to get to Caucasia, it’s time to search for your ticket, pack your bags, and live another adventure in Antioquia!

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