The Best Twerk Studios in Medellin

The Best Twerk Studios in Medellin

TLDR? Booty House is the best twerk studio in Medellin.

Twerking has been a popular dance trend over the years. Today, many people incorporate its steps in various choreographies, dance contests, and even night-out parties. 

And, of course, taking a trip to Medellin shouldn’t stop you from mastering your twerking skills. This Colombian city has massive dance studios where you can train, rehearse or dance for fun. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-time experience or consistent rehearsals, I got you covered. This guide lists exceptional twerk studios in Antioquia’s capital city!

1. Academia Pin Up

Academia Pin Up

You can find several dance studios in Medellin, but not all will offer twerk rehearsals and lessons. 

Thankfully, Academia Pin Up is a massive studio mainly for twerking, pole dancing, and learning Champeta. 

You can easily reach the studio via public transportation. The commute is only ten minutes if you’re coming from Medellin town.

You need to ride the metro station at Parque Barrio for four stops. Get off at Industriales, and take a four-minute walk to the dance studio. 

Academia Pin Up offers month-long workshops and freestyle lessons for twerking. Most of these happen in groups, so it’s also a great way to meet new people!

Academia Pin Up also hosts month-long courses for twerking. These courses are always held in groups. Even if you got zero skills, this dance studio guarantees you’ll learn from enrolling in twerking courses!

Just last June, Academia Pin Up also hosted a two-hour-long workshop. The workshop taught the essential bases twerk dancers should master.

Aside from twerking, you can also learn Champeta. It’s a Colombian dance trend that will also get your booty shaking! 

Address: Calle 29a – 111, Av. Guayabal #29a95, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

2. Dancefree


Sometimes, taking private classes is better than group workshops. That’s considering you’re not too confident to dance with unfamiliar people.

In the case of Dancefree, it’s entirely possible! Dancefree is a large studio that offers private classes with well-trained and professional instructors. Any type of dance – name it!

You should reserve an instructor or private class days before your chosen date. Wait for Dancefree’s confirmation, and voilà!

What’s also remarkable about Dancefree is that there are no age limits. Even kids can join in the fun!

Getting there with public transportation is easy. From Parque Barrio, take the metro A station at La Estrella and get off at Poblado. Walk for a few minutes, and you’ll get to the studio.

Address: Cl 10A #40-27, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

3. Booty House

Booty House

As the studio’s name suggests, Booty House takes pride in booty dances to make you feel more confident and sexier. It’s the official twerk studio in Medellin to get your groove going.

Booty House holds workshops, events, and twerk lessons for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

It’s an almost twenty-minute commute to reach Booty House. From Parque Barrio, ride the Metro A Station at La Estrella and get off at Poblado. Walk about ten minutes to reach this twerk studio. 

Booty House follows a strict schedule for its workshops and lessons. The studio inside is large enough to accommodate groups. 

Instructors prefer teaching in groups rather than giving private classes.

Address: Cra 43D #10-84 Int. 201, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

4. Move Danza y Movimiento

Move Danza y Movimiento

More like a dance school, Move Danza y Movimiento (Academia Move) hosts dance lessons for all types of beginners and professionals. And among the classes for adults, twerking is the most popular. 

Each monthly class package comes with four sessions in groups. 

This dance studio is the most accessible spot among this guide’s twerk studios. There are various ways you can reach this place with different commute routes. 

The fastest is a thirty-minute commute from San Jose. Take the metro station at Universidad de Medellin and get off at La Palma – a total of ten stops. 

From La Palma, walk for about three minutes, and you’ll reach Academia Move. 

Aside from twerking, Academia Move offers salsa, yoga, and cheerleading. You can rent its space if you prefer private classes.

Room rentals are also available for special events. 

Address: Cra. 82 #30A 16, Medellín, Belén, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

5. Elements Dance

Elements Dance

Elements Dance Academy has a large room where they teach all classes. The prices are affordable, and this place can be a great start to your journey into the art of twerking.

Reaching this academy isn’t complicated. You’ll find it in the Perpetuo Socorro Creative District neighborhood of Medellín, two blocks from the Expositions metro station.

Elements Danza offers a variety of rhythms, such as:

  • Heels
  • Street dance
  • Urban dance
  • Reggaeton
  • Dance-hall
  • Breakdancing
  • Funky
  • Commercial Dance

Address: Cra. 50 #34-7, Medellín, La Candelaria, Medellín, Antioquia


6. Matiz Academia De Baile

Matiz Academia De Baile

Apart from twerk, Matiz offers Bachata, Salsa, Porro, Urbano, and much more classes.

To get to this place, you just need to take a bus or taxi that stops near the Pablo Toblón Uribe Hospital and walk a few steps.

The studio is very spacious, and the instructors make the classes fun.

If you find it difficult to go during the week, there’s no problem: the academy offers twerk classes on Saturday mornings.

Address: Cl. 80 #72-36, Medellin, Robledo, Medellin


7.  Fénix Academia de Técnicas Aéreas

Fénix Academia de Técnicas Aéreas

This academy specializes in aerial techniques but also offers classes for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of Twerking, Pole Dance, and Sexy Dance.

Anyone with or without previous dance experience can get involved and improve their skills at Fénix Academia. The instructors encourage everyone to get to know their bodies and enjoy them.

To get to this academy, you must go to the San Joaquín neighborhood, in the western center of the city, near 70th Avenue Boulevard.

You can take a bus along Calle 44 Avenida San Juan and get off at Carrera 75. Possible lines are Circular Sur, Belencito Corazón, or San Javier.

Address: Cra. 75 #43-50, Medellín, Laureles.


8.  Maria Prada Academia de Danza 

Maria Prada Academia de Danza

This academy has over 35 years of experience. Although twerking didn’t appear long ago, they have become experts on the subject.

The classes taught at María Prada Academia de Danza help connect women with their femininity and accept the sensuality that lies within each one of them.

The space offered by this academy is perfect for receiving a large number of students.

Apart from twerk, they also offer classes in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, and others.

It’s easy to get there by bus. You can take a route along Carrera 43A Avenida El Poblado, such as Poblado 135, and get off at Calle 3 Sur. The studio’s close to the Oviedo Shopping Center.

The rates of the place are affordable for all pockets. That can always be a good option when starting a twerking course.

Address: Cra. 41 #2 sur 1, Medellin, El Poblado


9. The Rhoom

The Rhoom

Every class at The Rhoom allows for ideal body handling while learning to twerk. The teachers convey confidence and get results.

Besides Twerking courses, The Room offers Dancehall, House, Hip Hop, and Breaking classes aimed at beginners and experienced people.

The atmosphere in this academy is friendly, and the breadth of the facilities makes the experience pleasant.

The Rhoom is close to Parque de Belén and Los Molinos Shopping Center. You can take a bus through Calle 30 or Carrera 80.

Address: Cra. 78A #29 – 59, Medellín, Belén, Medellín


10. Uniques Academy

Uniques Academy

At Uniques Academy, you can learn to develop your physical and psychological skills to express all your sensibilities through dance.

The instructors not only give twerk classes but also offer Break Dance, Street Jazz, Waacking, and Reggaeton classes. With ten years of experience, they offer classes for children, young people, and adults.

You can get there by taking a bus along Colombia Avenue and getting off at the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit.

And in case you’re interested in knowing the people who have learned at Uniques Academy, they have been part of national and international meetings and competitions!

Address: Cl. 44 #80-31 Second floor, Medellín, Laureles


11. Flexus Studio

Flexus Studio

And finally, Flexus Studio offers both online and onsite classes. It also hosts workshops for twerking basics and lessons for all types of dancers. 

Commuting to reach Flexus Studio will take you around twenty to thirty minutes. From San Antonio, take Metro B Station at San Javier and get off at Estadio Station, Floresta. It’s a fifteen-minute walk from Floresta to Flexus Studio.

Flexus Studio also has a strict rule on slots. You should reserve days before your intended date so the studio’s instructors can confirm your reservation.

Address: Cra. 79 # 44 a 20, Medellín, La América, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Try out Twerking Lessons and Unleash Your Inner Beast

Twerking will make you feel free and more confident about yourself. You’ll feel sexier and more beautiful!

Check out our top suggestions in this guide for the best twerk studios. Start reserving a slot, and unleash your wild side. 

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