The Best Restaurants in San Francisco, Antioquia

The Best Restaurants in San Francisco, Antioquia

TLDR? San Francisco is a small town, but it’s home to some fantastic restaurants whether you’re headed there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

San Francisco in Antioquia is a small town full of surprises: from adrenaline sports like rappelling and canyoning to relaxing places close to the crystal clear river.

Besides having so much to offer for nature lovers, one more thing attracts Colombians and tourists to this area: the food! 

This town and its surroundings have many different options of dishes to let you fall in love with the traditional foods of the Paisas.

Although San Francisco’s area is just 144 square miles (373km²) big, it has many little towns or Veredas around it full of delicious restaurants. 

Don’t expect anything luxurious or fancy here: you’ll experience the usual Colombian breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The typical dishes are usually cheap and always come with a cold drink! 

Check out the best restaurants in San Francisco, and prepare to feel your mouth watering!

The Best Breakfast Place in San Francisco

The Best Breakfast Place in San Francisco

Breakfast in Colombia is almost always salty. It includes eggs, arepa, cheese, and, of course, a good cup of coffee.

If you aren’t a big fan of caffeine, don’t worry: in San Francisco, they produce cocoa too!

Cafeteria la Mañosa

Cafeteria la Mañosa is in a gasoline station, but don’t freak out! Despite the idea of gas station restaurants in the USA, things are different in Colombia. Local people say that the restaurants that serve truck drivers on the main road offer the most delicious food you’ll ever try. 

Cafeteria la Mañosa is one of these delicious and always full restaurants that offers breakfast and lunch.

This restaurant is about 20 minutes by car from San Francisco, located on the main road. Here you can try the typical Colombian breakfast: chorizo, eggs of your choice, local cheese, and arepa with coffee or hot chocolate.

They also offer baked bread, pastries with sweet cream, and salty ingredients like meat or potatoes.


Address: Cocorná, Antioquia

Best Lunch Places in San Francisco

Lunch Places in San Francisco

In Colombia, lunch is a moment to share with your loved ones. It’s always eaten with fresh tropical fruit juice or soda. Here are the best three spots to eat traditional foods:

El Palacio De Los Frijoles 

Palacio de los Frijoles is a restaurant known for the authentic recipe of the Frijoles Antioqueños. These special beans are cooked with pork, plantain, tomatoes, and cilantro, among other ingredients.

But the restaurant has many other delicious options! I suggest you try Carne Guisada, slices of tender meat covered with a special sauce called Guiso and served with potatoes, salad, arepa, and sweet plantain.

The dishes are cheap, the portions are big, the staff is friendly, and they also have parking outside.

You’ll find this restaurant on the main road, 25 minutes from San Francisco. It’s close to La Pinuela town. 


Address: 57, Cocorná, Antioquia

Estadero El Rancho

Estadero El Rancho

El Rancho is a small and family-run restaurant in the middle of San Francisco, close to the church and the central park. 

Here, you’ll find basic lunches with rice, salad, potatoes or plantain, and the protein of your choice.

I tried the Robalo a la Milanesa, a breaded and fried fish that was delicious!


Address: Cra. 9 #10-2 a 10-90, San Francisco, Antioquia, Colombia

Rika Paisa 

Rika Paisa

This restaurant specializes in Bandeja Paisa, Colombia’s main dish. It’s a delicious plate full of nutrients. In Rika Paisa, they prepare it with:

  • White rice
  • Arepa
  • Beans
  • Ground Meat
  • Chicharron (which is the skin of the pork, but fried)
  • Potato
  • Sweet plantain
  • Chorizo (which is a smoked sausage)
  • Fried egg (optional)

They also have “lighter” options that come with meat, soups, and rice.


Address: Cocorná, Antioquia

The Best Dinner Place in San Francisco

Dinner Place in San Francisco

Do you think you already had enough traditional food for breakfast and lunch? Check out this restaurant and give Colombian fast food a chance!

Springfield Fast Food

This Simpsons-themed restaurant makes the best fast food in town! They serve pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos and quesadillas, and delicious and giant pieces of meat.

I got the special salchipapa, a dish with french fries, sausages, corn, bacon, guacamole sauce, and a lot of cheese on the top. It was so good that I came the next day and asked for another one!

Springfield Fast Food is right in front of San Francisco’s church.

Address: San Francisco, Antioquia

Try Colombian Food in San Francisco And Fall in Love With it!

Delicious Antioquian and Colombian traditional foods await you in San Francisco. Enjoy nature in this bewildering mountainous town and keep your belly full for exploring everything there is to see in this town!

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