Best Places to Watch the Game In Medellin

sports bar in medellin with soccer game on TV

TLDR? Ay Way Sports Bar is the best place to watch any of your favorite sports games.

Sports play a huge part in local culture and the city. The paisas are crazy about soccer (or football). As a result, the city comes alive when the local teams are playing a game.

For instance, you’ll find paisas go nuts over the Atletico Nacional or Deportivo Independiente de Medellin as well as the Colombian national team.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan yourself or are just looking to keep up with your favorite sports teams, it’s worth knowing where to watch the game in Medellin. Let’s take a look in this guide.

What to Know About Live Games

live sports game at medellin stadium

If your visit to Medellin coincides with the bi-annual finals (December or June) it’s highly likely that Nacional will have a sell-out game in the stadium. You’ll have to get in fast to see them live in their game!

If they’re doing well, you might also get the chance to see them play in a semi-final. Or, you could catch them in the final of the Copa Libertadores. The Copa Libertadores takes place in November.

It’s an amazing experience to take in one of those games in the Atanasio Girardot stadium. If you need help getting tickets for a game speak to one of your Casacol concierges.

If you can’t get a ticket, or they are playing away when you’re in town, don’t worry. You can still soak up the atmosphere at street level by checking out the bars on Calle 70.

Or, if you’re pining for an American-style sports bar, there are those around the place too. These are great spots to catch one of your favorite teams playing basketball, baseball, and American Football or to watch one of the Premier League or Champions League games.

Let’s take a look at the best sports bars that cater to overseas visitors with English commentary.

Ay Wey Sports Bar

Ay Wey Sports Bar

Taking a leaf out of the Hooters playbook, this popular Poblado sports bar gets busty barmaids to serve up food from the Mexican menu. Plus, they keep the pitchers flowing for thirsty gringos.

With plenty of TVs showing every possible type of match, this popular bar close to Parque Lleras is the place to catch the game with your bros.

Whether you’re looking to watch hockey, basketball, baseball or NFL, this bar’s got your game covered.  

IG: @ayweysportsar

Address: Calle 10 #35-33, Poblado, Medellin

Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s Irish Pub

This popular Irish pub on Parque Lleras pulls in a big crowd of gringos on Sunday with all the NFL games spread out on multiple screens over two floors.

It also panders to the fight club with the hardest punching UFC match-ups and opens up early when there are big premier league games.

The food’s a mix of tacos, burgers, and sausage and mash. Good for lining your stomach for an all-dayer catching up with your team from home. 

IG: @patricks_pub/

Address: Cra. 37a #8A-43, Parque Lleras, Medellín

La Charcu 

La Charcu

This popular hangout in Laureles on La 70 is great for people watching and integrating with the locals when there’s a big Colombia game.

It’s not huge but it spills out onto the street so there’s always plenty of action courtside. While the bar’s not so focused on American sports, the staff are friendly and willing to help you find a game if the place isn’t packed out for an Atletico Nacional game.

If there’s no game going on it’s also a fantastic spot for an early afternoon beer to watch the world go by.  

IG: @LaCharcu

Address: Cra. 70 #2-36, Laureles, Medellín

Medellin Beer Factory

Medellin Beer Factory

With a mission to keep the beers flowing while you watch the football, Medellin Beer Factory is a good spot for sports and a beer with the boys.

With two venues in Poblado, one on Parque Lleras and the other on Calle 10, both have plenty of TVs and get busy for the big games.

You get more atmosphere in the bigger of the two venues, the one on Calle 10. They stock the excellent Tres Cordilleras beer and a good selection of international beers.  

IG: @MedellinBeerFactory

Address: Calle 10 # 35-16, El Poblado

Know Where to Watch the Game in Medellin

If you’re looking for a place to watch the game in Medellin, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of whether the game is soccer or American football, this guide has got you covered.

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