The Hottest Guide to LGBTQ+ Nightlife in Medellin

No time to read? Bar Chiquita is the best LGBTQ+ spot for nightlife in Medellin!

Visitors arriving from Colombia’s most openly LGBTQ+ city, Bogota, might find it a little more challenging to find the same amount of openly LGBTQ+ -friendly bars and clubs to meet guys or girls during their stay in Colombia’s second-largest city.

That said, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find some great places to have fun. You just might need to look a little harder.

Gay nightlife principally revolves around Parque Lleras and Parque Poblado in the city’s most exclusive district. This is also where you’ll find the best restaurants, bars, and shopping in Medellin as well as more sex shops per square mile than anywhere else in Colombia.

So, if you’re ready to enjoy some great gay nightlife in Medellin, keep reading. Here are the best spots for LGBTQ+ visitors to check out.

Bar Chiquita

Bar Chiquita

Gloriously technicolor, the Rainbow-colored staircase leads to the open-air terrace of Medellin’s trendiest gay bar on Via Primavera, Poblado.

Killer cocktails and drag queens make this stylish venue the hottest LGBTQ+ ticket in town.

Address: Cra 37, #8a-88, Poblado, Medellin

IG: @Bar Chiquita 

Viva Auditorium

Viva Auditorium

Big, bold, and brash, this is possibly the biggest gay nightclub in Medellín with a capacity for more than 1,000 buffed-up hedonists.

Buxom DJs mix reggaeton and electronica for an inclusive, ultra-gay-friendly crowd.

Popular with all types, Viva Auditorium throws monthly parties and organizes some of the biggest celebrations in the city during Gay Pride week in the first week of July.

Adress: Calle 44, San Juan #79-75, Laureles, Medellin

IG: @Viva Auditorium

Vintrash Bar 

Vintrash Bar

A hipster hangout that’s a riot of color, upcycling, and personalities.

The playlist moves around from Latino hits to indie and electronic music – and their restaurant downstairs gets good reviews.

Stylish but with its tongue firmly in its cheek, this brand is a hit with the LGBTQ+ community in Medellin, Bogota, and Bucaramanga.

You can also head to the bar for language exchange meetups. Stick around for the party afterward for some LGBTQ+ fun!

Address: Carrera 35 #8A-39, Poblado, Medellin

IG: @Vintrash

Donde Aquellos 

Donde Aquellos

One of the pillars of the LGBTQ+ community in Medellin, this Parque Lleras landmark has been in business since 2000.

It’s the place to be seen before you get too sweaty on the steamy dance floors of Medellin best gay nightclubs or saunas.

Address: Cra. 38 #9A-26, Parque Lleras, Poblado, Medellin

IG: @DondeAquellos

La Cantina de Javi

La Cantina de Javi

For a more authentic taste of queer life in Medellin, this dive bar with a Mexican theme in the heart of the city serves up cheap drinks and a cantina vibe.

It gets busy from Wednesday through weekends.

This is a super-genuine spot where you’re likely to meet some great friends. If you’re just wanting a low-key entrance into the world LGBTQ+ nightlife, this is it.

Address: Calle. 58 #47-18, Medellín

IG: @LaCantinaDeJavi

Club Oraculo

Club Oraculo

A swanky collaboration between Donde Aquellos and Bar Chiquita, this venue is the hottest dance floor to hit Medellin’s gay scene.

Live performances, Gogo dancers, honeys, and plenty of perreo, Oraculo knows how to throw a party.

Moreover, the sultry Sunday celebration on the day of the lord, Sungay, is a popular event in Medellin’s gay diaries as is Karaoke Thursday.

Address: Cra. 36 #8A-123, Poblado, Medellín

IG: @ClubOraculo

Banana Splitter

Banana Splitter

An inclusive gay nightlife institution, Banana Splitter, throws cinematographic, pop-up parties in different venues on a monthly basis.

The five creative founders don’t want their parties to be labeled as exclusively gay events. But, it’s a unique experience that celebrates Medellin’s gay subculture to the max.

Venues have included strip clubs, brothels, and other kitsch nightclubs that have seen better days including:

  • La Isla
  • Bodegas de Pin-Up
  • Discoteca Mia
  • Cameo Discoteca

Find about upcoming events on the El Banana Splitter Instagram feed.

IG: @ElBanaSplitter

Medellín Pride in July 

Medellín Pride in July

The city’s LGBTQ+ community goes wild in unforgettable Latino fashion in July, to celebrate Gay Pride. It’s an inclusive event with no room for shrinking violets or bystanders.

There’s plenty of peacocking and the LGBTQ+ parties over the weekend make it a perfect reason to plan a gay trip away to Medellín!

Whether you’re just passing through or you’re really wanting to check out pride festivals around the world, this is a great event to attend.

Celebrate Being LGBTQ+ in Medellin

If you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community, there are plenty of places in Medellin to get out and show your pride. With this guide, you’ll have no problem finding your folks in the city.

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