Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Buenos Aires

Medellin Neighborhood Guides Buenos Aires

TLDR? Buenos Aires isn’t just the name of an Argentinian city, it’s also the name of a neighborhood in Medellín!

Much like its Argentinian homonym, Medellin’s Buenos Aires is full of charm!

Buenos Aires is Commune 9 of the 16 that makeup Medellín. It has 17 neighborhoods, among which you’ll find some famous places.

The commune borders the neighborhoods of El Poblado, La Candelaria, and Villa Hermosa. If you’re on to visit Buenos Aires, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it!

How to Get to Buenos Aires

How to Get to Buenos Aires

Going from one place to another by taxi can be expensive and, depending on the situation, unnecessary.

You can get to Buenos Aires using Medellin’s public transport without difficulties. By buying the Cívica travel card, you can use the tram to get there.

The neighborhood’s metro station shares the Commune’s name.

You can also travel on Metrocable for the same price you already paid to get on the subway or the tram, just don’t leave any station.

You can use the metro cable at the Miraflores station. It’s a relaxing trip that allows you to see the city from above.

What You Need to Know in Buenos Aires 

What You Need to Know in Buenos Aires

This neighborhood isn’t full of tourist attractions, but its spaces are well worth visiting.

If you’re going there, you’ll have to walk. There’s nothing better than getting to know a place on foot and experiencing all it has to offer.

Here are two places you can’t miss.

Parque la Milagrosa

Parque Milagrosa is a typical park with a church on the corner and vendors surrounding it.

It’s a sizable park. It even has a field – generally used to play soccer.

If you’re staying in Belén, Parque Milagrosa is the perfect place to chill in the afternoon. You can sit on the grass, on chairs, and stairs.

Don’t forget to visit the church that bears the same name.

Address: Cl. 43, Medellín, Buenos Aires, Medellín, Antioquia. 

Monument to Gangster Pablo Escobar

Monument to Gangster Pablo Escobar

Bario Pablo Escobar is one of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires’ Commune. And there, you’ll find a monument to the renowned gangster Pablo Escobar, who built this community.

You can also see different types of street art about Pablo and his history, starting with the large mural that greets you at the museum’s entrance.

There are two places you must visit in Bario Pablo Escobar. 

The first is the El Patrón barbershop, where you can find different original photos of Pablo Escobar. They don’t depict the gangster but the man who did social work and was there for his family and neighborhood.

To see the “other side” you can go to the place’s museum. Through some murals and photographs, you’ll know everything about Pablo Escobar, including the details of what made him internationally famous.

Address: Cra. 26cc #38A – 82, Buenos Aires, Medellín, Antioquia

Where to Eat in Buenos Aires

Where to Eat in Buenos Aires

In the area, you’ll also find great places to eat.

There are restaurants of all kinds, from typical neighborhood restaurants to restaurants with perhaps a little more style. Here are two recommendations.

Cafeteria Frivo

This cafeteria’s one of the best known in Medellin. Many people from different neighborhoods go there to try their food.

You might have to stand in line to take your order due to the flow of people.

Their star food is fish cakes! I suggest you try them with a couple of arepas and a delicious drink.

The restaurant’s in the La Milagrosa neighborhood, just two minutes from the park!

Address: Cra. 30 #11c6 40a, Buenos Aires, Medellín, Antioquia

Mall la Central

If you want to find a variety of food in the neighborhood, you must visit this mall.

Here you’ll find from cafeterias to restaurants. You can also find more than five ice cream parlors of all tastes and styles to end your meal with a delicious dessert!

Address: Cl. 49B #21-38, Medellín, Buenos Aires, Medellín, Antioquia.

Take a Ride to Buenos Aires

Maybe this place was not on your tourist route within Medellin, but I hope I have changed your opinion.

Now you know the places that Buenos Aires offers, make an appointment to take a tour!

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