Colombiatex 2022: What Is It and What to Know

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Colombiatex 2022: What Is It and What to Know

TLDR? If you love fashion and want an inside look into the industry, don’t miss the Colombiatex textile fair!

Medellín’s currently known as the capital of fashion in Colombia. For over 30 years, it’s held major parades and events related to fashion and international trends. 

Among them, Colombiatex is the main occasion to promote the textile industry.

Colombiatex 2022 starts on July 26th and goes until the 28th. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

What Is Colombiatex?

Colombiatex began in 1988 as an initiative to move the country’s textile industry and generate international impact.

Colombiatex de las Americas was created by Indexmoda, who’s in charge of bringing the best exhibitors and the best fashion trends to this long-awaited event and keeping the catwalks fresh.

Visited on average by more than 16,000 people from more than 60 countries, it’s one of the most important fairs in Latin America related to the world of fabrics.

It’s the perfect place for networking and learning about the textile industry. If you’re in this market, this is your chance to close important deals.

What to Know About Colombiatex

Due to the high influx of people who attend the event, the city tends to get somewhat crowded and the event space cramped.

Remember to reserve a place to stay and plan the activities you want to do at the fair. You can buy your ticket online or at the physical points of sale.

Colombiatex wants to address fashion consciously from environmental, social, and cultural points of view.

This year, Colombiatex de las Américas will be held in Plaza Mayor convention center along with Colombia Moda. This way, you can admire the products for sale and visualize the finished product presented during fashion week..

Three days seem like a lot, but when it comes to a fashion fair, it could be very little. Lucky for you, I’ll list below some of the most striking aspects of the fair so you can begin scheduling what interests you!


The supplies in the fashion world are constantly changing according to technological progress and national and international trends. In this part of the fair, exhibitors can sell their merchandise, and visitors have the chance to learn about what’s trending.

In the vendors’ stalls selling supplies, you’ll find basic materials such as zippers, buttons, leather goods, and of course, different types of fabrics.

There are also more specialized supplies in the field that you can see here. A few items include digital prints, fabrics with textile finishes, chemical supplies, or even software for improving brands.


The fair has a section dedicated to textile and design machinery. Here, you’ll find samples of different and new machines to improve the efficiency from execution to the finished products.

Consult with the exhibitors to learn everything you want to know about its operation and costs.

Conferences, Talks, Workshops

Colombiatex isn’t just about buying things. There are also a bunch of workshops and events to check out, too. Among the programs to check out there, here are a few highlights!

You can participate in the textile summary, also known as the Trend Forum, in the green pavilion section of the fair. This is a place for you to learn about supplies, textile bases, and finished product trends.

This year, the design themes are reciprocity, hope, refuge, and harmony.

Pabellón del Conocimiento

The schedule of this entire auditorium isn’t yet available, but the lectures held here will probably address the importance and purpose of sustainability. That’s in addition to other topics such as entrepreneurship.

These conferences usually have a pretty high attendance, so make sure to get there early if you want to listen in.


Being an event attended by corporate, national, and international brands, it’s an excellent opportunity for new brands to network.

Small growing brands often rent booths at the fair to make themselves known to their potential customers and investors.

Already established and recognized brands likewise attend to promote newly launched products.

International Designer Stalls

One of the most striking things about this fair is the shelves full of international clothing. You can find exhibitors from Latin American countries like Brazil or Asian countries like India, who come to the fair looking to establish their brand in the country.

Biosafety Protocol

Your health comes first. Remember to check details about the biosecurity protocol.

Experience Colombiatex 2022 for Yourself

If you love fashion and want to buy some trendy new pieces, gather more knowledge about the industry, and maybe even grow in the field, Colombiatex 2022 is a must for you. Remember to plan ahead and book tickets early so as not to miss any part of this event!

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