From Finca to Flat White: The Best Coffee Farm Tour in Medellin 

From Finca to Flat White: The Best Coffee Farm Tour in Medellín

TLDR? Casa Grande Coffee Tour is the best coffee farm tour in Medellin and the perfect excuse to try the best Colombian coffee!

Like Cumbia, Arepas, Reggaeton, and flowers, Colombian coffee sells Colombia and makes it famous abroad. That’s because each Colombian coffee product boasts unique flavors you won’t taste elsewhere.

In this article, I’ll talk about one of the experiences you can’t miss if you’re in Medellin or nearby. Among the endless options, some tours can show you one of the most famous sides of Colombia: coffee farming.

Coffee farm tours are getaways for those looking for a first-hand experience of all the processes involved in having a cup of coffee in your morning breakfast. It’s the perfect adventure for coffee lovers!

La Casa Grande Coffee Hacienda

La Casa Grande Coffee Hacienda

Casa Grande is a typical but charming coffee farm south of Aburra Valley, surrounded by mountains and a lot of nature. Not only will you know about the coffee-making process, but you’ll also witness the beauty of birdwatching. 

Here, locals of all kinds will receive you happy and as one of them!

How to get to Casa Grande

How to get to Casa Grande

You can get to Casa Grande on your own, but your tour already includes transportation. They’ll pick you up at your place or strategic points in the city. 

You’ll find Casa Grande on the way to Santa Elena, only a 25-minute ride away from Medellin

If you book a tour, they provide transportation from El Poblado and vice versa. The shuttle will leave at 10 am and bring you back to El Poblado by 3 pm.

I suggest you let them get you there! It’s more convenient, and you don’t have to think about the best way to get there. 

What to expect from Casa Grande

What to expect from Casa Grande

The Casa Grande Coffee Farm Tour lets you in on a fantastic experience seeing the process from seed to cup and tasting all the different coffee flavors without leaving Medellin. 

This tour takes four to five hours, so you should make it your whole plan for a day. You can do the coffee farm tour during the week starting at 10 am and on Saturdays at 8:30 am. 

If you need another hour, you can contact them and reschedule. The last call for the tour happens in the afternoon, at around 3 pm. 

The Tour

The Tour

This tour will make you go through the Colombian history of coffee. Here, you’ll be amazed by La Tierra Cafetera’s wealth.

You’ll find different cultivation techniques and the processes employed for each coffee type. They teach you to recognize so many flavors within a single cup of coffee that it feels like an explosion when you taste it!

You’ll learn how to recognize a good coffee cup, its main characteristics, and how to taste it.

The sensorial experience of aromas and flavors is just unforgettable.

And aside from coffee tasting, you can also experience a picnic lunch with your family at the 1800s coffee farm. Experience delicious Colombian home-cooked meals while appreciating the birds and serenity of nature. 

Because mosquitoes can swarm and conquer, don’t forget to apply an insect repellent. 

And to keep you refreshed, the tour comes with cold and refreshing drinks with local ingredients sourced directly from the farm!

Also, taking this tour allows you to connect and meet locals. They’re kind and very approachable. Plus, they’re very open to sharing anything about Colombian coffee!

The tour’s costly but well worth it.

Don’t forget


I recommend you go in comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Apply sunscreen and insect repellent. You’ll be exposed for a long time to the sun and insects. Sunglasses and a hat can work too! 

Your tour guide will take photos of the whole experience, but you should also bring your camera and register what you like most.

Take a photocopy of your ID Card or Passport. And finally, don’t forget to bring your water!


Address: Vía Medellín – Santa Elena km 6, Medellín, Antioquia

Other Coffee tours

Other Coffee tours

There are other exciting options to get similar coffee experiences both in Medellin and the nearby towns.

If you go 45 minutes to San Sebastián de Palmitas, you can have a traditional experience, from the farm to typical food and coffee, but you can also go on an excursion with horse riding!

Other towns, such as Evigado, Jericó, and Guatapé, also offer tours of this kind.

Take the Coffee Tour

Taking a coffee farm tour is an opportunity to explore Medellin and part of Colombian Eje Cafetero in a more lively way.

So, if you’re a coffee lover, you can’t miss at least one of these tours!

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