Where to Get Some Coworking Done in Medellin

TLDR? Factory Lofts in Laureles boasts some of the best coworking in Medellin!

High-speed internet, high-speed networking, and great coffee. Tick, tick, tick. These are the three essential ingredients that make Medellin a world-class destination for digital nomads.

Pre-pandemic Medellin was flying as a popular pitstop for digital nomads heading south in search of wonderful, all-year-round weather, friendly locals, and a healthy sprinkle of geographic arbitrage.

Plus, it provided plenty of fantastic reasons to tilt your work-life balance away from work and more towards living the life we all dream of. This magical mix and Medellin’s burgeoning reputation as a forward-thinking city with a government focused on attracting startups, made it one of the most attractive cities for remote working in the western hemisphere.

So, if you’re ready to get some coworking done in Medellin, this guide is for you. Let’s take a look at all the hottest coworking spots around the city!

Coffee, Coworking, and Medellin Colombia: A History

Even given the exodus of foreigners that came with the health crisis and the sharp reduction in the number of digital nomads cruising through Colombia, Medellin is still receiving a large number of visitors looking to make the most of their newfound freedom and the opportunities of working from home in the new normal.

Always quick to spot a business opportunity, the paisas, have invested heavily in the offices of the future. And, they’ve implemented a host of cool, comfortable, and contemporary, coworking spaces popping up throughout Medellin in the last two years.

The city’s coffee culture has come on leaps and bounds, too. Therefore, as we all slowly re-emerge from our splendid isolation, a hot desk has never felt more exciting, so here’s our hotlist of the hottest hot desks and coworking spaces in Medellin.

This coworking compilation is for those digital nomads out there that want to escape the zoom room, do away with social distancing, and throw themselves wholeheartedly back into some old-school networking ITRW.

Factory Lofts

Factory Lofts

Factory Lofts is one of Casacol’s beloved buildings and is definitely a spot you don’t want to miss.

The sleek, gray tower in the heart of Laureles is Medellin’s ground zero for talented types that want to get their creative juices flowing.

The workspace has eight desks, four private offices, and a meeting room available. Plus, the high-speed WiFi is some of the best in town.

There’s a top-notch recording studio where some of the city’s up-and-coming artists go to record. Plus, the rooftop bar is worth checking out if you want to grab an after-work drink!

Factory Lofts isn’t just a great place to get some work done, however. You can also stay overnight. That makes it easier than every to wake up and head to the office the next day!

Pricing and Location

Pricing starts at about $8 per day and gives you 24-hour access. However, you can always opt for weekly or monthly packages if you know you’ll be staying in town for a while!

Website: https://es.casacol.co/laureles-factory-rental-apartments/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/casacol_colombia

Address: Cra 69#circular 1 -14, Medellín, Antioquia

Circular Coworking

Circular Coworking

With two expansive, upscale venues in Poblado and Laureles, Circular Coworking has the two most popular neighborhoods for digital nomads in Medellin covered.

Sign up for a plan or invest in some tickets and you’re free to work from either of the spaces, both of which offer ultra-high-speed internet.

The Circular Lauret venue is a pristine building in Laureles with ample, contemporary office space and a versatile rooftop that means there’s plenty of room for solopreneurs or startups gaining traction.

Additionally, their other venue made of old containers in Poblado is further up the hill to Avenida Las Palmas. This spot offers great views of the city and some lovely outside areas to socialize or work al fresco.

Moreover, a third venue will open soon in the Masaya Hostel in Astorga (Poblado) in the heart of the city’s startup crowd.

Circular was one of the first companies to set up a co-working space in Medellin. So, they have a good network and know-how to keep their customers coming back with an interesting mix of extra-curricular activities.

Pricing and Location

In terms of pricing, it’s pretty reasonable to spend a day at Circular. Hot desks are available from $8 USD per day, with regular hours throughout the workweek.

Website: https://circularcoworking.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/circularcoworking/

Noi Coworking

Noi Coworking

Offering a hot desk for every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day, Noi, is one of the biggest coworking spaces in Medellin, operating out of an old warehouse decked out with repurposed shipping containers and the ubiquitous contemporary, post-industrial interiors vibe.

With 363 desks available and 22 different spaces of all shapes and sizes, you could literally change your office every day of the year if you wish.

One of only three Colombian coworking offices belonging to the Impact Hub network, Noi, has a steady flow of globe-trotting entrepreneurs and digital nomads moving through its doors in search of high-speed internet.

Its location in Ciudad del Rio, close to Medellin’s Museum of Modern Art (MAMM) is almost equidistant between the more popular residential neighborhoods of Laureles and Poblado. And, it has another office in the Monterey Shopping Center, closer to the Poblado metro station.

Pricing and Location

You can buy desks by the hour here, and if you’re willing to buy in bulk, you’ll get good discounts. It’ll cost you just $1 USD per hour if you buy a package of 100 hours or more.

Website: http://noi.work/

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/impacthubmedellin/

Address: Calle 17 #43F-287, Ciudad del Río, Medellin

Semilla Café Coworking

Semilla Café Coworking

This is another Laureles coworking newbie that opened its doors to digital nomads shortly before the pandemic closed them again.

Thankfully the seed survived and Semilla has blossomed with the return of some semblance of workplace normality.

Set over two floors with a patio area that looks out onto the leafy Primer Parque de Laureles, this small but welcoming coworking office attracts a faithful crowd of digital nomads that have fallen for the coworking space’s healthy menu and more intimate coffee shop vibe.

As well as all the basics you would expect from a coworking space – high-speed internet, comfy chairs, boots, meeting rooms, etc – the food really is the star attraction here.

Once you’ve tried their chickpea curry or the Lebanese platter, you’ll find it hard to go back to your zoom room.

Pricing and Location

Semilla Cafe is a pretty affordable place to get some coworking done. Additionally, they offer rates of just $8 USD per day. That makes it less than two cups of coffee at local cafes!

Web: https://www.semilla.com.co/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/semillacafecoworking/

Address: Calle 39c #73-7, Laureles, Medellin



Talented architecture firm, Yemail Arquitectura, intervened in an old Manila warehouse to create one of one of Medellin’s trendiest coworking venues, OpenSpace.

Owner Carolina Alzate, the founder of the digital agency Open Lab, keeps the space interesting with a steady flow of events tailored to socially conscious creatives and digital nomads. These events include early evening events designed to transition OpenSpace’s remote workers effortlessly from working to networking.

The in-house restaurant and coffee shop, Café Dragon, serves up superior caffeine hits to keep you productive and there are plenty of hip restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.

Bar hopping happens on the rooftops of Manila’s best hotels – el Viajero, Los Patios, and the suitably named, Nómada Hotel – all of which will give you a good excuse to leave your computer in the locker and venture out of an evening with the intention of taking your networking with the locals up a notch.

What’s more, the place also hosts some fun pop-up retail therapy at the weekend.

Pricing and Location

The location is what really makes this place worthwhile. Situated in the heart of Manila, it’s a no-brainer for anyone staying at Casacol’s Poblado properties.

Plus, it’s pretty affordable. You can rent hot desks for just $8 USD per day, making it a great place to set up shop in the city.

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/elopen.space/

Address: Calle 12 #43B-31, Manila, Medellín



For professional procrastinators, Selina’s trendy co-working space in flashy Provenza has plenty of distractions right on the doorstep.

There’s a big old bar downstairs. For us, that’s all too tempting! You need to be able to exercise discipline if you’re planning on getting some work done here.

Plans give digital nomads 24-hour access to the office. That’s convenient for night owls that are more productive after dark.

Also, there’s a recording studio for musicians, podcasters, and YouTubers. Plus, there are tons of stimulating activities. Indulge in yoga, photography workshops, and cooking classes while working here.

Pricing and Location

Plans start from $165 USD per month, which breaks down to just $6 per day. In fact, that’s actually pretty affordable compared to some of the other places we’ve found!


Address: Cra. 32d #9-17, Poblado Medellín

We Work

We Work

No global nomad hotspot is complete without a fancy office, dressed beautifully by the world’s leading coworking brand, We Work.

Medellin’s no different and the coworking chain has three spacious offices. Antejardin in Astorga is possibly our favorite, found in between Casacol’s Poblado properties and Medellin’s financial district.

Perfectly located within striking distance of the biggest expense budgets, the Astorga WeWork is also conveniently located close to the city’s best restaurants. That makes it perfect for power lunching! Impeccably decorated and filled with the city’s movers and shakers, you know exactly what you’re getting with WeWork.  

Pricing and Location

What’s great about WeWork is that there are multiple locations scattered around the city. Plus, you can get a great discount on your desk, paying just $6 per day when you sign up for a month.

Website: https://www.wework.com/buildings/km-5-av-las-palmas–medellin

Astorga Location: Calle 7D # 43A-40

Las Palmas Location: Km 5 Av. Las Palmas

Aguacatala Location: Carrera 42 #5 Sur-145

Get Started With the Best Coworking Spaces in Medellin

There are some pretty incredible coworking places for digital nomads to enjoy in Medellin. With all these hotspots for cranking out work, we’re confident you’ll get through your work and get exploring in no time.

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