Safety at Night in Medellin: What to Know


TL;DR? Safety at night in Medellin isn’t something to worry about as long as you use your street smarts. 

Whether you’re backpacking in Medellin or making your way through New York City for a few weeks, safety should be at the top of your priorities list. 

That’s even more true if you’re planning to be out and about on the town at night. 

After all, as much as I’d love it not to be the case, nighttime is when you’re more likely to get into a sticky situation. 

So what is safety at night like in Medellin, anyway? 

I’ve put together a quick guide on what it’s like to travel in Medellin at night and how you can stay safe. 

General Safety in Medellin

General Safety in Medellin

If you’ve been watching popular Netflix shows such as Narcos, you might have a skewed image of Medellin. 

Despite what happened back in the 80s, the city has made some major leaps and bounds to become the bustling place we know and love today. 

In fact, there are some gorgeous city improvements that have transformed what were once the worst neighborhoods in the city!

Thanks to the city’s efforts to put its dodgy past behind it, Medellin has become a city that’s general super safe for tourists. 

In fact, many solo male and female travelers state that they feel no less safe in Medellin than they do in their home country!

To help clear things up a bit more, here are a couple of handy statistics to know about:

  • Robberies have dropped several thousand cases per year
  • Violent crime is at an all-time low of just 11.2%
  • Medellin has an overall safety rating of 65
  • Medellin at night has an overall safety rating of 35
  • Medellin at night is considered safer than Baltimore, Chicago, and parts of Washington DC

Is Medellin Safe for Travelers at Night?

Travelers at Night

If you’re planning to explore Medellin at night, you shouldn’t have any major safety issues if you watch where you hang out. 

While it’s true some parts of the city can get a bit seedy in the late hours of the day, there are some other areas that come alive with bars and clubs.

Here are a few places that you shouldn’t be visiting at night: 

  • Parque de Las Luces
  • Prado
  • Parque San Antonio
  • Comuna 13
  • Parque Periodista
  • Barrio Trinidad
  • La Sierra

Although these areas are fine during the day, at night time some sketchy characters can come out. 

If you do want to visit those places, feel free to do so during daylight hours! Spots like Parque de Las Luces look just as nice in the daytime and can be a great stop on a local walking tour

The Safest Places in Medellin at Night

The Safest Places in Medellin at Night

Okay, so you know where you shouldn’t hang out at night. But what about the places you can visit?

Well, there are quite a few neighborhoods in Medellin that are perfectly safe and are super fun to visit once the sun goes down. 


Envigado was once its own separate city, but today has become morphed into the southern part of Medellin. 

Here you’ll find a much more rural vibe than other parts of Medellin, making it a great place for you to get outdoors. 

Envigado is a much quieter part of the city, without the pickpockets and other urban worries that you’ll find in city centers.

If you want to spend a night out in Envigado, we recommend checking out some of the restaurants and bars. There are some amazing places that will make you feel like you’re in the country without actually leaving the city.


Another great place to hang out at night is Laureles. Laureles is famous for La 70, a lively party zone in this quieter part of the city. 

What’s great about Laureles is that it’s super pedestrian-friendly. You can walk just about anywhere you need to go, saving yourself some cash on rideshare apps.

El Poblado

One of the main neighborhoods of Medellín, Poblado is well-known for its lively nightlife scene. Once the sun goes down, the sector comes alive with numerous restaurants, bars, and shops.  

If nightlife and safety are what you’re looking for, this neighborhood should be your go-to.

Poblado has the strongest police presence in the city both night and day, making it a great place for walking around without worry. 

Basic Safety Measures for Exploring Medellin at Night

Basic Safety Measures for Exploring Medellin at Night

Still feeling iffy about exploring Medellin after hours? There are a few tips you can exercise to feel safer and stay safer while exploring the city at night:

  1. Don’t let people see you as a target. Leave your valuables in your Casacol rental before you hit the town. 
  2. Avoid the center of the city (downtown) area after 7:00 pm. If you do have to go out that way at night, take a taxi and keep the windows rolled up. 
  3. If you take taxis at night make sure to let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Take note of the license plate number in case of an emergency. 
  4. Go out in groups and stick together so that you’re not perceived as an easy target. 
  5. Only bring what you need and leave excess cash at the hotel or Airbnb.
  6. Keep your phone in your pocket, especially when you’re in busy public places. You can use your device for pictures, but put it away when you’re done. 
  7. Be aware of your surroundings. 

By implementing these simple tips, you should have no problem staying safe in Medellin. 

Handy Emergency Numbers for Safety at Night in Medellin

A big part of staying safe at night in Medellin means being prepared. Luckily, you can easily do that with just having some emergency phone numbers on hand!

Firstly, it pays to have local police numbers. You can find all of those here for any neighborhood in the city that you might be walking through!

Additionally, the following emergency numbers are handy for getting you out of pickles in a pinch:

  • National Emergency Number: 123
  • Tourist Police: +57 (1) 337 4413
  • Information: 113
  • U.S. Embassy in Colombia: +57 (1) 275 2000

Practice These Tips for Safety at Night in Medellin

With these tips for managing safety at night in the City of Eternal Spring, you should be able to have a great visit. 

As I said, as long as you use your street smarts, you can get out on the town at any time of the day in Medellin!

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