Limonada de Coco: An Iconic Colombian Beverage

TLDR? Limonada de coco is a tropical beverage that’s a staple in Medellin!

Existing as it does in the heart of the tropics, Colombia has a cornucopia of delicious fruits to utilize in its cuisine. This leads to some very refreshing culinary traditions that pair well with the generally hot and humid climate. The climate is something that comes with living close to the equator.

Medellin is a bit higher elevation and has a famously mild climate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the fruits of the tropics while you’re there.

One of the big takeaways I’ve come across while staying in Medellin has been the delicious, creamy, frothy concoction known as Limonada de Coco. It’s a delectable treat that I enjoyed so much that it got me curious about some of the background of my new favorite beverage of the tropics.

If you’re like me, peruse the following post to read all I learned about this tasty drink!

The Origins of Limonada de Coco

The Origins of Limonada de Coco

Sometimes you just have to connect the dots between two great things to make something that combines the best qualities of each. In the case of the lime and the coconut, there’s a popular song called Coconut!

Limonada de Coco is a delectable beverage that, true to its name, combines cream of coconut with lime lemonade, and the results are quite tasty. Limonada de Coco originated on the tropical coasts of Colombia. This makes sense considering that this is the typical environment where the coconut palm grows in the tropics.

The drink has an interesting consistency that ends up making it feel like you’re drinking a smoothie. The flavor combination is that of the zesty and tangy lime sourness with the smooth and creamy coconut consistency.

The drink is very popular in Colombia and can be picked up at most restaurants. This includes ones that you might not necessarily expect, like Korean and Japanese restaurants.

The drink’s popularity in Colombia has also spread to other parts of the region. These places share a similar climate, and the flavors of the Limonada de Coco go down well anywhere there’s a hot climate.

How To Make Limonada de Coco For Yourself

Limonada de Coco For Yourself

If you’re interested in trying to concoct this tasty beverage at home, you’re in luck. The drink features just a handful of ingredients and is quite simple to throw together.

While researching Limonada de Coco online, I found this recipe that I feel neatly sums up how to make the drink:


  • 1 cup cream coconut
  • 2 ½ cups crushed ice
  • 3 juiced limes
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar or to your taste

Instructions (Couldn’t be Simpler):

  1. Take all the ingredients and place them into a blender, and blend until they achieve a smooth consistency
  2. Serve in your favorite serving glasses!

I found it made sense to double or even triple the recipe to make a big batch you could pull from for when the weather heats up.

From trying the drink at restaurants, I found a big variety in how people served this tasty beverage. Many places offer slight variations on a theme that sometimes impact how the drink tastes and feels.

I found that my favorite version oftentimes contained big chunky globs of coconut. Sometimes these were topped off with even more coconut shavings or accessories. What can I say, I must admit to being a bit of a coco-nut!

Variations On A Theme

Variations On A Theme

Other variations that I encountered have been more liquid, almost leaning into the limeade element of the drink. It does this while adding just a touch of coconut flavor.

There seems to be a great personal touch on how Limonada de Coco is prepared and served. This is true of many food items that have some assigned cultural importance to them,

I found that exploring the variety made kind of a fun game to play with myself when I went out to restaurants and ordered the same drink at each one.

Later, I even went to a vegan restaurant that had its spin on the concoction made with almond milk instead of cow’s milk. Wow!

You can also find versions with a little alcohol mixed in. This finds you with a beverage not too far away in flavor and vibe than the infamous Pina Colada. If this is your plan, try throwing in a bit of rum, or maybe if you’re going for the full Colombian immersion experience, some Aguardiente Antioqueno.

A Regional Specialty Worth Looking Into

Regional Specialty Worth Looking Into

I also found that the drink did its job by making me feel connected to the land area and region where I was spending time in.

The light and buoyant flavor of the Limonada de Coco truly does refresh one when in the heat of the tropics.

In that way, it’s not too hard to imagine the beverage taking off in other hot and humid places and becoming quite the hit in the summer months. Regions like the north and southeast of the United States come to mind with something like this.

Given other tropical exports and cocktails’ popularity, it’s not difficult to imagine Limonada de Coco joining their ranks.

Discovering Culinary Traditions in Medellin

If you’re interested in trying to whip up some Limonada de Coco for yourself, just do a quick Google search. You should find dozens of recipes to guide you towards a smooth sense of refreshment.

And for what it’s worth, the best Limonada de Coco that I’ve found in my quest for the best was at a Venezuelan restaurant in Laureles called Tepuy.

Wherever you are, if you can get your hands on a tasty Limonada de Coco, you’ll find yourself a bit more refreshed than before you picked the drink up, guaranteed.

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