Medellin Salsa Night 2022: A Guide

Medellin Salsa Night 2022: A Guide

TLDR? Grupo Niche is one of the great artists you’ll see on October 7th at Aeroparque Juan Pablo II.

The Medellin salsa night is for all those who enjoy good music and want to dance to the swing of this genre.

The city of Eternal Spring always has fun events for locals and tourists. So if you’re around here, this is your opportunity to enjoy a pleasant evening with your family, friends, or loved ones!

In this guide, I want to share everything you need to know about this night of music and give you a few tips. Let’s dig in!

Salsa in Medellin

Salsa in Medellin

Before we begin, I’d like to give you a little idea of ​​what salsa means to the city of Antioquia. Colombia has renowned musicians of all genres – not surprisingly, salsa is one of them!

Although this musical genre doesn’t belong to Colombia, Latinos have taken it upon themselves to give it a place in their lives. Today salsa is considered a symbol of identity for Colombians.

This genre is so big that many Colombian musicians have had the opportunity to share the stage with world legends. They’ve been renewing this rhythm and making it properly Colombian!

About Medellin Salsa Night

About Medellin Salsa Night

The Medellín salsa night will take place on October 7th, 2022.

That night, you get to enjoy several renowned artists. Each has a long musical career, making the event an awaited opportunity for Antioquian fans.

  • General and VIP tickets can range from $79,000 COP to $128,000 COP.
  • As for the boxes, it can range from $2,140,000 COP to $2,700,000 COP.

The official ticket presale site is La Tiquetera. You’ll find the complete price list there. Since August 10th, you can purchase your ticket and make sure you won’t miss this outstanding event.

La Tiquetera is the only official site for the sale of tickets. The ticket holder doesn’t have promoters or external sellers.

Tickets purchased with a credit or debit card are subject to approval and verification by the bank.

The minimum age to participate is 18 years old.

What to Expect on the Night of the Event

What to Expect on the Night of the Event

Medellin salsa night intends to offer the best of salsa to its participants!

Here are some artists that will make that night an unforgettable event.

Grupo Niche

Grupo Niche

Grupo Niche is a Colombian salsa orchestra that has been active since 1980, recognized by critics and audiences alike as the most successful in Latin America during the last four decades.

They have been nominated for important awards throughout their journey and won several.

In 2020, the group won the Latin Grammy in the category of Best Salsa Album. In 2021, they won the Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album. Their most recent award was at the Premios Nuestra Tierra 2021 as Tropical/Salsa/Cumbia Artist.

Gabino Pampini

Gabino Pampini

Gabino Pampini is a well-liked Panamanian whose musical career resurfaced in Colombia.

He’s known in the salsa world thanks to hits like Cuerpo de Guitarra, A Nuestro Modo, Ilusión, and Mi Vecina, among others. Gabino Pampini is known as a great sonero.

Maelo Ruiz

Maelo Ruiz

From New York with Puerto Rican descent comes Maelo Ruiz to complement this salsa night.

Maelo Ruiz’s greatest success with Pedro Conga was No Te Quites La Ropa, which sold more than 50,000 units, earning him his first gold record in Puerto Rico. Follow-up hits included Atrévete, Vicio (gold record in Colombia), and Quiero Volver.

A household name in Latin America, Maelo Ruiz is a must for all salsa fans.

Willy García

Willy García

Last but not least is Willy García. He’s a singer, producer, composer, and founder of the famed salsa orchestra, Son De Cali. 

He began his career with Grupo Niche and La Suprema Corte and received recognition from musicians and the general public.

Willy García is renewing his image and will soon release his new musical works with an important Colombian record company.

What You’ll Find at the Event

What You’ll Find at the Event

The event starts at 8 pm, but the doors open at 6 pm. I recommend you go early, get to the best places, and avoid the long lines.

On the night of Salsa Medellín, you’ll find alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food inside the place.

People with reduced mobility will also have no problem accessing the event. Everyone is welcome!

How to Get to Salsa Night

How to Get to Salsa Night

This event will happen at the Aeroparque Juan Pablo II, a few steps from Olaya Herrera Airport.

A large site with an approximate capacity of 4420 people, it’s a perfect space to socialize, dance, and enjoy the music!

If you don’t know how to get there, don’t worry: there are many ways to get to salsa night, and they’re all easy!

Here are a couple of ways to get to Aeroparque Juan Pablo II.


Take the Metro to the Aguacatala station, then take the C3002 feeder. You can also take the Metroplús to the Rosales station and there, the C3002 feeder.


Going by bus is another option to get to the aeropark. The average time to get there is 40 minutes, but it depends on traffic.

If you want to take the bus, I recommend you go in advance to avoid any inconvenience.


Taking a taxi can be much more comfortable, but this option is also subject to traffic.


If you’re renting a car in Medellín, you can always use GPS, which makes things easier. You have two options: you can take Cra. 65 and Cl 10 or Avenida Universidad de Medellín.

And in the last case, you can ask the local people.

Salsa Night Tips

Salsa Night Tips

It wouldn’t be a complete guide if I didn’t share my best tips for Medellin salsa night!

  • Don’t forget to wear a mask. Although the country lifted the emergency measures, each event has its rules. All attendees must comply with and abide by the biosecurity protocol established by the Aeroparque Juan Pablo II venue.
  • Bringing outside food or drink is prohibited. In the aeroparque, you can find food and drink.
  • Tickets can only be claimed by the person listed on the credit or debit card used for the respective purchase. If not, you won’t be able to enter!
  • Don’t forget to bring the original card with which you purchased the tickets. Photocopies won’t be accepted.
  • Be sure to bring your ID and a copy.
  • Always take care of your belongings, and don’t trust anyone.
  • If you drink alcohol, watch your drink.
  • Don’t forget to bring cash for your purchases on the spot.

Get Ready to Enjoy Salsa Night

If you love salsa and want to share a good, fun time, Medellin salsa night is an event you can’t miss!

I hope this guide will help you experience one of the best events in the city.

Enjoy and remember popular songs such as Te va a Doler, Regaláme una Noche, No Quiero dormir, Cali Pachanguero, Nuestro sueño, and the great success Algo que se quede! 

Have fun on this salsa night, and bring out the dancer in you!

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