Medellin's Very-Own Disney Castle: Museo El Castillo y Jardines


Need fast answers? Museo El Castillo y Jardines is a historic home where you can learn some art, do some coworking, or just take in some history.

When most of us think of castles, our minds fly to Europe. We’re thinking of sweeping palaces, like Versaille, and towering turrets like those of Neuschwanstein. 

However, did you know that Medellin is home to its very own castle? 

That’s right! This spot, called Museo El Castillo y Jardines, is a bit different from Europe’s gilded halls. 

If you want to take the chance to visit a castle while in Colombia, this is the place to go! Here’s what you need to know about Museo El Castillo y Jardines.

The House

The House

Anyone who speaks Spanish probably knows right off the bat that this museum features both the castle and the gardens.

However, although it’s called a castle (and certainly looks like one!), El Castillo is actually a former home. It’s a place where you can travel back in time and

The History

I won’t spoil the tour and give away all the history here. However, I will mention a couple of things that are fun to know before you step foot in this historic home. 

The castle was built back in the 1930s and was inspired by French castles. In fact, rumor has it that the owner of the house bought his plans for the castle from an architect in Paris!

The family lived in the home for about thirty years. During those years, they saw much joy and tragedy, all of which you’ll learn about on your tour of the home. 

In the early 1970s, the home was transformed into one of Medellin’s more unique museums. Ever since it has been home to guided tours and family gatherings. 

What to Expect

The exterior and the interior of the home are both built in gothic style. What’s more, much of the furniture inside the home is styled in the same manner. 

What’s really cool about this house is that all of the furniture is preserved from the time when the home was built. You’ll really feel like you’re looking into someone’s life as you wander through the halls. 

You should know that photography is prohibited in the home. However, you’re able to take photos of the outside of the building if you like. 

If you want to visit the house, you’ll need to pay a $14,000 COP entrance fee (about $5 USD). That includes a guided tour of the home, a chance to check out the changing exhibit, and access to the gardens.  

The Gardens

The Gardens

After you finish your tour of the museum, you can head outdoors to the gardens. The gardens are worth visiting even if you don’t care about touring old houses!

There are actually multiple gardens at the Castle Museum, including: 

  • The French garden
  • The contemporary garden
  • The Japanese garden
  • The courtyard
  • The native forest

Each garden has its own charm and features different types of flowers and plants. My personal favorite was the French garden, which is modeled after Le Notre’s garden in Versaille, France.

All I felt like I was missing in this garden was my regency dress and Mr. Darcy on my arm!

The Extras

The Extras

If you thought that the house and gardens were the only attractions, think again. There are a couple of extras that make this spot particularly cool. Here’s what to know.


Museo El Castillo y Jardines offers picnic plans that you can enjoy with family, friends, or that special someone. 

There are a couple of different plans you can check out. I’ve laid them out for you in this table so you can choose the right one!

PicnicWhat’s IncludedCost
Picnic for twoA cheese and meat platter with baguetteQuichePotato chipsPeanutsChocolate covered strawberriesFruit juice or sangria$100,000 COP per couple(about $30)
Arabic picnicShawarma with quibbeTabulehTahiniPotato chipsFruitChocolate$48,000 COP per person(About $13 USD)
Family picnicHam, cheese, and bacon quicheFocaccia breadPotato chipsCheese and meat spreadPeanutsChocolate covered strawberriesAlfajores2 beers2 lemonades$190,000 COP for 4 people(About $55 USD)
Vegetarian picnicFalafal wrapTabulehTahiniPotato chipsFruitMuffin (chocolate chip, apple, or nut)Mint lemonade$48,000 COP per person(About $13 USD)
Club wrap picnicChicken and bacon wrapPlantain with mustardFresh fruitMilo browniePineapple and peppermint frappe$50,000 COP per person(About $15 USD)
Classic picnicBrioche ham sandwichFrench fries with chipotle sauceChocolate chip cookiePeanutsFresh fruitMango lemonade$38,000 COP per person(About $10 USD)

Art School & Workshops

One thing that’s cool about Museo El Castillo y Jardines is that they have an art school on their grounds. This is a place where you can learn about visual arts such as painting, watercolors, sketching, and more!

The art school also offers a number of one-off workshops you can check out. If you love art, I’d definitely recommend checking one of these out. 

The workshops the school hosts are for kids, teens, and adults. The workshops include: 

  • Introduction to painting
  • Intermediate painting 
  • Advanced painting
  • Digital photography
  • Drawing and human design
  • Sculpture

Most of the workshops last for about three hours. And, you can always enroll in just one class or join ongoing classes so that you keep improving your skills. 



Calling all digital nomads! We know that there are quite a few spots to post up and get some work done around Medellin. However, what most people don’t know is that one of them is Museo El Castillo y Jardines!

The museum is home to an art school and a small café. And, the space boasts free wifi, good coffee, and great views of the grounds. 

If you just want to come in and get a bit of telework done, this is a good spot. Plus, it’s much more affordable than some of the other coworking spaces around Medellin!

Pro tip: if like me, you’re a student who needs to get some homework done, you can actually get a discount! Students get into the museum and grounds for just $9,000 COP (about $3 USD) with a student ID!

Stroll Through Museo El Castillo y Jardines for a Day

Museo El Castillo y Jardines truly is a unique place to visit. It’s a step back in time and a peek into a world very different from the one we live in now. 

Whether you’ve got a free afternoon on your hands or are just interested in checking out something new, this is a fun place to spend a day!

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