A Quick Guide to Ritvales 2022

A Quick Guide to Ritvales 2022

TLDR? Ritvales 2022 is an electronic music festival held each year in Medellin.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, you’ll definitely want to attend the Ritvales festival to enjoy great music, food, and drinks. 

Make sure to show up in your best outfit as style and fashion take over the Botanical Garden of Medellin.

Need more details on what this whole thing is? Take a look at this quick guide to prepare yourself for the rave! 

Rave in Medellin

Rave in Medellin

Electronic music has seen a huge rise in popularity in the last two decades as more and more listeners flock to the genre. 

The community has come a long way since the first electronic music festivals, which garnered little success. 

Not many were familiar with the genre, and the rise of reggaeton pushed electronica further into obscurity. Many artists found themselves performing at small, illegal parties in the abandoned buildings of Medellin. 

Luckily, true lovers of house, techno, and electro refused to sit idly by. Their passion turned electronic music into a genre capable of moving the masses at complete festivals lasting more than forty hours in a row, all dedicated to good music and dance. 

What is Ritvales 2022?

What is Ritvales 2022?

So what makes Ritvales 2022 so special?

Apart from its large repertoire of nationally and internationally recognized artists, Ritvales possess a unique atmosphere recognized by true connoisseurs of the genre. 

Imagine seeing artists like Cato Anaya or Innellea up close and personal, mixing their most popular pieces.  

How to Get There

How to Get There

Getting to the Botanical Garden of Medellin is very simple: as always, you can rent a car, but keep in mind that you’ll have to look for a nearby parking lot, as street parking is not safe. 

You can also get there by way of the metro or bus. 

If you’re taking the metro, take route A and get off at the Prado station. The festival site is a short walk from the stop. 

As for the bus, take routes 006, 023, 261, 286 or 300. These will let you off within walking distance of the festival. 

I recommend getting to the festival site a few hours in advance to get a good place in line before the event opens its doors at noon. 

The Ritvales 2022 Program

The Ritvales 2022 Program

The festival organizer, Breakfast Club, likes to torture their fans a bit by waiting to reveal the full festival lineup. However, some artists you’ll be able to catch between November 5th and 6th are: 

  • Amiti Avision
  • Black Coffee
  • Dj Tennis
  • Enrico Sangiuliano
  • Matador
  • Nastia
  • Innellea
  • Red Axes
  • Fideles
  • Sebastien Leger

I recommend keeping an eye on your favorite artists’ Instagrams for more information on exactly when and where they’ll be playing at the festival! 



As with many music festivals, guests have the option to pay more for combos, guaranteeing you better seats to get up close and personal with your favorite DJs. 

VIP Combo

The VIP combo is the most expensive festival package. VIP guests enter the festival first and have access to premium bathroom service.  

You’ll also be able to enjoy the bar as well as an exclusive food court located in the Chilling Zone next to the stage. 

Early Combo

The Early Combo is the cheapest combo, and great for those looking to enjoy the festival but not break the bank. With this combo, you’re required to enter the event before 3pm, or you’ll get stuck paying the Anytime Combo. 

Anytime Combo

The Anytime Combo is the standard package of Ritvales. You’ll be able to enter the festival anytime you like, and enjoy basic benefits provided for attendees. 

Remember, the Combo packages cover both days of the event, so make sure not to lose your ticket! 

Special Guests

Special Guests

In addition to the food courts, the festival is sponsored by recognized liquor brands. Order a bottle to enjoy in the Chilling Zone with friends, or grab a beer from stands like Johnnie Walker and Budweiser.  

If these exceed your budget, you can also find other, cheaper beverage stands, but keep in mind that all items tend to be more expensive than their regular store price. 

Address: Cl. 73 #51d-14.

Get your tickets here: https://latiquetera.com/evento/ritvales-2022

Get Ready to Enjoy Ritvales 2022

After reading through this quick guide, the only thing left for you to do is pull together an outfit that’ll make you stand out in the crowd! 

Attending Ritvales 2022 is sure to add a little excitement to your holiday, so have a great time and dance until your feet get tired! 

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