Mountain Park and Mirador El Cielo: Sabaneta’s Off-the-Grid Restaurant

Mountain Park and Mirador El Cielo: Sabaneta’s Off-the-Grid Restaurant

TLDR? Mountain Park and Mirador El Cielo is an adventure park and outdoor restaurant in the south of Medellin.

Sabaneta, a small town in Medellin that features trendy local neighborhoods, is an ideal destination if you want to get immersed in Colombian culture. And, you’ll also love that there are tons of activities and restaurants to try in this municipality. 

One of the crowd favorites, Mountain Park, is a unique destination. It boasts beautiful scenic views and fun activities you deserve to check out. But, what most people love even more about this location is its off-the-grid restaurant

I had the chance to visit Mountain Park and Mirador El Ciel and I’m here to tell you it’s worth the visit. Keep reading to learn more!

What to Know About Mountain Park Medellin

Mountain Park Medellin is a unique viewpoint offering you beautiful views of Medellin. Whether traveling in large groups or alone, you’ll be surprised how much you’d enjoy this place. 

If you’re traveling by car, I recommend searching it on the Maps app. It’s not easy to find, and you might get a bit lost because of its secluded location. But trust me, when you arrive, you’ll see that it’s totally worth it. 

Once you get to the park, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the entire town of Sabaneta from this place. But, it’s not free. 

You’ll have to pay an entrance fee of about $7 USD (subject to change). A good chunk of the entrance fee can actually be used to buy food, so it’s worth paying the entrance fee.

Your pets are also welcome to join you. Since Mountain Park is a vast space, your pets are free to play and run around. 

Just remember that Mountain Park prohibits bringing your own food and drinks. Since there are several food stalls inside, I suggest trying their local food. Trust me, Mountain Park’s food options are limitless and worth your money! 

Getting to Mountain Park

As mentioned, it’s easier to reach Mountain Park using a navigation application. That is, if you’re traveling by car. 

But it’s also simple if you want to be adventurous and use public transportation. You just need to go to Belen Park Metroplus Station. Take the 3003 Metro Feeder Route, and you’ll arrive at Belen Manzanillo. It’s pretty much right next to the park’s entrance. 

Park Schedule

Park Schedule

Be mindful that the park isn’t open every day of the week. If you’re planning to head out there, make sure to check the schedule beforehand.

You should also note that the farm section of the place has different hours. Even if you go when the park is open in general, you might not be able to get into every part of the park.

Reservations and Additional Fees

If you only intend to visit the common areas inside Mountain Park, you don’t need to make a reservation before coming. Reservations are only for the picnic tents with decorations. 

The common areas are wide enough to accommodate several people. And, rumor has it that they’re expanding the area too.

If you want to spend an evening hanging out inside the picnic tents, you must make a reservation first. To contact them you can check out Mountain Park’s Instagram page.

The entrance fee you pay doesn’t cover the additional fees for the games inside Mountain Park. Each of these has a separate cost, but they’re all pretty cheap. Here are a few of the games at Mountain Park:

  • Jumper Extreme
  • Mechanical Bull riding
  • Inflatables
  • Paintball
  • Target Shooting
  • Horse Stick Riding
  • Pony riding
  • Mini motorcycle track

In terms of food, you can use the consumable part of your entrance fee to purchase food and drinks. If you go over the consumable portion, you need to pay depending on the price of the food. 

Food and Drink Selections 

Food and Drink Selections

This is my favorite part. I love trying new food, and local Colombian food was the highlight of my Mountain Park visit. No matter what time you arrive, there’s something you’ll find that will satisfy your cravings! 

Sweet tooth enthusiasts can enjoy wafers, chocolates, and even a small coffee shop selling cakes. And for happy hour, try out Mountain Park’s cocktails and sangrias. The fruit juices tasted great, too. 

If you’re down for a heavy meal, food stalls include burgers, pizzas, wings, and all types of Japanese and Mexican cuisine

Checking Out Mirador El Cielo

Checking Out Mirador El Cielo

Mirador El Cielo is also destination favorite. It’s also a viewpoint, and there’s no entrance fee. And it’s also a family-style restaurant. Because it’s also filled with various food and drink options, you cannot bring your own. 

Best to visit at night, Mirador El Cielo features fun and trendy vibes. It’s perfect for when you want to party and celebrate with your friends. 

There are also several games and attractions inside Mirador El Cielo. They’ve got a mixture of easy games children can play. But, they also have the more extreme ones, like aerial bikes, sky jumps, paintball ranges, and more. 

For the additional fees of the games, it’s best to check out Mirador’s Instagram page

Food and Drink Selections 

I enjoyed eating with a view from this sky viewpoint. It has a relaxing and chill vibe as you breathe in the fresh air. And, what’s even better is you have the entire breathtaking view all to yourself. 

The food and drink selections are diverse. But, my favorites were the cocktails served during happy hour and the sweet pastries I had for dessert. 

Sabaneta’s Unique Restaurant Deserves A Visit

No matter how small Sabaneta is, it’s got some trendy things you can do and unique restaurants to try out. Visit Mountain Park and Mirador El Cielo, and experience a different kind of dining experience with a view! 

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