Top Tips for an Unforgettable First Date in Medellin

First Date in Medellin

TLDR? The ultimate first date in Medellin is to take a helicopter out to Guatape.

It’s all too easy to play it safe with the dating game in Medellin. There’s some wonderful restaurants to flex your plastic on Saint Valentine’s day or a first date.

For instance, you can’t go wrong with a table for two in Carmen, Botanico or Oci.Mde all of which offer the right level of intimacy to make sure you’ve got your special plus-one’s undivided attention. 

But! If you’re looking to turn things up a notch for your first date and want to have a story to tell your grandkids one day, you might want to consider enlisting some help from one of our Casacol cupids who can help you with one of these unforgettable first date options.

Here’s a look at the best places for a first date in Medellin.

Helicopt-her to Guatape

Helicopt-her to Guatape

If you really want to leave a fantastic first impression, whisk her off her feet with an unforgettable trip to Guatape by helicopter.

This delightful day is designed to stack the odds firmly in your favor with a whirlwind expedition that takes all the guesswork out of dating in Medellin.

Organize a car to pick you and your lucky plus one up early in the morning and take you to the Olaya Herrera airport in the center of Medellin.

Within an hour you’ll be circling the photogenic Peñol rock and admiring the stunning lakes that surround it to make this one of the most breathtaking views in Colombia.

Cruise through the colorful village of Guatape on a rickshaw which will drop you at the quay.

There, a boat that will take you to Luxe, a delightful lakeside lodge for a chance to catch your breath, get to know each other a little and enjoy some splashing about on a jet ski.

You’ll end with tasty and a memorable lunch.

The seamless logistics are repeated on the way back. Guaranteed second date! You’ll probably need a little help putting this one together. So, reach out to Casacol’s cupids to get your dating ducks lined up. 

Picnic in Jardin Botanico

Picnic in Jardin Botanico

With the perfect climate for outdoor dining and some spectacular flora and fauna to boot, Medellin’s a picture perfect place for a romantic picnic.

Where better for an al fresco first date than the orchid garden of the Jardin Botanico. This is one of Medellin’s most beautiful public spaces.

While you’ll score extra points if you pitch up with homemade hummus and a bottle of Vueve Clicquot in your picnic hamper, not everyone has what it takes in the kitchen department.

Plus, if you need some help there, the team at Apilados de Autor conjures up the best box lunches in Medellin.

Or, if you want a more formal version on this theme, the Jardin Botanico’s restaurant, In Situ, is a great option to take the picnic indoors.

This irresistible al fresco plan works just as well in Museo del Castillo. Both can organize things for you, or you can D.I.Y.

Jardin Botanico Address: Calle 73 #51 D 14, Centro, Medellín

Museo del Castillo Address: Calle 9 SUR #32-269, Loma de los Balsos, El Poblado. Medellín

Horse Riding in Envigado

Horse Riding in Envigado

Horse riding is a big thing for a lot of girls in Medellin. We’re not going to get into the psychology of that here, you just need to know it’s a thing.

So, if you want to impress a girl in Medellin knowing how to ride a horse gets you ahead of the game.

Apart from enamoring your special date, it’s a fantastic way to get out into the countryside surrounding Medellin and enjoy the ride.

And, one of the easiest ways to conjure up an equine surprise is to hook up with Palenque Tours Colombia to coordinate a gentle gallop around Envigado.

They’ve got some romantic riding itineraries with some professional assistance. They’ll also arrange to pick you and your plus one up and organize a romantic picnic. They’ll help you choose a picturesque spot en route that will leave a lsting impression.

Get them to drop you in Alberta Burning Stories Tastehouse afterwards. This is where you’ll get a chance to cuddle up in front of an open fire.

Address: Via Aeropuerto, Envigado

A-muse in a Museum 

A-muse in a Museum

There are some phenomenal museums in Medellin and all of them love to see love flourish on site. If you’re looking to impress an intellectual, then there are some marvelous museum options for your muse.

That includes a private tour of the maestro Fernando Botero’s collection of chubby paintings and sculptures at the Museo de Antioquia.

Alternatively, go on a poetic adventure to Envigado that takes in the museum and theater of the Parque Cultural de Otraparte and the literary works of Fernando González.

However, the Museo del Castillo is arguably the most romantic of Medellin’s museums. The castle was in 1930 by architect Nel Rodríguez and formerly owned by Don Diego Echavarria Misas. He was the city’s unofficial patron saint of making money.

Intrestingly, the medieval gothic castle is filled with symbols of Echavarria’s love for his wife, Benedikta Zur Nieden.

The luxurious decoration creates a stunning setting for afternoon tea on the ramparts.

Or, opt for a lazy picnic in the grounds with wonderful views of the valley. 

Strategic Drinks Venues

Strategic Drinks Venues

Take it to the top with some vertiginous views, chilly sounds and some crafty cocktails. Getting tipsy on a rooftop with some deluxe hotel beds beneath you can lead to a steamy end to the evening.

That is, if you play your cards right.

Stack the odds in your favor with a Martini at Mosquito Social or a bottle of Dom Perignan at Envy Rooftop, the bar occupying the top two floors of the Charlee Hotel.

Casacol’s Marquee Hotel offers a similar high-octane play book for dating success. If the altitude doesn’t go to her head the drinks surely will. If you want to take the tension out of the evening try a rooftop without the option of a bunk up after.

Panorama is a lovely rooftop bar with a friendly vibe, perfect for a cocktail and some food.  

Romantic Tables for Two

Romantic Tables for Two

If you are of the school that fantastic food is the way to any woman’s heart, we hear you.

And, if you’re looking for fail-safe restaurants to win her over, check out our guide to Medellin’s game-changing fine-dining restaurants.

All of these restaurants have the hottest tables for two with Colosal Medellin’s spectacular mountain setting.

Plus, that extra chill of an evening gives you the upper hand when it comes to cuddling up to your date.

What’s more, Carmen’s attention to detail makes it all-too-easy to wow your date with a special surprise.

Plus, ElCielo’s tasting menu will blow your date’s mind (but you might want to check if she’s done that before).

If you’re looking for a table for two that’s a little left field, try roasting marshmallows in the woods with dinner outdoors at El Bosque era Rosado.

Go on a Romantic First Date in Medellin

Medellin is a great place to take a date. There are tons of places for you to go and countless activities for you and your date to engage in.

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