The Best Places for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Jerico

The Best Places for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Jerico

TLDR: In Jerico, you can have brunch at the first artisan bakery in town with coffee from a local farm!

When planning to go on vacation, we’re concerned about knowing everything about the place, from the accommodations and the activities to the restaurants. 

And, when you’re headed to a small town like Jerico, things are no different!

If you’re planning a getaway to Jerico, it pays to know where the best food places are. Keep reading, and you’ll find the best restaurants in Jerico to enjoy a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Best Breakfast Places in Jerico

They say breakfast is the most important meal, and when you’re hiking in Jerico, that couldn’t be more true.

After all, it’s essential to start the day with something to keep you energized for your early activities! Here are some great places to fill your stomach and get your day started the right way.

Cafe Don Rafa

Cafe Don Rafa

Located in Jerico’s central park, Don Rafa is a traditional coffee shop that offers coffee produced on their farms in Jerico. While they specialize in craft coffee, they’ve also got tons of great pastries and hearty breakfast platters to pair with it.

You can ask for pan de yuca waffles with fruit, bread with eggs and ham, French toast, eggs in a gratin saucepan, cakes, and a great variety of pastries. In other words, you can enjoy breakfast or brunch with the best traditional Antioquian coffee in a place that’s spacious and cozy.

Pro tip: at Don Rafa, you can also get some work done thanks to the Wi-Fi and the laptop space they offer. If you need to get some work done in Jerico, this is where it’s at.

Address: Parque principal, Jericó, Antioquia

Karlina Panaderia 

Karlina Panaderia

Also located in Jerico’s central park, Karlina is the first artisan bakery in Jerico. However, it offers more than perfect gourmet breakfasts to start the day.

Kalina has a vintage and elegant atmosphere with its original and traditional construction and tiles maintained throughout the years.

You’ll find things like French toast sandwiches, omelets with a side of fresh fruit, pandebono casserole with eggs, and other delicacies. If you want something on the lighter side, opt for one of their pastries hot out of the oven.

Address: Cra. 4 #5-03, Jericó, Antioquia

Best Lunch Places in Jerico

If you’re tired after a long morning of getting to know the city and want somewhere to grab some lunch, you’re in luck.

Even though Jerico is small, there are some fantastic lunch spots to pick up a meal at. Check out some of my top picks in this small village.

Isabel Parilla Arte Café

Isabel Parilla Arte Café

Isabel Parrilla is a traditional Antioquian place located in Jerico’s central park. It preserves traditional Antioquian architecture and design, making you feel like you’ve stepped back in time while you’re dining there.

In fact, the friends I went with said it reminded me of what their grandmother’s house looked like. While my point of reference for Antioquian architecture is Pueblito Paisa, I can definitely see what they mean.

The food is pretty traditional, too, with the menu consisting of things like chicharrón with sweet plantain. You’ll also find blood sausage, trout, and ribs on the menu.

One thing I like about this place is that if you’re vegan or vegetarian, the restaurant has some options. That’s not very common with traditional Colombian restaurants, so I’d say that’s a serious perk!

Address: Cl. 5 #4-53, Jericó, Antioquia

La Gruta

La Gruta

La Gruta is one of the most typical and traditional restaurants in Jerico. It offers regional Colombian dishes.

The decorations and wooden furniture give La Gruta a countryside touch. Combine that with the colorful windows commonly seen in Jerico, and you’ve got the perfect little village restaurant!

Among the foods on the menu, you’ll find the classic bandeja paisa, grilled trout, bean casserole, ajiaco, burgers, mondongo, and grilled pork and chicken.

If you’re on a mission to eat traditional Colombian food, this is definitely the place to go. In fact, even though I eat Colombian food most days, I have to say that the food here was top-notch.

Address: a 7-86, Cra. 4 ##7-2, Jericó, Antioquia

Best Dinner Places in Jerico

A hearty dinner is a perfect finale for a day of touring around Antioquia.

The good news is that Jerico has some phenomenal places for you to pick up a big meal after a long day of exploring. Here are a couple of top-notch places to sit down to a meal in Jerico.

El Meson del Poeta

El Meson del Poeta

El Meson del Poeta is an elegant place perfect for a dinner with good company.

This restaurant has a varied menu with tons of different types of food for you to try. A few things you can order include meats, pizzas, and pasta.  On top of that, they’ve got some good beer and wine for you to pair with your meal.

What’s really great about this place, though, is the vibe. There’s a back patio where you can enjoy al fresco dining. This restaurant’s perfect for a special or romantic dinner and special celebrations.

Address: a 4-84, Cl. 5 #4-2, Jericó, Antioquia

La Comedia

La Comedia

La Comedia is a restaurant bar located in Parque Fundadores in Jerico. This bar has cute wooden tables and chairs protected by large umbrellas outside the place. There, you can do some good old-fashioned people-watching against the backdrop of the beautiful Antioquian mountains.

Plus, there are gorgeous fairy lights that get lit up every night. They really bring the place to life and make it feel cozy and romantic.

In terms of the food, I have to confess that it was the desserts I really enjoyed. They’ve got cheesecake, natilla, ice cream, and tons of other tasty treats for you to enjoy.

If you’d rather go for a main course, there are Colombian soups, sandwiches, and pasta for you to pick from. Pair whatever you order with a glass of wine or hot coffee for the perfect end to a good day of touring Jerico.

Address: Cra. 5 #10-16, Jericó, Antioquia

Taste the Best of Gastronomy in Jerico

In Jerico, you’ll find everything from breakfasts and brunch to typical Colombian lunches. There are even romantic spots for cozying up with your sweetheart in the evening!

Regional and traditional dishes or modern variations, Antioquian coffee and desserts, meat-full and vegetarian dishes, Jerico has it all! It’s safe to say you won’t experience a culinary disappointment here.

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