Where to Get the Best Steak in Medellin

Short on time? You can get the best steak at Barbaro Cocina Primitiva.

Without question, Medellin is a paradise for meat-eaters. Carnivorous visitors to the city will have to pace themselves if they plan on taste-testing their way through the top steak joints in Medellin.

There are some special steaks on the menu at our top fine dining restaurants in Medellin. Carmen, Colosal, OCI.Mde, and La Provincia all have tantalizing cuts on the menu.

But, here we’ve gone with the undisputed champions of steak in Medellin. These are restaurants that put plenty of meat on a platter without too much pretension for anything other than the quality of the cut and the expertise of their grill master.

So, are you ready to jump in? This list is for meat lovers that take their steaks seriously. 

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

They’ve got a great grill at Barbaro Cocina Primitiva. With two venues, one in Poblado and the other in Laureles, this steak joint regularly outranks its peers in the annual restaurant rankings.

The spectacular spread of meaty options to throw on the restaurant’s expansive grill is the main attraction.

The tomahawk is a cut above. This is a kilo of bife de chorizo is served on the bone to share amongst friends. Mouthwatering indeed. The bill will make your eyes water too.

Other premium cuts include the Ribeye and the Porterhouse Angus. The burgers are brutal and both venues work equally well for a night out with the boys or a first date. 

Website: Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva Laureles Location: Carrera 76 #73b-39, Laureles, Medellin

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva Poblado Location: Cra. 37 #10A-23, El Poblado Medellín

Don Diablo Steakhouse

Don Diablo Steakhouse

Brought to you by the talented team behind two of our favorite restaurants in Medellin, Carmen, and Moshi, the third addition to the stable, Don Diablo is devilishly delicious.

The beef’s been grass-fed and cured for a ridiculously long time to make sure that the cuts are so tender you could slice them with a spoon.

There are some lovely little details like selecting your knife of preference and the garnishes battle with the main attraction for the attention of your tastebuds. The rib-eye that’s been cured for 45 days is a shoo-in for the best bit of meat you will have eaten for a very long time.

Website: Don Diablo Steakhouse

Address: Cra. 36 #10A-45 2nd floor, Poblado, Medellín

La Pampa

La Pampa

Leonel Messi’s compatriots know how to cook a cow and this Argentine grill has been number one for meat lovers in Medellin for years. 

With three restaurants in the city, their simple formula for succulent steaks has proven popular with Medellin’s meat-loving inhabitants.

The meat empanadas are a great way to start your meat fest, the tongue carpaccio and the artisanal morcilla followed by the main man, “Sir Loin”, the traditional Bife de Chorizo steak that has made Argentina so famous for its grilled meat.

The Provenza restaurant teams up with a Peruvian Nikkei restaurant to offer an alternative for less carnivorous diners.

Website: La Pampa

Poblado La Provenza: Cra. 33 #8A-11, Poblado Medellín

Las Palmas Location: Calle. 18 #35-69, Poblado, Medellín

Laureles Avenida Jardin Location: Cra. 75 #40-10, Laureles, Medellín



This high-end restaurant chain with two excellent eateries in Laureles and Poblado is designed with meat eaters in mind.

Served on griddles, the grilled meats available are spectacularly succulent and while some steak joints keep it simple with everything else, Voraz, takes its other commitments seriously too.

The cocktails are kickass, the staff is fantastic and the garnishes offer the kind of flourish that makes you realize how great it is to be able to eat out again.

Website: Vorazrestaurante.com.co

Voraz Laureles: Transversal 39B #74B-41

Voraz Poblado Location: Carrera 33 #8A-33



The steak is great at this Argentine griller in Manila and the charming al fresco eating setting sends this place into the Medellin restaurant stratosphere. You can’t beat a bit of meat, a glass of Malbec, and an opportunity to watch the world wander by.

The old house has the charm of yesteryear and the Bife de Chorizo is really just an excellent excuse to spend too long over lunch enjoying the Medellin weather. 

Website: Restaurante Malevo

Address: Calle 11A #43E-32, Barrio Manila (Poblado), Medellin

Take a Bite Out of the Best Steak in Medellin

There are some truly phenomenal steak restaurants in Medellin. Whether you chow down at Malevo or hit up a different one on the list, we’re confident you’ll love the food you find.

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