Best Studios To Get Professional Photography Done In Medellin

TLDR? There are some excellent photography studios around Medellin where you can get a professional headshot!

Depending on your profession, there’s always a chance that you might need to source some good head shots for your next hustle. In Medellin, whether you’re a permanent resident or just a visitor, this might be true.

There’s still something about professional equipment that can achieve certain effects. Even though we all have little photo studios in our pockets these days.

Of course, even if it’s not for professional productions, sometimes you just need some high-quality photographs of yourself for personal reasons. It could be for a number of things, whether that’s to commemorate a special occasion or to get ready to tie the knot.

Here’s a collection of places that I’ve found in Medellin that offer world-class professional photography services.

La Victoria Estudio

La Victoria Estudio

La Victoria Estudio lies in the heart of the Poblado area, which positions it well. This is because much of Medellin’s artistic and creative communities tend to gravitate towards this posh region.

The studio’s interior design mirrors this contemporary attitude. Its main purpose is to serve some of the artistic creative communities that are churning out some great stuff in the Poblado area.

One of the main features of the studio is that it’s built into an old industrial space. Because of the space’s enormous windows, the studio has fantastic natural lighting. This is a fact that they advertise heavily on their website.

The studio also has some fun amenities that make it comfortable to hang out in. This is helpful just in case there’s a bit of a line before your shoot, or you have some time to kill. Some of these amenities include a ping pong table and a place to buy refreshments.

All in all, it’s a very well-designed space that effortlessly combines a classy and casual atmosphere with a staff that understands the needs of their clientele.

It’s a group of people looking for something contemporary and sleek in the productions they’re setting up. And, given that it’s in the heart of central Poblado, the location couldn’t be more convenient. Highly recommended!

Address: Cl 10 # 43A – 30, Medellín, El Poblado, Antioquia, Colombia


El Sotano Studio

El Sotano Studio is another top choice for the Poblado area, lying in the further reaches of the neighborhood. It’s a neat little zone that lies tangled up in the mountainous heights that the area can reach.

El Sotano isn’t too far up though, and is close to a few other attractions in that area, including Balance Wellness. It’s also quite close to Energy Living, one of my favorite buildings in Medellin.

El Sotano is a very professional space with a lot of world-class equipment similar to the kinds of stuff you might find in LA or NYC. From what I gathered during my visit, it seems like El Sotano serves many clientele producing material for magazines and fashion photography.

So, if that’s a world you’re involved in, you might want to keep this place on your radar. One neat feature about El Sotano is that it functions via personal appointments you make with the creative director. The space prides itself on being able to set up a shoot 24 hours a day.

This means that you’ll almost certainly find a block of time that works for you!

Address: Tv. Inferior #8b25, Medellín, El Poblado, Antioquia, Colombia

Londonqphotos The Studio

Londonqphotos The Studio

Need the right headshot to jump-start your budding acting career? Well, you’re in luck with this next listing. Londonqphotos is a studio in upper Poblado that specializes in high-quality portraiture photography. This means you can get some dashing images of yourself for whatever you might need such images for!

The studio is just down the street from El Sotano, across from the aforementioned Balance Aesthetic and Energy Living. This makes it centrally located in terms of convenience.

The studio is very professional and features reasonable rates, so I would consider it a great option if you just need some personal photos taken. This is especially true if you aren’t working in tandem with some kind of big production or something.

Of course, you could always knock out a few different projects due to its proximity to El Sotano Studio and the other Poblado options on this list. You could tackle some of the various stripes in just a day or two by booking multiple appointments with different studios.

Address: Calle 10 c # 29 c 26, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Artifixio Studio

This one’s a little bit off the beaten path, in a neighborhood that hasn’t been covered too heavily by the blog. This neighborhood is called Campo Amor, which could be a place that warrants hidden gem status for the city and warrant some more investigation.

Artifixio is a great and comfortable studio that provides professional photography services up to the standards of the others on this list. But, it will require a bit of travel to get to the location if you’re based out of Laureles or other central Medellin areas.

The studio has a nice waiting area with a few couches and magazines to read and get inspired from. You can sit back and prepare for whatever shoot you might have cooking while you’re there.

One cool thing to keep in mind about Artifixio is that it’s run by a woman-led team of creatives. This is a nice touch since this can be a bit of a rarity not only in Medellin but in the art world in general.

Artifixio is actually in fairly close proximity to the Poblado area. But, getting to it involves crossing a few major thoroughfares, so I would recommend hopping in a rideshare or cab to get there at the end of the day.

Address: Cra. 56 #1A-26, Guayabal, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Whatsapp: +573044626424

Picture Perfect In the City of Eternal Spring

Medellin is quickly turning into one of the arts and commerce centers of Latin America. Following this, one can probably expect more spaces like this to be popping up in the city in the future.

As more digital nomads flock to the city, there’s sure to be a larger group of people looking to get acquainted with these kinds of places.

They’re the spots that can provide them with the kinds of services that they’re used to back home.

Bringing things back to the here and now, the above list is a comprehensive set of venues for professional photography in Medellin.

They should be able to satisfy the needs of most productions and individuals!

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