Things to do in Medellin: A Complete Itinerary

Things to do in Medellin: A Complete itinerary

TLDR? There are tons of things to do in Medellin, depending on whether you want to eat your heart out, get outdoors, or explore some art and culture.

Are you planning a trip to Medellin and want to figure out things to do there?

There’s a wide range of things to do in the City of Eternal Spring, from ecological walks to cultural and graffiti tours, to delicious restaurants to dine at. 

No matter how long your stay is, you can enjoy a variety of activities for locals and tourists in the Antioquian capital. 

Read ahead to find out places to visit and things to do in Medellín so you can plan an itinerary where you won’t miss a thing! 

Where to Stay in Medellin

The first thing you need to do before heading out on vacation is finding a good place to stay.

You can find lodging for all kinds of budgets in Medellín, such as apartments, houses, lofts, penthouses, and boutique hotels. 

Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Medellin has a variety of luxury hotels that offer unique comforts, so your stay is worry-free. 

Among them are:

  • Hotel Marquee: This hotel might well be the most luxurious in the city – its penthouse was even used as a stage for a music video by JBalvin, a famous paisa urban artist! 
  • Landmark: This designer hotel is located in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, known for its restaurant scene. 

Apartment-Hotels and Airbnb

Apartment-Hotels and Airbnb

There are also many available aparthotels on Airbnb, providing the experience of a hotel in private apartments and condominiums located in the best parts of the city. 

Among the most prominent are:

Keep in mind that in many buildings, you can rent penthouses that stand out for their luxury and refinements, with attractions such as jacuzzis and even private pools! 

Even better, staying in Medellin is truly affordable. There are even places you can stay for days or even weeks paying only $1,500 for a private apartment suitable for two people or more. 

How to Get Around Medellin

How to Get Around Medellin

Medellín’s means of transportation and facilities for mobilization are some of the best in Colombia. 

The metro system provides quick, easy, and quick transport with lines spreading throughout the city. 

Likewise, the buses are also cheap and easy to use, but if you prefer safety and comfort, you can use taxis, rideshare apps, rental cars, or private drivers. 

Food and Where to Eat in Medellin

In Medellin, there are tons of places to enjoy a meal, from typical street delicacies to signature cuisine and gourmet food. 

Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast and Brunch

Brunch is here to stay in Medellín! Check out some of these places for a delicious mid-day meal: 

  • Azul Selva
  • La Maga 
  • Matilde Cafe
  • Repeat
  • Belisario 
  • Crepes & Waffles 
  • Al alma cafe

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner

There are so many amazing restaurants you can experience haute cuisine in Medellín, such as: 

If you’re looking to eat as traditionally as possible, check out some of these great places:

  • El Rancherito 
  • Restaurante Hatoviejo 
  • Mondongo’s
  • Sancho Paisa



I’m sure you want to try new things when visiting a new place, such as trying out some Antioquian snacks.

Antioquia is known for its amazing street food, which you can find in places like parks and neighborhoods. 

If you’re in Medellín, you need to try out: 

  • Solteritas
  • Empanadas
  • Chunchurria
  • Arepa de choclo
  • Buñuelo 
  • Ice cream with cheese
  • Chorizo with arepa

And of course, you can’t visit a Colombian city without trying what’s rumored to be the best coffee in the world. 

Antioquian coffee is exported throughout the world, and coffee culture is huge in Medellín. Try out some of these cafes for your morning caffeine fix: 

  • Pergamino Café 
  • De los Andes Café
  • Rituales Café
  • Hija Mia Coffee Roasters

Tours in the City

Tours in the City

There are a huge number of tours tourists can take to get an in-depth look at the city. 

If you’re an art-lover, check out some of the many places keeping historical art alive, such as: 

Active visitors looking to experience some of Medellín’s green spaces should check out the following: 

Urban art and culture have been key to the city’s development and tell the story of Medellín. If you enjoy public art and graffiti, check out these tourist spots

  • The graffiti tour and the escalators of Comuna 13
  • Museo Casa de la Memoria 
  • Memorial in the former Monaco Building

Tours Outside the City

Tours Outside the City

There are dozens of natural destinations and places to visit just outside Medellín, perfect for a weekend getaway. 

You can find colonial towns or ecotourism sites easily reachable through public or private means of transport, many of them only about 30 minutes away. 

Some great places to enjoy the natural world are: 

Extreme Sports and Luxury Activities

Extreme Sports and Luxury Activities

Medellín’s beautiful landscapes and its spring weather provide the perfect environment to try out some extreme sports, and they’ve become a thriving part of the tourism industry. 

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, try out: 

  • Paragliding: In San Felix, just under an hour from Medellin, you can paraglide and observe Medellin and its mountains from above. It’s easy and economical. 
  • Hot air balloon flights: You can soar over the world at dawn in a hot air balloon in many places under an hour away from Medellin. 
  • Helicopter flight: A helicopter flight is one of the most luxurious and innovative tours you can experience, and you can find flights inside the city as well as on the outskirts. 
  • Rappelling: Many Antioquian towns are rich with water sources and waterfalls. Some of these spots are closer than others, but it’s worth the journey if you’re a lover of nature and extreme activities. 



Time Out magazine deemed Medellín the city with the best nightlife in 2022, and this title is well-deserved! 

There are all kinds of things to do on a night out in the Antioquian capital, such as crossover clubs, urban music clubs, salsa, and Latin music bars, gastropubs, rock bars, live music venues, and even underground electronica parties. 

Best of all, going out in Medellín won’t break the bank. 

Attend different types of night parties in the city in highly recommended places such as:

  • Perro Negro
  • Salon Amador
  • La Oculta
  • Fonda La Chismosa 
  • Son La Habana 
  • Tibiri Tabara 

Events such as meetings and language exchanges are held weekly in different bars across the city, and these are great places to make some new friends to hit the town with. 

And it doesn’t end there – barhop in a chiva rumbera, a traditional Colombian vehicle similar to a limousine party tour. 

There’s So Much to Do in Medellín

Medellín’s tourism industry is growing all the time, and there are countless things to do within the city.

No matter how long your visit, pack your schedule with activities to do, tours to take, towns to visit, and lots of delicious food to try! 

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