Everything You Need to Know About Parque Norte

Everything You Need to Know About Parque Norte

TLDR? Parque Norte is Medellin’s amusement park with 22 attractions!

If you’re a hopeless adventurer and love extreme activities, expeditions, and amusement parks, you should visit Parque Norte in Medellín!

This place, located in an area you might have already guessed (yes, in the north), brings a day of great fun, adrenaline, and laughter! What can be better during a tourist trip or after a few days of work?

We could say that Parque Norte is a mini Disneyland in the City of Eternal Spring.

If you want to know how’s spending a day in the park, keep reading this guide! 

What to Know About Parque Norte

What to Know About Parque Norte

Parque Norte is an amusement park that offers a cultural space for the city. It also preserves nature within its facilities and houses the largest urban lake in Latin America.

Park Hours

This place’s open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, except on Mondays or Tuesdays after a holiday.

The park starts operating an hour later on weekends but closes at 6 pm.

Rates and Types of Bracelets

The rates are affordable and different packages are offered according to the tastes and budgets of all people. 

General admission to Parque Norte has an economical cost, and the passports or bracelets offered are:

  • Extreme Bracelet: Allows unlimited use of certain attractions throughout the day. It’s necessary to consider that some of these have age and height restrictions.
  • Fusion Bracelet: If you go with children, this pass is perfect! With this, the little ones accompanied by adults will be able to enjoy what the park has in store for families.

What to Expect From North Park? 

The 22 mechanical attractions and other activities in Parque Norte are divided into four squares with different themes. Let me tell you a little about each!

Extreme Square

Extreme Square

As the name suggests, Extreme Square’s the perfect space for the most daring, those who love adrenaline!

Three attractions require a minimum height to participate, the certification of minimum age, or the accompaniment of an adult: the Kamikaze, the Maui, and the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

These attractions aren’t suitable for those who are afraid of heights or if you hate having wet clothes.

Expedition Square

Expedition Square

Expeditions are activities usually left for scientists, the military, and athletes. If you want this experience, this is the place for you!

Although some attractions are designed more for children and families, I took the opportunity to take a break and enjoy something a little calmer.

On the expedition sector, you’ll meet:

  • A Multi D simulator in which you can experience movement, speed, and wind. You’ll travel through many places from a single cabin.
  • A Prehistoric Jungle trip where you’ll find dinosaurs on the lake aboard a wooden boat.
  • A canopy trip for four people in which you can tour the park from above.
  • A train ride around the park.
  • Entrance to a simulator-type aircraft.

Fantasy Square

Fantasy Square

This area is reserved especially for children.

In these attractions, the little ones of the family or the group will travel in a mythical train, fly in space cars, make a route in a car on a track, and take some driving lessons in the mini-crash.

Kids will also be able to enter a Multi D simulator, ride zig-zag carts, ride the pendulum boat and go on a balloon adventure on the wheel.

Children smaller than 31 inches (80cm) must be with an adult.

Adventure Square

Adventure Square

In this area, you can enjoy fairground games such as motorcycles, cars, and shooting at the enemy in video games. You can also go down awesome slides! It’s addictive!

How about a mirror maze? It’s my favorite! If you want to lose yourself in a labyrinth of crystals, this is the opportunity.

You’ll find other slightly rougher options. How about crashing (and avoiding crashing) on a car track?

How to Get To Parque Norte 

How to Get To Parque Norte

Parque Norte has a strategic location between the Botanical Garden of Medellin, Parque Explora and the University of Antioquia.

For this reason, different public transport routes pass through the area. You can also order taxis and cars from any transport app to get there.

The best option is taking the metro. You can just get off at the Universidad station of Line A and walk a few steps.

If you rented a car or you’re with a motorcycle, the park provides a parking service for a fee.

Visit Parque Norte

Parque Norte’s a place for adventure and fun where you can live from the most extreme experiences to the most tender and entertaining moments with your little ones!

If mechanical attractions are your thing, I recommend enjoying an afternoon there. Have fun!

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