Peru Meets Poblado: The Best Peruvian Restaurants in Medellin

TLDR? Tal Cual is one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Medellin.

Peru is famous for its ancient and unique culture and architecture. But, it’s also a country that’s got some pretty tasty meals. 

Now, while there are plenty of Peruvian restaurants around the city, there are only a couple that made the cut for the best Peruvian restaurants in Medellin. 

I’ve done the research and put together a comprehensive guide to some of the top Peruvian meals in the city. Here’s where to go and what to know!

1.Tal Cual Restaurant

Tal Cual Restaurant

Although there are tons of great places that you can go to for Peruvian food in Medellin, I’ve got to put Tal Cual at the top of the list. 

Tal Cual has such a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a classy British pub. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

Even though the restaurant features Peruvian meals, the decor is decidedly European. I actually like the mix as I think it gives the restaurant a bit of personality. 

There are tons of options on the menu and the meals here are big. I’d recommend sharing something with a friend (or that special someone you recently met).

My personal favorite was the kebabs. They come out in a tasty trio of lomo, shrimp, and cubes of cheese and veggies. Delicious! 


Address: Calle 12 No. 43D-12, Medellín, Antioquia.

 2. UROS in Manila

UROS in Manila

Another Manila favorite is UROS. 

The staff here are all from Peru, which to me makes it feel that much more authentic. They’re very proud of their food, however, so be sure to give them some compliments!

The food here is super typical. You’ll find all kinds of classics like Chicha Morada and a tasty coastal ceviche. 

In terms of the main dish, it’s hard to pick. I’d recommend going for the seafood trio. 

You’ll get two types of ceviche as well as fish chicharrón (sort of like popcorn fish) that are all well-worth trying. 

There are other options too, but I like the seafood platter because you get to try a couple of different dishes. 


Address: Cl. 13 #43D – 49, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín

3. Kuélap


Kuelap has quite a few different dishes on the menu, all of which are pretty unique. For instance, you’ll find rice dipped in squid ink, which is definitely an interesting pick!

If you don’t feel like being quite that adventurous, I’d recommend going for a Jalea de Mariscos. This is delicious, crusted and fried fish paired with fresh salad. 

Now, while Peruvians aren’t huge on spicy food, they’ve got some spicy peppers and sauces that you can top your food with. 

Warning: proceed with caution. Their sauces can get super spicy if you’re not careful. 


4. Puro Perú

Puro Perú

The reason I like Puro Peru is that it’s not as upscale as some of the Lleras and Provenza restaurants. 

This restaurant has a humble exterior, but a stylish interior that will make you feel right at home. They’ve also been in business for over ten years, so you know that it’s got good food. 

Most of the menu items are seafood. That actually makes sense when you consider that about 50% of Peru is located along the coast!

Vegetarians and vegans won’t have a problem eating out here, either, since there are plenty of veggie options on the menu. 

I personally like eating shareables, so I’d say you should go for the Piqueo Mar y Tierra. This is a mix of both seafood and beef dishes that are typical of Peru. 

It’s perfect for sharing with a hot date, and you can pair it with a pisco sour or two as well!


Address: Calle 10 #32-22, El Poblado, Medellín.

5. Cuzco Cocina Peruana

Cuzco Cocina Peruana

If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience, you might want to check out Cuzco Cocina Peruana. 

This place has a friendly atmosphere that’s perfect for enjoying a cocktail at the bar on a Friday night. However, the meals are great too, making it worth going there just to sit down and eat some good grub. 

Cuzco Cocina Peruana specializes in, you guessed it, Peruvian-type flavors. However, like many of the other Peruvian restaurants around Medellin, they mix those with exquisite Nikkei fusions.

Now, when I personally first heard of mixing Japanese and Peruvian food I thought the idea sounded nuts. 

But, don’t knock it til you try it, since the meals are actually pretty great!

My personal favorite menu item here is the shrimp pasta. However, my partner swears by the grilled octopus. 

Try either one or go for something entirely new!


Address: Carrera 25 #1a sur 45-Local 1346, El Tesoro ,El Poblado, Medellín.

6. Rocoto


This restaurant is located right near some of the top fine dining restaurants in Medellin, so it’s no surprise that this place is good. 

Rocoto is another gorgeously designed restaurant, with plenty of greenery to make you feel at ease while you eat. 

In terms of the menu, they’ve got pretty much everything. There’s a great vegetarian ceviche on the menu followed by a hearty Peruvian pasta. 

For those who come hungry (ie me) be sure to check out the appetizers. I’d recommend the albóndigas acevichadas. They’re superb and they’re a great, authentic Peruvian dish for anyone really wanting to try the tastes of one of Colombia’s neighbors. 

I’m usually the type to skip dessert, but at Rocoto, try to save room for the Spring Rolls. They’re stuffed with Nutella and adorned with edible flowers. Yum!


Address: Carrera. 33 #8A – 14, El Poblado, Medellín

7. La Causa

La Causa

One of the best Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisines in the city, La Causa makes some pretty incredible meals. 

What’s cool about this Poblado place is that everything on the menu features a mix of Asian and Peruvian flavors. 

For example, they’ve got a delicious dish called the Arroz Ayaka. The dish looks like it’s straight from Japan, but it actually features a cut of Peruvian beef in it. 

The dish is made of mozzarella and parmesan cheese, cilantro, and a tower of rice tinted with squid ink. If that’s not unique I don’t know what is!

For the less adventurous eaters, there are plenty of other, more tame options on the menu. For instance, you can try their pollo saltado, which is chicken in a thick, salty brown sauce. 


Address: Carrera. 33 #8A – 41, El Poblado, Medellín.

8.  Panka


Last but not least is Panka, a neat little place with a super elegant vibe. The area has classy, wicker furniture and tons of hanging plants that make you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest. 

In fact, it’s so elegant that it’s a pretty good place to go on a date!

Of course, what you’re really there for is the food. 

Panka has a ton of different meals, although their specialty dish is the Nikkei and the seafood grill. This tasty dish is a mixture of authentic Asian flavors combined with the Peruvian culture. 

Another dish that I’d recommend trying is the Cogollos de Lomo. This dish is thick cuts of beef topped with crispy bacon, cheese, sauteed lettuce hearts, and carrot glaze. 

Panka also has some pretty quirky cocktails. If you like sipping on pisco sours or enjoy branching out in cocktail land, you should definitely check out this restaurant. 

IG: @pankarestaurante/  

Address: Barrio Provenza, Cl. 7 #33-4, Medellín, El Poblado

Enjoy a Meal at One of these Classic Peruvian Restaurants in Medellín

While you should definitely try out local cuisine while in Medellin, it’s also worth trying some Peruvian meals. 

The city knows how to cook this kind of food. And hey! Peru is Colombia’s neighbor, after all!

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