Where To Do A Float Tank In Medellin

TLDR? You can do a float tank meditation in many of the spas and wellness centers around Medellín.

Medellin is a city with a progressive mindset, which leaks into every facet of the city’s identity. One particularly visible example of this is how the city has welcomed digital nomads with open arms. These kinds of people have begun flocking to the city en-mass.

Given the influx of these types, a variety of services have begun popping up to serve their tastes. One of these things that seems to follow the tech crowd around is the presence of Floatation Meditation tanks.

Floating is all the rage right now, and the following post will describe some of what floating entails. It also includes my recommended spot to try it out in Medellin!

What Is Floating?

What Is Floating?

Floating is an activity where you enter a controlled chamber to try and access a meditative state. The concept behind a floatation tank can be a bit intimidating at first if you’re not used to it. What happens is that the user enters an isolated chamber that’s the exact temperature of the human body.

What’s more, the water in the chamber is filled with enough Epsom salt that one can float effortlessly. It’s sort of like if you were at the Dead Sea in Israel.

The idea is that by allowing one to enter this frictionless environment, you set the stage for the user to access meditative states of mind. They say you haven’t been able to access this kind of environment since you were in your mother’s womb.

The entire concept is a bit too far out for many. And, I wouldn’t blame those who turn away from such hocus-pocus. However, enthusiasts of float tanks swear by their benefits.

I’m pretty much game for anything, so I set to investigate where in Medellin you could try out this alternative medicine method. What I found was a place in Poblado, not far from the center of the neighborhood, called Serenity Float.

I felt like I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this stuff out. So, I booked myself a session at Serenity Float and went to go investigate.

How To Get To Serenity Float

Serenity Float

Serenity Float is located in a very posh section of Poblado, a bit of a hike from where most of the bars and restaurants are located in that neighborhood. It’s located near many of the area’s best restaurants, so that’s worth keeping in mind!

So just to give you a heads up, if you plan on walking, you’ll have to trek up some of Poblado’s steeper streets. Overall I found the walk to be very beautiful. But, if you’re not looking to exert yourself, I would recommend taking a car perhaps.

The building is easy to spot from the street, but you have to make sure that you’re going into the right entrance, it shares a space with a local boxing gym. That being said, if you accidentally walk into the boxing gym, you’ll probably figure out fairly quickly that you’re in the wrong place.

If you happen to have access to a car, there’s a generous parking lot at the venue that makes that angle of things much easier!

The Facilities

The Facilities

The building is very composed and nice, and there are a couple of floatation chambers as well as an area for massage. Serenity Float offers a few of these kinds of treatments in addition to its isolation chamber services.

The vibe is very intimate and cozy. I found that the receptionists and guides for the experience were very friendly and helpful. They did this without being overly cloistering.

The isolation chambers were typical of their ilk, which is a bit hard to describe if you’re not used to what they look like. The whole aesthetic is a bit futuristic and slightly sci-fi. Each chamber looks like some kind of incubation chamber, or maybe something out of Star Wars.

The Experience

The Experience

Once you’re ready to go, you’re led into the Float Chamber by the guide after slipping into some trousers that they provide. The floatation chamber is like stepping into something that’s a bit unlike anything else. It sort of feels like in a movie when the sound goes out of everything for dramatic effect.

You indeed can float quite effortlessly on the surface of the saline water. It is an interesting and slightly surreal experience that, after you get used to it, becomes quite relaxing.

The staff recommends that you don’t drink any caffeinated beverages for four hours before your session. I could see why they would say that, as the whole experience would be exponentially more difficult to get used to and enjoy if you came in at all anxious.

That being said, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or anxious at all, there’s a button that you can press inside the floatation chamber. It alerts the staff that you want to be let out of the bubble.

It took me a couple of seconds to get used to things. But, once I was in the thick of the experience and started to relax I got quite used to it and found it to be pretty relaxing.

As I let my mind wander, I found myself verging on a bit of a trance state. It allowed me to probe the depths of some conundrums I had been dealing with lately and approach them from a new perspective.

At the very least, the float chamber allowed me to set aside some time in the day for mindfulness and contemplation. And overall, that’s something that I found to be very beneficial.

Float On In Medellin

The presence of the floatation chamber spa in Medellin speaks to the progressive mindset of the city. It has the will to try new things and adapt and adopt a new urban identity.

Serenity Float is also very close to Balance Aesthetic, which I wrote about here. So if you’re planning multiple wellness sessions for one day, you’re in luck!

I found the process to be quite exciting and would recommend Serenity Float as a location to try it out. Whether it’s your first float or you’re a steely veteran of the practice, this is true.

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