An Evening of Jazz at Z Bar

An Evening of Jazz at Z Bar

TLDR? Z Bar, located in the bottom floor of the Marquee Hotel, is the perfect place to spend an evening

Spending the night out partying and having a little fun is never wrong. It’s how you can enjoy life and see the total beauty of it. 

If you’re staying in Medellin for a few days with friends, why not release your energy and have a little fun? Get out there and dance the night away at Z Bar! We found this hidden gem, and we just can’t get enough of it after spending one night!

In this blog, we’ll share where Z Bar is, how to get there, and why you should visit it during your next trip to Medellin. Let’s get the jazz started!

What is Z Bar?

Z Bar

Z Bar is one of the best live music restaurants in Medellin. Experience dining while listening to your favorite jazz songs and performing musicians. It’s always lovely to spend the night with your friends or loved ones. And what better way to do that than booking a table at Z Bar?

It is a unique live music restaurant that combines good food with even better jazz, perfect for groups and couples. Aside from musicians performing live jazz songs, you will also love this restaurant’s exceptional menu. 

Whether you need a night to unwind, cap off your long day working, or simply want to chill. You should not miss out on visiting Z Bar. And because it’s almost always full, we recommend booking a table online by visiting its Instagram page

Where is Z Bar?

Where is Z Bar?

It’s easy to get to Z Bar because you can find it in the lobby of Marquee Hotel. You’ll also love how convenient its location is, especially when you’re checked in at Marquee. Also, it is in an accessible location, regardless of where you are in Medellin. 

Marquee Hotel is one of the newest luxury hotels in Medellin. It offers stylish rooms with chic designs and complete amenities. But staying in this beautiful hotel won’t be complete without checking out Z Bar. 

How to Get There

When we say Z Bar is in an accessible area, it really is. Should you decide to take the metro, reach the Poblado Stop. And it’s only a fifteen-minute walk from there. 

Of course, it’s faster by car. But there’s nothing wrong with taking the metro when you don’t want to hassle yourself with parking. 

Securing a Reservation

Because Z Bar is a classy live music restaurant, you need to make a reservation to secure a table. The rule is that you must reserve at least 12 hours before your chosen day. You can do this by messaging them on Instagram or through this link

Once you reserve a table, Z Bar will allow a 20-minute grace period to wait for you. Should you wish to cancel or make changes to your reservation, message them through the same link. You also need to keep in mind that Z Bar has a minimum consumption amount per person. 

The Drinks and What to Order

The Drinks and What to Order

Z Bar is best known for its caviar, cocktails, and sangrias. But this live music restaurant also offers tasty dishes on the menu. The servings are pretty big, so they’re good for sharing. 

Even when the prices are on the expensive side, we can guarantee that the dishes and drinks are worth every penny. Especially since you’re watching your favorite Jazz performers singing while eating! 


Of course, enjoying the night is not complete without letting in a little sip of alcohol in your system. Z Bar’s signature cocktails are the following:

1. Dry Martini Gin ($61) – includes dry vermouth, Beefeater 24, and olive 

2. Pacific Sunset ($37) – includes Hibiscus-infused viche, orange clarified, corozo, and tonic water

3. Coppextone ($41) – includes Beefeater 24, Aperol, pineapple, Angostura, coconut cream, and Mezcal Union

4. Old Cuban Highball ($49) – includes Havana 3, Appleton Signature blend, lime, Asawaa liquor, and cava

5. Lychee Bellini ($43) – includes London No 1, lychee puree, Soho & cava

6. White Negroni ($44) – includes Regan’s orange bitters No. 6, Yzaguirre Bianco Reserve, Luzardo Bitter Bianco, and Monkey 47

We recommend ordering Pacific Sunset and Lychee Bellini. You won’t taste the bitterness of the alcohol. And it’s refreshing enough to last you long while enjoying live jazz music. 


We love pairing our signature cocktails with snacks, and we know you love it too. Z Bar also offers a wide selection of nuts and caviar that suit your taste. And they go perfectly with the drinks this restaurant provides too!

You can check out all the snacks on Z Bar’s menu. But if you ask us, our top favorites are the herbed nuts served with local honey and olive tapenade. We also loved the combination of Lychee Bellini and Colombian peanuts. 

Trust us, Z Bar’s menu options are all enticing. When you have the opportunity, try out all this restaurant offers, and you won’t regret it. 


If you’re looking for heavier meal options for dinner, Z Bar won’t disappoint. This jazz restaurant offers caviar options in various weights. 

Its bestseller, Papas Conchinas Pichadas, is one dish that would definitely make your stomach full! This dish has potatoes, truffle alioli, and parmigiano reggiano. Don’t worry because it’s not too heavy, and you can still order a cocktail to pair with it. 

Caviar options are also served in traditional style. And you will also love the charcuterie options that would perfectly go well with any alcohol you order from Z Bar. 

The Music

And of course, who can forget the music? The best thing about Z Bar is that it holds different shows every night. It involves various jazz music artists, and you can check out the schedule on its Instagram page. 

Z Bar is also the perfect place when you’re celebrating your anniversary with your partner. It’s sweet and romantic, especially when the musician’s singing your theme song! A dream date indeed! Dance the night away and relax as you dine and chill at Z Bar. 

Spend an Evening at Z Bar

Z Bar is a unique live jazz music restaurant you should check out. It has incredible food, tasty drinks, and exceptional performing musicians. 

Book a reservation to secure a table, and experience singing to your favorite jazz music like never before. 

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