About the Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress in Medellin 2022

About the Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress in Medellin 2022

TLDR? The Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress happens in Medellin’s Plaza Mayor between November 17th and 19th.

The Global Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging Congress – Latin America is an annual event welcoming its ninth version in Medellin.

It allows you to strengthen your professional relationships, exchange ideas, create new professional projects, and much more.

It’s also an academic space for aesthetic and anti-aging medicine workers and researchers.

Are you curious about this year’s edition? Keep on reading to know all about the upcoming event!

About the 2022 Aesthetic Medicine Congress

Aesthetic Medicine Congress

The Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress started in 2013. In three days, famous surgeons, aesthetic doctors, bariatrists, dermatologists, and other health professionals meet to discuss multidisciplinary issues and promote education.

The best thing about this event is that it’s not only aimed at professionals: it’s also an opportunity to visit the commercial stands, buy some beauty products, and schedule your appointment for a snip and clip. 

The Congress will take place in the Great Hall of Plaza Mayor from November 17th to 19th, 2022. 

And you can take part in symposia, exhibitions, forums, and workshops in a hybrid setting. Some conferences will happen virtually, and others face-to-face.

How to Get There

The quickest way to get to Plaza Mayor is by taking the metro. Just take route A and get to the Alpujarra station, the closest to the convention center. 

You can also drive there, as the place has parking for congress attendants. The bus lines that leave you near Plaza Mayor are:

  • 1811
  • T4 007
  • T4 013
  • T4 019

IG: @amwc_latinoamerica

Address: Cra. 57 # 41-81, La Candelaria, Medellín, Antioquia

The Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2022 Program

The Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2022 Program

The Congress promises a variety of activities for those attending the event. Here you’ll find an overview of the multidisciplinary scientific program for you to keep updated.

The 17th of November

  • Event opening
  • Patient assessment (Live demo)
  • Perioral area (Live Demo)
  • Aesthetic rhinoplasty (Live demo)

November 18th

  • Lasers & EBD forum
  • Aesthetic gynecology conference
  • Management & marketing conference
  • Fat & body contouring conference
  • Hair restoration: surgical & non-surgical solutions conference
  • Sponsored symposia

The 19th of November

  • Acne and rosacea conference
  • Biostimulators conference
  • Best of “niche” techniques – meet the experts (Live demo)
  • Functional aesthetic medicine (Live demo)
  • Upper third (Live demo)
  • Middle third (Live demo)
  • Lower third (Live demo)
  • Sponsored symposia

Conference Passes

Conference Passes

The tickets for the event can get a bit pricey, but this depends on the days you want to attend the congress or if you prefer to take the conferences and workshops virtually. 

You can get your tickets at the AMWC-LA website.

You can also get great discounts if you’re a medical student or resident, a member of a scientific association, or a premium AMS member. Here’s a look at the conference passes:

On-Site Conference Pass (18th to 19th of November)

This modality offers:

  • Access to all virtual and face-to-face sessions of the congress
  • Sponsored workshops
  • Access to commercial exhibition
  • AMS free basic membership
  • Recording of virtual conferences for five days after the congress
  • Coffee breaks
  • Attendance certificate
  • Certificate of continuing medical education

On-Site Full Pass (17th to 19th of November)

You get the same benefits as the previous pass, with the difference that you can attend the three days of the congress.

Virtual Full Pass (November 17th to 19th)

With this, you get:

  • Access to all virtual sessions of the congress
  • Virtual sponsored workshops
  • Access to virtual commercial exhibition
  • Recording of virtual conferences for five days after the congress
  • Attendance certificate
  • Certificate of continuing medical education

You can also get a special rate on your tickets for the event if you purchase more than five passes.

What to Do at Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2022 

What to Do at Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2022

So, what can you do at the Aesthetic Medicine Congress? It turns out a lot! 

Besides being an academic space, there are many fun things to do. Here are a couple of activities to enjoy at the congress.

Live Demo

Listening to a speaker talk about a specific topic may be fascinating. However, watching a live demonstration with real patients is even more exciting!

You need to have the guts to attend any live demo of the event. Injections, application of hyaluronic acid, brow lift, microneedles, and chemical peels are some of the things you can watch.

Also, you can watch a demo video of an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. All these live procedures promote the improvement of the technique of aesthetic doctors and cosmetic surgery professionals.

Symposia & Conferences

You can meet the world’s chief aesthetics professionals in these academic spaces.

The event will bring together more than 60 national and international speakers who’ll talk about specialized topics and advise other professionals and students.

Some of the best-known professionals who’ll hold conferences and symposia at the congress are:

  • Alejandro Coello
  • Agnieszka Surowiecka
  • Anil Rajani
  • Andres Sarraga
  • Antonio Campo
  • Joan Vandeputte
  • John Martin 



Many of the beauty and aesthetic companies that’ll be part of the exhibition stands of the congress will hold workshops aimed at skin care, innovative treatments, dermatologic products, and new anti-aging technology.

There you can try new products and learn more about skincare and health.

Expose Your Research

If you’re a research doctor who wants to publicize your work in the scientific community, you can participate in the event’s abstract reception.

This allows you to be part of the AMWC-LA speakers team.

Unleash Your Love for Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2022 is the perfect place to gain new knowledge from aesthetic and anti-aging medicine experts. 

Don’t forget to buy your tickets and prepare for an experience full of technology and innovation!

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