Sleeping Suspended: The Best Aerial Camping Experience in Medellín

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Sleeping Suspended: The Best Aerial Camping Experience in Medellín

TLDR? Just outside Medellín you can go on a camping trip where you’ll sleep suspended thousands of feet in the air over a ravine!

What’s the best travel experience for you? If you ask me, I love it whenever I get to try a whole new adventure or activity! It pushes me outside of my comfort zone and makes me do things I’ve never done in my life. 

You only live once, so why not make it count? And when you’re vacationing in Medellin, you will never run out of new activities to feed your adventure-craving soul. As for me, I recently tried an aerial camping experience, and it was by far the best attraction I tried in Medellin! 

I laid down on a hanging hammock and had the chance to witness the exceptional beauty of Medellin’s nature. And in this blog, I’ll share all the unique activities I tried in this complete adventure package. Let’s get started. 

The Private Tour 

I was looking online for activities I could try out when I saw it on a website. It’s a private tour that will take me to one of Medellin’s nature parks. And the best thing about it is that it’s a complete package of various activities for one full day. 

The entire adventure took me eight hours. We started at 8 am and ended at around 4 or 5 pm. But trust me, I did not even feel that it was eight hours long! There was just so much to enjoy and admire. 

I booked the package alone, so I was also able to meet new locals. The fee was around $887 COP. What I loved about this tour was the free hotel pick-up. This made me feel less stressed because I did not have to think about the travel time and commuting

Also, because the tour was private, all the guides’ attention was on us. They made sure that we had all that we needed. The ride all the way to the destination was smooth and convenient too! 

What You Should Bring 

Before I get all nitty gritty about the details, let me share first what I brought with me to the tour:

  • A daypack 
  • Sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat
  • A lightweight umbrella, in case it rains
  • A refillable water tumbler
  • Extra snacks, in case you get hungry 
  • Extra clothes
  • Of course, my camera, to take lots of photos 

All the items I mentioned are essential, so don’t forget to bring them. I would like to reiterate not to forget your water tumbler and snacks. You will spend one whole day at the nature reserve, so it’s best to stay hydrated and full. 

La Ceja Nature Reserve

The shuttle transfer took us to La Ceja Nature Reserve, where we did all the activities. It only took us 1.5 hours to get there. And because there was no traffic, we arrived on time. 

Inside this nature reserve, I immediately fell in love with nature. The lush green trees and interactive birds were definitely worth the experience. Every aspect of the Nature Reserve was picturesque, and I made sure to take photos everywhere I went. 

Colombia’s Largest Zipline 

The first activity I did was riding the zipline. I was hesitant to try this because of my fear of heights, but the people I was with were pretty convincing! 

Did you know that this is the largest zipline in Colombia? Its height is 330 meters, and the total length of two flights is 1400 meters long! I’m glad and proud that I gave this a shot because the experience was totally worth it! 

While suspended, you’ll feel fresh air on your face, and it’s very relaxing. I honestly felt like a bird flying while ziplining! It felt liberating to do something I fear the most. So if you’re like me, who fears heights, trust me. Riding Colombia’s largest zipline is undoubtedly one for the books! 

Sleeping On A Hanging Hammock

The star of the show is definitely sleeping on a hanging hammock. These hammocks were suspended in the air, like how zip lines work. 

If you think you’ll fall, you won’t. The park’s staff and our guides made sure that we were always safe. Harnesses were attached to our bodies so that we were secured while lying on the hammocks. 

When it was my turn, I let the staff attach harnesses to my waist area. Then, it was time for me to lie down. It can be scary at first because the hammock moves as you move. But the longer you stay put and at ease, the less fearful camping over a ravine gets. 

After a few seconds of trying to get comfortable, I started enjoying the view. I loved that mountains and trees surrounded me because it felt like I was one with nature. And the best part was, I fell asleep! Yes, it was that relaxing! 

I slept for an hour or two, and it was one of the best sleep periods in Medellin. It was one of the few times I felt in control of my own. 

Hiking To See The Waterfalls

The final activity on the camping trip was hiking until the base of the waterfalls. It was 100 meters high, and the view was breathtaking. When we arrived, we had delicious traditional Colombian food and drinks. We ate and interacted with the locals, and I loved how much I learned from the Colombian culture. 

We had enough time to bond, dine, and enjoy the scenic waterfalls. And when it was time to go back, we said farewells to the nature reserve’s staff and hiked back to our starting point. 

When we were back to our starting point, a shuttle service was already waiting to pick us up. I just loved how stress-free and convenient every aspect of this tour was! 

My Final Thoughts

My aerial camping adventure was definitely an experience I would treasure. Lying down on suspended hammocks made me feel more peaceful about myself. And I love the breath of fresh air I felt. It made me feel like I was escaping from the city’s business. 

So if you’re an adventure craver like me, I would certainly recommend this camping tour. It’s unique and relaxing, and you won’t find anything like this elsewhere. This experience will also let you, even more, appreciate Medellin and its scenic beauty. 

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