Spending a Day at Cervecería 3 Cordilleras

Spending a Day at Cervecería 3 Cordilleras

TLDR? Tres Cordilleras is a rustic brewery that has all types of beer.

Medellín’s known for its variety of restaurants and bars. But, if you’re a fan of good craft beer, you can’t leave this city without going to Cerveceria 3 Cordilleras.

If you’ve never tried craft beer, you should know that it has a fresher flavor, with natural and concentrated tastes, unlike brands that carry out large-scale production.

Today I’ll talk about what it’s like to spend a day in this renowned place in the City of Eternal Spring!

The Venue

The Venue

Cerveceria 3 Cordilleras has a rustic atmosphere and artisan style. Wood everywhere and attentive local workers make this a pleasant environment, perfect for meeting new people.

On the outside, it looks a little industrial. And, when you walk inside, you won’t be surprised to see that the place keeps up the theme.

However, with dangling fairy lights and a low-lit glow, it’s definitely a place that feels really cool and underground.

The Music

The Music

In Colombia, nothing’s complete without music. The bar plays different genres to please all tastes, so whether you’re a fan of salsa or pop, you’ll find something here.

If you’re a music fan, I recommend you go on Thursdays when the Cervecería has a festival called Vive 3 Cordilleras.

At the festival, you’ll find local artists and get to know Colombian culture while enjoying different types of beer. Diversity is the key word here, both in terms of music and drinks!

On their page, they publish the bands that’ll be performing as well as the musical genres they play, so you can choose the best day to attend.

Types of Beer

Types of Beer

Of course, 3 Cordilleras has a wide variety of beer. Here are some of them along with a bit of information to get you ready to taste whichever you want!


Negra is the strongest beer in the house. It has a delicious coffee and chocolate aroma and, however strong it is, leaves you with a sweet sensation at the end of each draught.


This one has a touch of sweetness and malt flavor. It has a very striking red color, according to its rich flavor.


I’m not a fan of citrus-flavored beers, but I must admit that Mestiza has a very unique and pleasing flavor. It’s lemony but with a bit more heartiness to it than just a standard light beer.


Although it has a citrus touch, this was my favorite beer in the Cerveceria. Its softness and color are out of this world.


Blanca is the smoothest type of beer. There’s no bitterness, so it’s easy to drink. Beware not to drink too much—despite the taste, the amount of alcohol’s still enough to lighten you up.


Rosada is another must: it’s not common to find pink beers in Colombia, and I’ve only seen it here. It’s a unique drink, perfect for a nice picture showing your friends back home that you’re enjoying your Latin American time!

You realize why it has this color when you try it. It has a rich red fruit flavor that, combined with the usual ingredients, makes this a particularly delicious option.

Recommendations for Enjoying Your Time at 3 Cordilleras

Recommendations for Enjoying Your Time at 3 Cordilleras

I’ve tried all the beers in the house, but not all at once! The best option is to visit Cerveceria 3 Cordilleras a couple of times and try different types of beer each.

I suggest a maximum of a pair at each visit so you can enjoy the experience responsibly. Remember to take a taxi or have a designated driver if you rent a car.

I also recommend that you go in a group. With friends, everything is better! That way, you can compare flavors and opinions. You’ll also taste more types of beer without having to finish off an entire cup.

I suggest you make a reservation, especially if you plan on going with some people. If something unexpected occurs and you can’t attend, just remember to cancel at least six hours in advance to get a refund.

It’s also good to know that there’s a Consumable Cover, which includes several beers or food depending on the day you want to attend. Cerveceria Tres Cordilleras opens from Thursday to Saturday, so plan to go on a weekend.

Address: Cl. 30 # 44-176, Medellín, Antioquia

Parcharse at the Cervecería 3 Cordilleras

You’ll find the word parcharse often if you’re in Colombia and more if you are in Medellín. This expression refers to being relaxed and enjoying yourself with your friends, and it fits perfectly with the experience of a day at Cerveceria Tres Cordilleras.

It’s one of the best places I’ve been to when it comes to craft beer. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did and recommend it to your friends!

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