Getting Into the Zone at Factory Loft’s Coworking Space

TLDR? Factory Lofts has an amazing coworking space that you can make use of during your stay!

Medellin has recently exploded with digital nomad visitors and residents. They look for spaces that enhance their ability to produce high-quality content and focus on their work.

They do this while they live their lives on the road, following their hearts. This group of people includes your author!


A Bit of Background on Coworking in Medellín


Coworking in Medellín

There has recently been a boom of coworking spaces that have blossomed in the city. This is especially true in ones that host a high volume of digital nomad residents. Poblado and Laureles are two such neighborhoods.

You get major perks when you book a room at Laureles Factory Lofts. One of them is access to its coworking space, a functional area that takes up the entire second floor of the hotel.

The space features both common areas for creative comingling and private rooms. It fosters a sense of dedicated focus, promoting both relaxation and concentration, and offers expansive views of the bustling Laureles neighborhood below.

Casacol has anticipated the needs of these clients. They have included luxurious coworking spaces in many of their properties, making it easy to work while on the go.

Some of the features that make the Factory Lofts Coworking space convenient include:


  • Highspeed fiber-optic wifi fast enough to support any task at hand
  • 24/7 front desk service
  • Proximity to other goods and services in the Laureles neighborhood
  • Fully stocked kitchenette and coffeemaker in the space
  • 8 desks, four private offices


Accessing the Coworking Space


Accessing the Coworking Space

Factory Lofts has dedicated its entire second floor to its coworking space. This creates ample space for both groups and individuals to work together.

The second floor is accessible by both stairway and elevator. Day-use of the coworking space costs a modest 24,000 Colombian pesos, which is about $5 USD (subject to change). The space also offers weekly and monthly rates depending on one’s needs.

The coworking space is available for use by guests of the hotel. It is also for anyone who needs a productivity space for whatever type of project they have to tackle.

There is a multitude of environments available. This ensures that whatever type of space someone might prefer is available.

This includes a conference room-like central table area. There are also smaller, cozier spaces available, which allow one to hone in on the finer details of any project without distraction.


Modern Design Elements Enhancing Traditional Elbow Grease


Modern Design Elements

The Factory Loft coworking space features the same sharp modern design as the rest of the hotel. It contains some very pleasing visual art. I feel like the art helps to foster an environment of ingenuity and creativity.

The walls feature some graffiti-like paintings reminiscent of the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat. There are also hanging disco balls!

Tasteful furnishings adorn lounges situated close to windows overlooking the streets below. The campus of UPB, one of the major universities of Medellin, is also visible.

The central table/conference area contains a small library with books in both English and Spanish. There are books from such classic intellectual luminaries as Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde as well as novels from more contemporary authors.

Small lockers are available for personal storage, so you can take a breather risk-free. This helps when you feel like a walk around the block would be useful to clear your mind.


Hop in the Pool When It’s Time For a Break


Hop in the Pool When It’s Time For a Break

Burning the midnight oil can be counterproductive. This is especially true when you don’t allow yourself ample time to rest and recharge. After all, it’s important to cultivate a healthy work-life balance.

The Factory Lofts offer several fantastic distractions from the job at hand. Among these is one of Medellin’s only rooftop pools! Located on the 8th floor of the hotel, it has a complementary lounge and a rooftop bar.

The temperature-controlled pool allows one to luxuriate in its temperate waters. It also offers awe-inspiring views of the Antioquian mountains that surround Medellin!

A rooftop lounge lies close to the pool when it’s time to dry off and soak in some rays. Also of use is the Hotel Jacuzzi (!) which is available upon request at the front desk.

I found alternating a soak in the jacuzzi and a cool plunge in the hotel pool to be the perfect complement to maintaining my focus. It allowed me to hone my concentration on multiple projects—including the blog post that you’re reading right now!


Hit the Town After a Day of Hard Work


Hit the Town After a Day of Hard Work

Another break from work can be found in exploring the nearby neighborhood. Laureles is highly vivacious and entertaining, with multiple entertainment options.

Around the corner is Carrera 70. With its countless restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and vendors, it’s a great place that can offer an invigorating break from work.

I found myself captivated by the enthralling atmosphere of the vibrant neighborhood. I strolled up and down the lively Carrera 70, observing its intoxicating spirit. This is the spirit that currently defines metropolitan Medellin.

Whether you need another coffee to wind back up or a tasty cocktail to wind down after a long day of work, Laureles likely has it. Don’t forget to grab a snack at Smash Cafe when you’re on the way!


All Work, All Play


All Work, All Play

Medellin is a city in the midst of a remarkable transformation. It’s quickly becoming one of Latin America’s most progressive, forward-thinking cities.

Great minds have begun to converge on the city of Eternal Spring. They bring with them a desire to comingle and cooperate. They want to synchronize their efforts and exchange ideas and concepts with others.


Enjoy the Best of Coworking at Factory Lofts

Finding the right coworking space can be one of the most convenient ways to meet and converse with other like-minded individuals. It’s an absolute must in one of the most exciting cities to live in today.

I found the coworking facilities at Factory Lofts to be more than adequate. They allow my mind to reach its full potential while I tackled my most pressing projects. What more could you possibly ask for?

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