The Best Places for Breakfast in Bello

The Best Places for Breakfast in Bello

TLDR? If you’re visiting Bello, try many kinds of calentado, a typical Paisa, and Colombian breakfast or brunch!

Although Bello is a little mentioned town, it’s a place with many gastronomic attractions, from the traditional to the disruptive and different.

If you’re looking for a distinct environment to have brunch or breakfast near Medellín, Bello can be a great option.

Keep reading and learn about the best places in the far north of Medellin to have breakfast and have a unique flavor experience! 

La Cafeteca

La Cafeteca

La Cafeteca is near the Madera Metro station and, as the name suggests, specializes in this caffeinated drink.

If you prefer a light, soft breakfast with sweetness, you’ll find a variety of pastries that are perfect to accompany a coffee of Antioquian origin.

Although the place is small, it’s perfect for a small morning snack, and the prices are very affordable. Ask, and they’ll tell you about their preparation methods and coffee.

Address: Bello, Antioquia



Cocorollo is a restaurant located on the outskirts of Bello with traditional Colombian food.

Within the breakfast menu, there are different types of arepas with combinations of unique ingredients, as well as preparations of eggs in an omelet, pan eggs, scrambled eggs, or with a mixture such as bacon or ham.

The most typical breakfast is Calentado, a dish of preparations from the day before usually beans with meat, arepa, cheese, and eggs. It’s the complete breakfast or Colombian brunch!

For those who prefer to eat just a snack, this traditional restaurant has for breakfast or brunch:

  • Blood sausage
  • Meat Loaf
  • Empanadas
  • Chicken pie
  • Almojabana
  • Croissant

Likewise, the drinks are a variety of soft drinks, natural juices, coffees, and other hot preparations such as tea or chocolate.

The place’s a large, closed, and cozy lounge. They also have the most famous chicken pies in all of Medellin!

Address: Cl. 103 #6140, Copacabana, Vda. Curazao, Copacabana, Antioquia 

El Rancherito

El Rancherito

El Rancherito’s another typical restaurant with Colombian breakfasts on Bello’s outskirts.

This restaurant is well-known and noted for being a roadhouse with quality cuisine and the best traditional Colombian food.

El Rancherito is ideal for having breakfast or brunch since they open from 6:30 in the morning.

The place has a traditional and paisa atmosphere that evokes the kitchens of grandmothers for its furniture with wood finishes.

In addition, all the green area surrounding the place builds a tranquil environment for enjoying the food.

Here are some options from their menu:

  • Eggs in saucepan
  • Mexican calentado
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Calentado tradicional
  • Calentado montanero

Additionally, you can supply any craving with the following options:

  • Arepas with different accompaniments
  • Fritters
  • Almojábanas
  • Empanadas

Address: Km 14 vía a Girardota, Via Vda el Noral, Copacabana, Antioquia 

Panaderia Ricuras de Cabañas

Panaderia Ricuras de Cabañas

Medellín has a particularity: a series of 24h bakeries on corners.

These bakeries stand out for the eccentricity of the illuminated signs and rotating bread, pies, and cake cabinets.

Ricuras de Cabañas is one of these iconic traditional bakeries that offer bread with cheese, empanadas, sweet bread with grated coconut, bread with guava candy, arequipe, and bread with ham.

In addition, this place also offers simple breakfasts such as eggs of choice (scrambled, with tomatoes and onions, ranch eggs, etc.) with arepa and cheese.

Address: a 27b-50 Carrera 55, 27b-2, Bello, Antioquia 

Tostao Café

Tostao Café

Tostao is a Starbucks-type cafe that operates only in Colombia and stands out for selling bakery and coffee products at very affordable prices.

In Bello, there is more than one Tostao near the central park and one inside Puerta del Norte Shopping Center.

At Tostao, you can go for breakfast, brunch, or a snack in the afternoon. It’s ideal for a cheap and good quality meal.

Among the options that I prefer for breakfast in Tostao are egg or ham sandwiches, some cheese sticks, or salty cake to accompany any preparation of coffee, either hot or cold, depending on the weather.

A more elaborate sandwich’s perfect for brunch, such as a chicken or pork tenderloin sandwich with a cold drink.

Address: Carrera 49 # 45 – 10, Oficinas 211 – 212, Bello, Antioquia 

Have a Breakfast or Brunch in Bello

Bello is a town 20 minutes from Medellin by Metro, which offers tons of activities to do and a wide range of places with typical cuisine perfect for having breakfast or brunch.

Take a getaway to this municipality in the north of the city, and enjoy a good morning meal that gives you the energy to enjoy another activity in the town. How about paragliding? Cheer up!

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