What to Know About the Daddy Yankee Concert 2022

What to Know About the Daddy Yankee Concert 2022

TLDR? Daddy Yankee’s final tour came to Medellin for three fantastic shows in October, 2022.

Are you a fan of reggaeton? Then you probably know that so-called “king of reggaeton”, Daddy Yankee made Medellin a major pit-stop in his epic world tour.

For those of you who caught the show, you already know that it was “Legendadd.” But, for those of you who weren’t so fortunate, don’t panic.

I was in attendance, and I’ve put together a rocking guide to everything you missed at this incredible reggaeton show!

A Quick Rundown on the Concert

Daddy yankee at the medellin concert 2022

Daddy Yankee took the stage for this epic concert on October 15 and 16. And of course, all of Casacol’s guests were taken care of with nearby accommodations in a room at Factory Lofts.

What many people didn’t realize is that the event didn’t have parking. So, for those who went by car, finding a safe place to park in advance was crucial.

The concert’s official start time was 7:30 PM, although it wasn’t until almost 11 PM that Daddy Yankee started performing. If you got there early, you were treated to a live DJ spinning records to start the party!

The venue only accepted cash or popular banking apps such as Bancolombia and Nequi. And considering that the aguardiente was flowing freely, it definitely paid to have some spare cash on hand.

Speaking of things to bring, you really weren’t allowed to bring much. Even people with umbrellas were forced to leave them outside!

The last big thing to know about the event is that Daddy himself played until around 1 AM. Talk about a long night!

An Inside Look Into the Daddy Yankee Concert

Being a farewell concert, this was one of the most historic reggaeton events! I’m talking fantastic choreography full of perreo, flashing lights, and Daddy Yankee performing his new songs. 

Daddy Yankee sang through an impressive setlist made up of songs from his entire career. The full setlist was pretty impressive, containing a whopping 31 songs!

  • Campeón
  • Remix
  • Problema
  • Rompe
  • Machucando
  • Lo Que Pasó, Pasó
  • Rumbatón
  • Ella Me Levantó
  • Mayor Que Yo
  • No Me Dejes Solo
  • u Príncipe
  • Yo Voy
  • Shaky Shaky
  • Baila Baila Baila
  • China
  • Pasatiempo
  • Somos de Calle
  • Enchuletiao’
  • La Santa
  • X Última Vez
  • Agua
  • Que Tire Pa’ Lante
  • Despacito
  • La Despedida
  • ¿Qué Tengo Que Hacer?
  • Hot
  • Limbo
  • Bombón
  • Con Calma
  • Dura
  • Gasolina

And, of course, at each concert, he sprinkled in a couple of additional songs. But, it’ll depend on which show you catch as to what you’re treated to!

The Seating

In terms of where to sit, there were a couple of different options to pick from.

The VIP section had balconies complete with first-class benefits, such as private parking lots, elevators, mini-bars, luxury sofas, TV, and delicious catering service. These seats went for upwards of $300 USD, however, and with tickets on the official site sold out, people were reselling them for twice that.

If you couldn’t be in the most exclusive section, you could get general stadium seating. Although they were far back from the stage, you could still see and hear everything loud and clear!

Getting to the Concert Venue 

You could get to the concert venue by bus or metro. The nearest bus stops to the stadium are 201, 304, 315, and 316, and it was just a short walk from any of them to get to the stadium.

Of course, concert-goers weren’t able to take public transport home after the concert. Luckily, I had a friend pick me up, but there were plenty of people hailing a ride via Uber or other rideshare apps.

Pro tip: For future concerts at the stadium, you want to take the metro, take route B and get off at the stadium’s station. It takes eight minutes to walk from the station to the stadium.

Legendaddy Merch

Legendaddy Merch

Even though the show is over, you can still pick up merch to celebrate your favorite reggaeton artist. You can buy Daddy Yankee t-shirts, hoodies, and caps!

While there was plenty of merch on sale at the event, you can actually also buy things online. Plus, rumor has it the prices were better online than they were at the event.

Get Ready for the Last Daddy Yankee Concert in History!

Undoubtedly, the Daddy Yankee concert 2022 was an event worth attending.

To say there were thousands in the crowd would be an understatement. And, to say that Medellin loved the King of Reggaeton’s performance would be an insult—they adored it!

Next time, I hope you’ll be in the City of Eternal Spring to check it out too!

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