Chiva Rumbera Party Buses in Medellin


No time to read? Chiva Rumbera buses are discos on wheels that offer daytime and nighttime tours in the city.

Anyone who has spent the holidays in Medellin has surely seen the Chiva Rumbera buses cruising around town. These brightly colored lights feature booming music and flashing lights. 

Now, while that can all seem a bit overwhelming to some of us, they’re actually pretty fun. 

And, there are some great ways to enjoy these buses! So, are you ready to put your party hat on? Here’s what you need to know about riding the Chiva buses in Medellin!

What Is a Chiva Rumbera?

What Is a Chiva Rumbera?

For those who don’t know what a Chiva bus is, let me explain. These buses are party buses that are covered in bright colors. 

They’re often associated with bachelor parties and birthdays, although you can actually ride them at any time you like!

Onboard the bus you’ll find a dance floor and a Bluetooth speaker. That makes for the perfect combination for anyone looking to get out and party around the city. 

However, there’s a whole lot more than partying that goes on. Keep reading to see what I’m talking about.

Daytime Tours

Daytime Tours

First, let’s talk about daytime tours. There are a couple of different tours out there that you can take if you want to enjoy a Chiva Rumbera without staying out until all hours. 

Graffiti Tours

One of the must-do things in Medellin is to explore Comuna 13. Now, while there are some great free walking tours that will take you to the area, you can also explore it by Chiva bus. 

The bus includes a guide who speaks both English and Spanish and will point out the different murals. They know the history of the paintings and what they stand for, which makes it a fun addition. 

The tour lasts about 6 hours, so be prepared to be out of the house for the day. It also includes lunch, so you don’t need to pack your own!

Medellin City Tours

If you’ve already seen the murals in Comuna 13 and want to check out something different, you can go on a Medellin city tour!

Just like the Comuna 13 tours, this tour includes a guide who speaks both English and Spanish. 

On your tour, you’ll head over to a couple of key destinations around the city, including: 

Now, while these are the standard spots, if you’re renting the whole bus you can actually choose your own destinations! That makes it an even more enjoyable way to check out the city. 

Nighttime Tours

Nighttime Tours

After dark is when the Chiva Rumbera tours really come to life. There are a few different nighttime tours that you can take. 

Medellin Tour

The Medellin tours are pretty much exactly the same as the daytime tours. The only difference is that these tours take place at night!

You can also pick and choose the different stops you want to check out. For example, if you want to make your party bus experience a bar crawl, you can swing around the local nightclubs and late-night pubs.

Moving Bus Tours

Sometimes, you don’t actually want to get off the bus. All you want to do is simply enjoy the party and get in the party mood!

You can always rent Chiva buses to simply take you around town. These buses aren’t usually designed for you to visit with a destination in mind. 

Instead, you’ll simply climb aboard and enjoy music and dancing as you make your way around the city. 

Out of Town Tours

Out of Town Tours

For those who want to get out of the city for a day or a weekend, you can do so in a Chiva Rumbera! Chiva Rumberas will take you to a couple of destinations. Let’s take a look!

Eastern Antioquia

If you just want to venture a little way out of Medellin you can check out an Eastern Antioquia tour. These tours take you out to several spots around the city and bring you back to Medellin all in just five hours. 

The spots you’ll visit include: 

  • The Medellin to Bogotá freeway
  • Guarne
  • Marinilla
  • Rio Negro
  • Las Palmas
  • Via La Fe
  • El Retiro
  • San Antonio de Pereira
  • La Ceja

You’ll have to pick and choose your spots as you won’t make it to all those places in five hours. Still, you’ll get to see a good chunk of them and get a feel for what the outskirts of Medellin are like. 

You can either book an individual spot on these tours or rent an entire bus. If you’ve got a big group you want to show around, this could be your chance!

San Antionio de Pereira

This five-hour tour takes you out of Medellin in style. You’ll be able to blast your favorite tunes, boogie on the dance floor, and lounge in the blinking lights of the bus as you drive!

Once you reach your destination, you’ll have a couple of hours to wander around town and explore on your own. 

Then, you’ll get back on board the bus and return to Medellin to cozy up in your Casacol Airbnb or vacation rental

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Another place you can check out is Santa Fe de Antioquia. Much like the San Antonio de Pereira tour, this tour lasts five hours. 

Basically, you’re paying for party bus transport. The tour starts in Medellin, takes you to the city, and then lets you wander around for a couple of hours before bringing you back home to Medellin. 


Plenty of people choose to go glamping in Guatape, but it’s also a great place to visit just for a day trip!

This tour includes breakfast and lunch on the road as well as medical insurance. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt while you’re out and about!

On the morning of your tour, you’ll set off bright and early in the morning and head out to Guatape. There, you’ll check out the street of memories, the church in Guatape, El Peñol rock, the pier, a plaza, and several historic spots.

You’ll also get a chance to snag some panoramic views! And, best of all, you get to take a quick party boat trip out on the water. 

The tour lasts a whopping ten hours, so be prepared to spend the day on your feet. 

Take a Ride on a Chiva Rumbera

The Chiva Rumbera is a truly Colombian experience and one you can’t miss while in Medellin. Grab a friend or two and spend a day, afternoon, or evening riding around town on these party buses!

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