How to Spend a Weekend in Caucasia

How to Spend a Weekend in Caucasia

TLDR? Jorge Ignacio Hernández Hydrobotanical Garden is one of the unmissable places in Caucasia.

Caucasia, unlike towns such as Guatapé, is a tourist destination that some travelers don’t add to their list of adventures. It’s their loss: Caucasia has a lot to offer!

You can spend the weekend there! Plan well your trip there and see another face of Antioquia.

Still not sure? In this guide, I’ll teach you what to do when you visit Caucasia, Antioquia.

Where Is Caucasia?

Where Is Caucasia?

North of Antioquia, Caucasia’s approximately six and a half hours from the city of Medellín. It’s a place with a lot of farming, mining, and fishing culture, due to its Ciénagas, huge lakes created by nearby rivers.

It has in common with several cities such as Cali and Valle del Cauca its being crossed by the Cauca river.

It’s also the municipality that connects Antioquia with the Atlantic coast. Some travelers stop there to continue their course to the sea.

You can expect a lot of nature, a warm climate, and equal warmth in its locals.

How to Get To Caucasia

How to Get To Caucasia

To get to Caucasia, you have two simple options: take a bus or travel in your vehicle.

If you decide to rent a car to get to Caucasia, you should keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Make sure you have a good vehicle to support the trip there.
  • Have experience traveling on the roads of Colombia.
  • There may be no signal in many places along the way. Make sure you have a physical map like old school or are good at following the signs on the road.
  • Don’t travel at night. Caucasia can be dangerous on the road at night.

On the other hand, if you travel by public transport, you must travel from your accommodation to the North Terminal of Medellín. Three different companies can take you to Caucasia.

Remember that you can buy your tickets online beforehand. I recommend you do that instead of buying it on the day at the terminal so you can control your itinerary.

Caucasia has its transport terminal. You’ll only have to take additional transport to your lodging.

Weekend in Caucasia

Weekend in Caucasia

Although Caucasia seems like a small town, it has several activities for you to enjoy.

I know it’s a long trip, and you only have the weekend, so make sure you eat and take a break before starting your itinerary!

I’ll tell you about the different things you can do during your stay in Caucasia, so have fun choosing according to your tastes.

Here’s a list of natural attractions you cannot miss!

Jorge Ignacio Hernández Hydrobotanical Garden

This type of garden is a forest of approximately 7 hectares. An unmissable place if you visit Caucasia!

It has a lot of typical flora and a variety of fauna. You can see different types of birds and listen to their beautiful songs. You’ll also see several mammals and some reptiles submerged in the water.

This place is part of the Colombian botanical gardens, so being a place dedicated to research, you’ll learn a little about Colombian nature during your tour.

La Ciénaga Del Silencio

La Ciénaga is a place in Caucasia’s urban area. You can take your stuff and have a small picnic there. Be careful not to leave any rubbish on the site.

This place’s perfect for enjoying the view and taking in some breeze. If you’re a fan of photography, you can have some fun photographing the lake, the birds, and the green area around La Ciénaga.

You’ll also see fishermen in their canoes and maybe some iguanas!

Puente Carlos Lleras Restrepo

The Cauca River is immense. From here, you can see all its greatness through the town of Caucasia!

The structure of the bridge is enormous! If you decide to go on foot on the edge, you must consider the heat and its extension because it’s 3490 feet (1064m) long.

In addition to going by car, you can also get there by boat. I recommend caution if you visit the place with children.

Activities to Pass the Time

Activities to Pass the Time

Well, in addition to doing a whole ecological tour of Caucasia, you can also make some visits to get to know the town.

The park of the flags is one of the main options. There, you’ll find flags from different Latin American countries and some other nearby municipalities.

It’s a nice place to take a tour and hang out. You can also visit the Church of the Sagrada Familia and observe the particular architecture on its facade and its simple interior design.

Where to Get Some Food

If you only have a weekend, you need a restaurant where you can have everything in the same place.

La Estancia Asados ​​& Mariscos is a pleasant place with two seats, where you can have your meal indoors or in the company of the lights outside!

Its menu has different proposals for all tastes. You’ll not only find seafood, but you can also try pasta, a hamburger, or the traditional Salchipapa.

After a hot day, sitting down with a drink like a beer or cocktail can be very relaxing.

A Getaway to Caucasia Antioquia

Pack your bags to visit Caucasia and explore all its tourist nature. It is one of the best places to visit in Antioquia.

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