From Fincas to Ecolodges: The Best Places to Stay in Tamesis

From Fincas to Ecolodges: The Best Places to Stay in Tamesis

TLDR? From rustic to luxury, enjoy Tamesis’ natural beauties in a comfortable environment for couples, families, and pets.

Have you ever thought about staying in an Antioquian Finca full of lush greenery? If so, spending the weekend exploring and taking a dip in the San Antonio river may be the right option for you.

Tamesis is a perfect village to rest from the city noise. Its tourist attractions are mostly hiking, visiting waterfalls and streams, and practicing extreme sports such as canyoning.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best Fincas and ecolodges to stay in Tamesis. Let’s jump in!

La Cabaña Ecológica

La Cabaña Ecológica

Only five minutes from the village, these ecological cottages with a rustic atmosphere will make you feel like you own a Finca.

Angela and Alejandra will make you feel at home and welcome you with a regional coffee as a special gift. They can also help you contact guides for the attractions you want to visit.

Talk to them about making a fire in the garden next to the koi fish pond and enjoy some marshmallows or sausage.

The place doesn’t have a restaurant, so take groceries to make breakfast in the cabin’s kitchenette.

I highly recommend that one day you wake up a little earlier to watch the great variety of colorful Colombian birds. They have feeders where birds eat regularly at specific times of the day.

La Cabaña Ecológica is a cheap, beautiful place. It has everything you need to enjoy your stay in Tamesis!

Address: Tamesis, Antioquia. 

Charco de Las Palomas 

Charco de Las Palomas

A modern but natural place, Charlo de Las Palomas has cabins equipped with a jacuzzi to take your experience to the next level.

They also offer TV service and a small living room, equipped with a mini fridge. But the best thing about this place is the beautiful view of the Tamesis Mountains from your balcony.

Overall, a very relaxing place where you can admire a paisa sunset while having a coffee in the “Catamaran” mesh (which is like a hammock).

You can also camp, but you’ll need your tent.

Address: Tamesis, Antioquia.

Finca Hotel El Contento

Finca Hotel El Contento

A place especially for couples, the atmosphere is very rustic and cozy. 

However, if you want to go with your family, you can rent a cabin for up to six people. 

All cabins have a bathroom and a hammock for you to take a nap after touring the whole village. Take an afternoon to hike along its ecological trails with a guide or walk around the Finca.

You can relax on the terrace overlooking the mountains and the Tamesis stream and enjoy birdwatching.

I enjoyed a bonfire night with a starry sky: as you’re so far from the city, you’ll get to see many constellations.

Mornings can be a bit cold in Tamesis, so you can choose to have breakfast inside your cabin or outdoors.

Address: Cll 6 #8-41, Tamesis

Casa de Cristal

Casa de Cristal

If you want to spend a holiday with your pet, Casa de Cristal is the place to go. It only takes 20 minutes from Tamesis’ central park.

The place is gorgeous and offers many amenities, such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Whirlpool
  • Fridge
  • Work area
  • Private parking lots
  • Washing machine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime, Chromecast
  • Stereo
  • Pool table

Here, you can have a coffee overlooking the mountains or enjoy fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Organize a barbecue in the common areas: they’ll give you everything you need, or you can even ask them to do it for you.

Something that stands out from this place is the private pool and large green areas for a picnic or having a campfire on a starry night.

However, it’s a stay option for high budgets who want a VIP experience in their cabin.

Address: Finca La Batea, Tamesis.

Monte Mágico Eco Hotel

Monte Mágico Eco Hotel

A place straight out of a fantasy story, and you don’t need to leave town to enjoy this wonder. 

The cabins are especially for couples, and I think they’re the ideal place for a marriage proposal, so you know what’ll happen if your date invites you to spend your vacation there.

They have all the services of a five-star hotel, but among these stand out:

  • Restaurant
  • American breakfast included
  • Bar
  • Private spa 

The best thing about the place is to enjoy a craft coffee or a cocktail by the pool.

You can also cook in the kitchen or use the BBQ area.

I recommend you attend the ritual bonfires with the bioenergetic doctor of the place, Carlos.

Address: Tamesis, Antioquia. 

The Best Holidays in Tamesis

Whether you want to spend a romantic holiday with your date or take your family (including your pet) to enjoy the climate and landscapes of Tamesis, you’ll always find an option that fits your budget and your tastes. 

Have fun!

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