Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Urban Renewal on Display

TLDR? Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a public space where you can relax and unwind after a long day of touring the city.

Medellin is a town with a lot of great green space and a lot of nice city parks.

One thing that’s contributing heavily to the nice public space game in Medellin is a new wave of urban renewal projects. Many of these focus on beautifying the city with a fresh new batch of green public spaces.

One quite fetching example of this is telecom’s Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s a fantastic park with several amenities that are conveniently located in the lower reaches of the Poblado neighborhood.

If you’re interested in checking it out, I have a quick summary of all the necessary information below, so dive!

How To Get To Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez is at a very convenient location, especially if you’re staying in the Poblado area.

The park lies along one of the lower rungs of that hilly neighborhood. It’s hidden amidst some more industrial feeling areas and some busy thoroughfares in the area.

The park is quite simple to walk to if you’re in Poblado, and luckily for that area, it’s all downhill.

If you’re taking the metro, hop aboard to the Poblado stop on the A-line. Then, you can find your way to the park with little effort.

Once you’re in the vicinity, it’s quite easy to spot as it sticks out of its surroundings with its sleek and new design. This is intermixed with what constitutes the beefiest green area in the general area.

The Origins of Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Origins of Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez has come about as an effort of the Telemedellin corporation. Telemedellin has its main office next door to the area’s grounds.

The park is named, of course, after the very famous Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Marquez authored many of the world’s most famous works of literature, including Love In The Time of Cholera.

Telemedellin is a Medellin-focused local television channel. It exclusively produces content of concern to the citizens of Medellin.

The park they have concocted next to their main office is further evidence of the channel’s dedication to Medellin. It’s concerned with informing and enhancing the lives of the citizens of Medellin. And you couldn’t ask for a niftier gift to those constituents!

Things To Do At Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Things To Do At Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The park is full of entertaining features, including natural walking and hiking areas. Also, more constructed zones have places to sit and engage in physical activity.

One particularly cool feature of the park is that it has some gorgeous fish ponds on the grounds with seating nearby. Additionally, numerous wooden walkways lead you through some natural areas. These are perfect places to observe some of the amazing rainforest environments that Medellin is built within.

One of these walkways is a very cool arboreal canopy set up that finds you amongst the tops of the trees. It leads towards the roof of the building, which has some very respectable views of the surrounding areas.

The rooftop of Telemedellin has a killer rooftop lounge which offers additional great views of the surrounding valley. There’s also ample seating and a great drink menu to boot. When I was initially passing by, I even heard the thumping club music of a local DJ performing on the roof, as well as a gaggle of partygoers having a ball.

The park made a perfect setting to get down in, and not only for the great bar area. It was also because of the beautiful natural surroundings that completed the picture.

I would recommend the park to anyone with kids, as the park comes equipped with a bunch of things for kids to do. It has several modern play areas that offer a bit of diversity in terms of what’s available for a day’s outing.

If all of that sounds a bit too high octane or high maintenance, Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez is also just a nice place to plop down for an afternoon. You can’t really go wrong spending a day sitting at one of the many benches and tables, admiring the greenery.

A Vision of Medellin’s Future, Available Today

A Vision of Medellin’s Future, Available Today

Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in many ways, represents the future of Medellin’s public spaces.

With its sleek design and community-oriented mission, the park has a sort of sense of being what the city aspires to have as its standard for public spaces. The fact that the park is adjacent to a community access television station like Telemedellin feels all the more appropriate for this.

A sense hangs in the air that the city’s citizens are open and yearning for some manner of infusion of newness into the city’s spirit.

There’s a lot of foreign interest being directed towards Medellin right now, so it feels cool to participate in things that are born of the city itself. A sort of by-locals for-locals approach to things that screams authenticity.

Foreigners in Medellin who want to see everything they can see are lucky enough to snoop around the city’s hidden corners.

As the profile of the city increases, it isn’t hard to imagine that there will be more places like Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez popping up in formerly unused sections of the city. It’s all a part of a grand beautification project that is quite inspiring to behold.

Another Great City Park In Medellin

Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a completely pleasant place to visit in Medellin. It offers a thrilling preview of the wave of current urban renewal. It will more likely than not be continuing to invigorate and enliven an already very invigorating and lively place.

I would highly recommend it to anyone that was looking for a good place to sit, relax and enjoy another beautiful day in Medellin.

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