The Best Hikes in Sonson, Antioquia

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The Best Hikes in Sonson, Antioquia

TLDR? Sonson Antioquia has some gorgeous hikes, and since it’s not far from Medellín, it makes for a great day trip.

Sonson is a famous city in Antioquia known for its scenic nature views and tourist attractions. It’s the perfect destination for adventure cravers who love spending time outdoors. Who knows, you might even meet new friends while having the best time of your life?

Hiking is the most famous activity you can do in Sonson. And if you want to discover new trails on your next adventure, we got you! This blog talks about the best hikes in Sonson, Antioquia, and why you should include them in your next Colombian vacation. 

Ruta Santa Monica

One of the favorite hikes is the Santa Monica Route. Be prepared to bring everything because this hike takes at least three hours. But the best part is that you will witness the majestic Santa Monica Waterfalls at the end. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Hiking the Santa Monica Route is a dream of every hiker. You will enjoy the lush green landscapes with different crops. Everything is also picturesque, so don’t forget to pack your cameras. 

But even though Ruta Santa Monica is a long hike, the trails are easy. You can manage to finish the entire hike even when you’re a beginner. Just don’t forget to bring a refillable water jug and lots of snacks if you become hungry. 

Another great thing about Ruta Santa Monica is the shops surrounding the trails. You can find various restaurants, and some even offer fine dining! There are also boutique shops where you can find local goods at lower prices. 

And like I’ve said, you will get a chance to witness the beauty of the Santa Monica Waterfalls. This scenic view makes the three to four-hour-long hiking worth it. 

And if you’re not yet dead tired, you can also try dipping in the water to have fun. But be cautious as the water can get very chilly. 

Paramo de Sonson 

Another great hike is Paramo de Sonson. If you’re coming from Medellin, the drive would be at least three hours to Sonson. And if you’re trying out this trail, don’t forget your water jug and a lightweight jacket. It gets cold while hiking, especially when it’s uphill. 

For the best views, avoid hiking at night. It can also get more dangerous because everything is just pitch black. We suggest hiking this trail in the morning. The entire hike will take you at least five hours. And Paramo de Sonson is not the easiest to hike. 

If you’re a beginner, we suggest trying other hiking trails in Sonson instead. The route for this trail is challenging, and it gets wetter the farther you proceed. For the first parts of the trail it’s peaceful. The walk is tranquil and relaxing like you’re strolling the park in open fields. 

It’s an easy hike for an hour and a half until you reach the enclosed forest. The trail is also starting to incline, and the weather is getting cooler. But don’t worry because everything is still bearable. 

After more than an hour of hiking through the forest, you will start seeing green fields. Most hikers loved this part because everything looked lush and beautiful. You can pause for a while and have someone take your photo in this picturesque area. 

The next part of the hike involves dodgy-looking ladders and ropes. By this time, the trail is becoming steeper and more uphill, hence the ropes. It also gets more challenging. You need to hold the rope while climbing up the ladders. 

After another hour, you would reach the top. And you would know it’s the top because everything you see is fog. Also, by this time, you’re probably tired and hungry. So it’s the best time to grab your protein bars or snacks and have a bite. 

Chorro de Las Campanas

Chorro de Las Campanas is a famous nature reserve hiking trail in Sonson, Antioquia. It’s a pretty easy hike, ideal for all types of outdoor travelers. But because this hike consists of almost no markers, it’s best to hike in groups. 

This hiking trail gives you a chance to discover the wildlife diversity in Sonson, Antioquia. And to get to the starting point, you must head to Arenales. Arenales is 7 kilometers away from Envigado. 

The first part of the hike is pretty straightforward. It’s a downhill path until you approach a small river, where there’s a gate. Choose the course at the left of the gate, and you will reach a concrete and narrow path. This is where the exciting part begins. 

If you’re lucky, you will see several colorful butterflies while hiking. And to get to the waterfalls, you just need to follow the streams. Wading through the waters is easier because the surrounding land is filled with thick vegetation. 

Paramo de Las Palomas 

If you’re a professional and more experienced hiker, try Paramo de Las Palomas. It’s a steep mountain with breathtaking views on its peak. The hike to the mountain top takes at least two to four hours, depending on your stopovers. 

Make sure that you bring your best and most comfortable shoes. The higher you go, the steeper the trail becomes. There are also parts where the trail becomes mushy because of thick vegetation. Don’t forget to bring your refillable water tumbler. 

Sonson to Melcocho Trail 

Another challenging yet precious trail is hiking from Sonson to Melcocho. It takes thirteen hours to reach the end, so you need to bring your camping gear and spend the night. It’s not a challenging hike, but it’s long, so you should be prepared. 

The best thing about this trail are the surrounding lush landscapes. And because this trail has several mountains, we suggest finding a camping spot in the surrounding valleys instead. It’s hard to find a location in the mountains, and it can get cold in those areas. 

Try Hiking in Sonson and Be One With Nature

Sonson, Antioquia is one of the best places to witness Colombian nature. It has several hiking trails, so it’s easy to find one that matches your skill level. Always be prepared when hiking, and don’t forget to bring all your essentials! 

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