How Many Days Do You Need in Tamesis, Antioquia?

TLDR? A weekend is enough time to enjoy Tamesis and make the most of it.

The small southwestern Antioquia town of Tamesis stands out for its spectacular nature. About three hours away from Medellin, it’s a perfect destination to unwind and give up city stress.

Since it isn’t so popular as the neighbors Jardín and Jericó, Tamesis still has very authentic energy and inviting sights. Here you’ll enjoy peace, quiet, and other things you wouldn’t find nearby.

So, how many days should one stay in Tamesis?

Here’s a planned itinerary to make the most of your time!

The Best Time to Visit Tamesis

The recommended time to visit Tamesis is during the warm-weather season, from mid-June to late August. Another good option is between mid-December and mid-March. 

Since Tamesis is 5,374 feet above sea level, the temperature is cool, oscillating between 61°F to 76°F. It’s rarely below or above those temperatures. 

How to Spend Your Time in Tamesis

How to Spend Your Time in Tamesis

Since it’s a long commute, you’ll probably arrive in Tamesis in the early or late afternoon. I recommend you check in at your accommodation and find somewhere to grab dinner.

Most restaurants have attention until 5 pm, so you may need to wait for your big meal. Here you can find Colombian, Italian, grill, and vegetarian food.

After that, spend some time in the main square to relax, enjoy the weather, watch people, and check all the architecture.

Spend Your First Full Day in Tamesis Exploring the Town

First Full Day in Tamesis Exploring the Town

Walk through the streets of Tamesis and immerse yourself in this village’s culture. Part of the beauty is that you won’t need any buses or taxis to move around the town since it’s small enough.

Hike to the Cristo Rey Hill

The Cristo Rey Hill is one of the most eye-catching things in town. It may be one of the first things you notice upon arriving in Tamesis.

A town symbol, you can hike and enjoy the view over the entire Cartama Valley, Farallon de la Pintada, and even the Cauca River. 

This three-hour walk is perfect for a natural awakening. I recommend you have a good breakfast before in the main square or a nearby Café because it’s a demanding path. Also, bring plenty of water.

I recommend you do this first thing in the morning and spend the rest of the day walking around town.

Spend the Next Day in Jardin Hiking and Exploring the Surrounding Area

Spend the Next Day in Jardin Hiking and Exploring the Surrounding Area

On the following days, you should explore the surrounding area in search of adventure.

There are many hiking trails nearby. I’ll suggest a few!

Caverns of the San Antonio River

Among the most surprising activities is visiting the San Antonio River’s caverns. You’ll have the opportunity to be around giant rocks formed from an underground volcano before the creation of the Andes.

Inside, you can be amazed by the clear water and impressive rock formations. 

If you don’t feel so adventurous, don’t worry: there are other hiking options. 

Petroglyphs route

Here you can witness the richness and significance of this place’s culture and history through ancient rock inscriptions and drawings.

In this guide, you’ll know Tamesis also for its indigenous part, in the Embera Cham. You can know firsthand their personal history, pride, and problems of being indigenous in Colombia.


Paragliding is an exciting and different experience, made much better here by the beautiful views you’ll enjoy from above.

Rio Frio Walk and Tubing

Rio Frio is a perfect family plan. Spend quality time having a picnic, bathing in the river puddles, and tubing.

Have a Great Weekend in Tamesis

Tamesis is a perfect weekend escape for those tired of the big city life of Medellin. Enjoy all this town has to offer for two or three days!

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