The Complete Guide to El Tesoro Mall

The Complete Guide to El Tesoro Mall

TLDR? El Tesoro Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Medellín and is a great place to spend a day.

While some folks might love spending the day strolling through the mall, others might find it a bit boring. Luckily, you’ll find many malls in Medellin where you can do more than just window-shop while eating ice cream! 

I recommend checking out the El Tesoro mall. Below you’ll find a detailed guide on all the great things you do there. Let’s jump in! 

What Is the El Tesoro Mall?

El Tesoro Mall

At first, I didn’t think malls in Medellin would be anything like the malls I’m used to at home, but the El Tesoro Mall proved me wrong! 

Here, you can find a wide variety of American stores like the ones in the States to refresh your wardrobe. Here are a few examples:  

  • H&M
  • Starbucks
  • American Eagle
  • Converse
  • Nike

The mall has a relaxing, natural atmosphere, almost as if it were a park. You can even take your pet for a walk with you, provided they behave! The mall is located in the popular neighborhood of El Poblado, a wonderful area to book a hotel or Airbnb

How to Get To the Mall 

To get to the El Tesoro mall, you can either take the metro or call a taxi. I recommend taking a taxi, as it’ll be the easiest mode of transportation. 

If you do decide to take the bus, the nearest station is Poblado (Route A), but then you’ll have to transfer to one of these routes: 

  • 133i
  • 134i
  • 130
  • 134

You can also rent a bicycle if you’re looking to get a bit of a workout in! 

What to Expect at the Mall

Expect at the Mall

The El Tesoro Mall is home to more than 400 stores where patrons can shop to their heart’s content. 

If you haven’t caught the shopping bug, don’t worry.  The mall is also home to a variety of activities  all kinds of people will enjoy. 

You’ll find a food court serving everything from international eats to more typical Colombian meals, so make sure to bring your appetite. If you’re traveling with small children, be sure to check out the mall’s little amusement park, complete with a mini roller coaster.  

Believe it or not, the mall is also a great place for  digital nomads to get some work done in the co-working space. 



Whether you’re on a date or going out with friends, nothing beats popcorn and hotdogs at the cinema, even if you have Netflix at home! 

You can purchase tickets at the theatre or purchase them online in advance on their website to secure your seat! 

Outdoor Theater

The outdoor theatre is a wonderful option for tourists looking to enjoy some cultural activities on a sunny day. While most events are free, capacity is controlled by the ticket office, so grab your tickets in advance if you’d like to attend. 

Some of the events that take place in the theater are:

  • Concerts
  • Puppet shows
  • Talks
  • Documentary screenings

Check out the website for more information on events and acquiring tickets! 

Rumba and Yoga Lessons

Rumba and Yoga Lessons

If you ate a bit too much in the food court or just want to get some exercise, you can attend rumba or yoga classes in studios held in different parts of the mall. Just bring your mat and some comfortable clothes! Check out the schedule on the website. 

While the lessons are free, they do have a capacity, so make sure to get there early! 

Craft Afternoon

This may be intended for kids, but nothing should stop you from feeling like one for an afternoon! 

You can draw, play with playdough and make some handicrafts with homemade materials.

Ciclo Kids

If your kid has yet to brave the challenge of learning to ride a bike, there is an area of the basement parking lot specially adapted into a bike path for new learners. Don’t forget your helmet! 

Walkers Club

Yep, this really exists! Every day from 5am to 10pm, the mall opens its corridors to anyone who’d like to exercise away from pollution, rain, or traffic. 

The Walkers Club is also pet friendly, so bring along your furry friend! 

Butterfly Garden 

Butterfly Garden

An expert guide will take on a forty minute tour through the gardens of the mall, where you’ll meet a  wide variety of colorful butterfly species. If you’re lucky, the guide will give you a small piece of fruit to lure the butterflies right into your hands. 

You’ll also learn a lot about the process of metamorphosis, and why these small pollinating creatures are a key part of the ecosystem. 

Note that the tour is free, but you’ll have to fill out a form on the mall website beforehand. 

Unfortunately, the gardens close during rainy weather, as the steps of the garden can become slippery and dangerous. 

I recommend you wear comforable, nonslip shoes and load up on sunscreen. 


Address: Carrera 25A # 1A Sur – 45

Spend a Day at the Best Mall of Medellin 

Whether you want some me-time shopping or you’re just looking for a way to kill time on a rainy day, the El Tesoro Mall is is the place for you. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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