The Best Bars to Meet Someone in Medellin

Bars to Meet Someone in Medellin

TLDR? One of the best bars to meet someone in Medellin is El Social 1969!

There are some very good reasons that a lot of digital nomads choose Medellin as the place to locate themselves.

Sure the high-speed wifi, great co-working spaces, and wonderful weather score highly but, everybody knows there’s one reason that trumps everything else – the locals are stunningly beautiful.

The men and women from Medellin aren’t just blessed with some wonderful genetics. The paisas are smart, business-savvy, and friendly to boot. Who wouldn’t want to put an end to social distancing with someone from Medellin?

That said, they can be a tribal bunch and their network of friends is important, so if you want to ingratiate yourself to a girl or guy from Medellin you’re going to need to win over their friends first. 

That’s where this guide comes in. We’re giving you the inside track on the best bars to catch people at their most approachable. The best bars for meeting people in Medellin are found in the Poblado and Laureles neighborhoods. 

Pro Tips for Meeting Someone in Medellin

Pro Tips for Meeting Someone in Medellin

Top tip, and we really shouldn’t need to be saying this, but the locals place a lot of importance on first appearances.

Getting your nails done (guys and girls) and having some grooming done before heading out is going to increase your chances of getting to first base.

If you need some tips on that check out our guide to grooming in Medellin. The bars on this list are not by any means Medellin’s most pick-up joints, mega nightclubs, or notorious swingers hangouts, they’re more places to hang out to meet someone you might want to take home to meet your mum. 

In the interests of full disclosure, we’re being very heterosexual here but we’re not discriminating we’ve created a separate LGBTi guide to nightlife for guys that want to increase their chance of meeting other guys or girls looking to meet girls, etc.

That doesn’t mean that if you’re gay these places are a dead end, there’s plenty of pansexual mingling going on in Medellin these days.

Now, onto the good stuff: the best bars for meeting someone in Medellin!

El Social 1969 

El Social 1969

This trendy bar in Provenza hasn’t always been the hippest bar in Medellin.

It started life as a humble corner shop and morphed over the years into one of the first stops on any night out in Medellin.

The laid-back and local vibe makes it a popular hangout for early evening orientation fueled by the local firewater, aguardiente.

Nearly all the action takes place outside, with the bar occupying the adjacent street so you can get a glimpse of the crowd before you commit. There’s a second, smaller version on the other side of Calle 10. 

Why This Bar Is Great

Wonderfully unpretentious so you get people when they are relaxed. There’s plenty of guaro (aguardiente) sharing going on which is a great moment to break the ice with your “¿Que es eso?” dumb gringo move.

IG: @ElSocial1969

El Social Tienda Mixta #1: Cra. 35 #8A-8, Poblado, Medellín

El Social Tienda Mixta #2: Cra. 36 ##10a-71, Poblado, Medellín

La Deriva

La Deriva

There’s plenty of posing potential on the L-shaped roof of the Click Clack hotel.

A lively and perfectly pruned crowd makes Click Clack’s La Deriva rooftop bar, a fun place to pass an afternoon or linger longer than you probably should in your bikini.

Unlike most rooftops, people aren’t there for the view. It’s right in front of you. The talented deck technicians keep the groove going into the early hours at weekends.

The rooftop is regularly rented out for some of the hottest happenings in the city so you may need to slip the doorman a Gabo (COP$50,000) to blag your way in.

If you love a rooftop bar (who doesn’t) then you should also check our guide to the best rooftop bars in Medellin  

Why This Bar Is Great

Plenty of aspirational locals that love to hang out to meet gringos. Also if you don’t speak the lingo the crowd here is pretty bilingual. 

IG: @ClickClackHotel

Address: Calle 10B #37-29, Poblado, Medellin

Vintrash Bar

Vintrash Bar

A hipster hangout in Provenza that’s a riot of color, upcycling, and personalities who don’t care. Diversity matters in this kitsch hangout for open-minded paisas that want to meet people from all walks of life.

The playlist moves around from Latino hits to indie and electronic music – and their restaurant downstairs gets good reviews.

Stylish but with its tongue firmly in its cheek, the crowd here’s most definitely up for having fun. Plus, they host language exchanges here from time to time. Talk about a fun time!

Why This Bar Is Great

There’s nothing stuck up about this place at all. Good vibes only.

IG: @Vintrash

Address: Carrera 35 #8A-39, Poblado, Medellin

La Cruda

La Cruda

Medellin’s beau monde used to come here for the food and stay late into the night in the cutesy nightclub downstairs.

As the place has become more popular with pretty patrons, the food has fallen down the list of priorities.

Now on its third reincarnation as La Cruda, the patio of this popular bar from the same stable as Burdo, Egeo, Botanica, Belisario, and Alberta Tastehouse, is the place to be seen on an evening in Medellin.

Get there early or book to get a spot on the patio, perfect for some intra-table fun and frolics.

Why This Bar Is Great

The patio is the place to be on weekends and it gets packed with a cool crowd that likes to party hard.

IG: @LaCruda

Address: Cra. 35 #8a-125 Poblado, Medellin

Panorama Rooftop Bar

Panorama Rooftop Bar

This staple of Medellin’s lively nightlife is a rooftop bar without a panoramic view but both venues have a good vibe, great foliage, and pull in a friendly crowd that likes a top-notch gin & tonic.

Enclosed perfectly with some wonderful wildlife and beautifully decorated inside, the cozy ambiance is made for politely joining another table’s conversation.

So pull your chair a little closer and get another round of cocktails lined up, you’re up. Of the two, the Provenza version is better at night but the Laureles version is great for catching some rays in the afternoon.

If you love a rooftop bar (who doesn’t) then you should also check our guide to the best rooftop bars in Medellin.

Why This Bar Is Great

There’s something in the name. There may not be a view of the city but everything on display is top-notch. It’s a top-tier venue with a carefully curated crowd. 

IG: Panorama Rooftop Bar 

Poblado Location: Cl. 8 #34-33, Poblado, Medellín

Laureles Location: Carrera 73 con circular 3-8

Spend Some Time in the Best Bars to Meet Someone in Medellin

There are some great places to meet people around the city if you know where to look. With this list, you should have no problem finding a new boo or some new friends!

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