Laureles Living on La 70: A Guide to Factory Lofts

Factory Lofts

Laureles has become popular with travelers who want a more authentic Medellín experience that’s still fun, relaxing, and safe.

Unfortunately, it can be a little harder to find short and long-term stays here than in more touristy neighborhoods like Poblado. 

My recommendation? Whether you’re just in Laureles for a couple of nights or you’re a digital nomad spending the full three months of your tourist visa in Medellín, take a look at the Factory Lofts.

It’s comfortable, convenient, and, most importantly, in the best location for enjoying everything Laureles has to offer.

Factory Lofts Amenities

Factory Lofts Amenities

One of the main reasons I like staying at the Factory Lofts is that it has some of the better amenities you’ll find in Laureles.

Basically, each unit is a stand-alone apartment with a full bathroom and kitchen. Obviously, that’s good for long-term stays, but it’s also good for short stays.

It’s perfect if you want to buy some of the great Colombian fruit you can find in the supermarket and keep it in the room for breakfast.

You can also make yourself a coffee in the in-room coffee maker or bring home takeout. Those are all brownie points for me!

Of course, there’s wifi, which I found more than fast enough for working, as well as comfortable beds and air conditioning for those rare Medellín days that aren’t the perfect temperature already.

One other cool feature is the door lock, which is based on a numeric code you’re given at check-in rather than a keycard you have to keep track of throughout your trip. There’s also friendly staff available 24/7 who can help you arrange tours, transportation to the airport, etc.

Rooftop Pool

Factory Lofts Rooftop Pool

I unfortunately didn’t know about this amenity until my stay in the Lofts was almost over, so I’m telling you now. The rooftop pool is great.

The rooftop on its own is great since it gives you a view of the La 70 strip and the mountains surrounding the city. And, the pool makes it even better.

That’s because you can get in some exercise or cool off while sunbathing in the provided lounge chairs.

Street-Level Businesses

Factory Lofts Street-Level Businesses

There are two businesses located on the ground floor of the Factory Lofts building: BBC Bodega 70, one of the best places in Medellín to get Colombian craft beer, and Smash Avocaderia y Cafe, one of the best cafes in Laureles. 

Open at 9:15 every morning except Sunday, Smash is a good place to get breakfast and coffee while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, BBC is open until midnight, so you can watch the game and have a beer, then pop right up to your room with no hassle.

Factory Lofts Coworking

 Factory Lofts Coworking

The amenity I used most during my stay in the Factory Lofts was the coworking space on the second floor. Already one of the least expensive coworking spots in Laureles, they offer a considerable discount for guests of the hotel.

The coworking is a fun way to meet and network with other ex-pats staying in the hotel while enjoying a beautiful view of La 70 outside.

There’s a kitchen, lounge area and, most importantly, high-speed internet. I usually tested it at above 100 Mbps which means it should be fast enough to make video calls and use intensive applications.



If you’re going to stay in Laureles, the Factory Lofts is in the ideal location for taking advantage of everything the neighborhood has to offer. That’s mainly because it’s right on La 70, Laureles’ main nightlife strip.

Some of the most popular bars, restaurants, and clubs are just a few steps away. For instance, you’ve got La Tienda, Discoteca Brutal, and Mondongo’s nearby.

Or, you can continue up the rest of the kilometer-long street to find even more.

It’s not just the hottest bars and clubs, though. Factory Lofts is centrally located. It gives you easy access by foot to just about everything:

Estadio Metro Station0.7 mi (1.1 km)14 min
Unicentro Shopping Mall0.4 mi (0.6 km)8 min
Atanasio Girardot Stadium0.8 mi (1.3 km)16 min
Primer Parque Laureles0.4 mi (0.6 km)8 min
Belén Sports Complex1 mi (1.6 km)20 min
Viva Laureles Shopping Mall1.1 mi (1.8 km)24 min

In other words, you have everything you need close by. Within a 10-minute walk, you can change money, get a phone card, and stock up on groceries if you’re staying long-term.

Plus, if you need to leave Laureles, you have easy access to public transportation.

Book Your Stay at Factory Lofts

In my opinion, Laureles is quickly becoming the happening part of town. And, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it!

Factory Lofts is located in the center where you can explore and have fun with a comfortable home base always nearby.

I highly recommend taking a look at the units and their reasonable daily and monthly rates whether you’re going to be in Laureles for a couple of nights, weeks, or longer.

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