Self-Care, Massage, And Quality Dental Work At Balance Aesthetic

TLDR? If you need some dental work or a massage, head over to Balance Aesthetic!

You can’t hit the town running unless you’re feeling up for it. And the best way to ensure that you will is to treat your body and mind to some self-care indulgences from time to time!

Medellin is well known for its surplus of medical technology centers, self-care venues, and medical tourism destinations. So there’s a lot to choose from if you’re looking for somewhere to treat yourself.

One of the most notable locations to get yourself pampered in the Poblado area is the jack-of-all-trades wellness center known as Balance Aesthetic.

Here’s a quick low-down on Balance Wellness and some of the services you can expect to receive if you decide to take a visit.

Getting To Balance Wellness

Getting To Balance Wellness

Balance wellness is conveniently located close to the center of the Poblado region. This positions it as well as several of Casacol’s flagship properties.

It’s right around the corner from one of the most iconic buildings in Medellin, the luxury hotel known as Energy Living.

It is very centrally located, especially if you’re staying in the Poblado area. However, Aesthetic is located on the slope of one of Poblado’s many hills. So, if you’re planning on walking, just be prepared to tackle some incline and perhaps work up a little bit of a sweat.

Once you’re in the vicinity of the building, it’s quite simple to spot. It is a very distinctive-looking building that’s surrounded by mostly domestic units. And there you go, Balance Wellness is written in large letters on its side.

If you forgo the walk and take public transportation, the closest metro stop to Balance Wellness is the Poblado stop on the A-line.

A Wide Variety of Services Offered

A Wide Variety of Services Offered

Balance Wellness offers a wide variety of services. These range from relaxing massage bodywork to more serious dermatological and orthodontic procedures.

The variety in the number of procedures you can procure from the venue means that it’s quite easy to pop in. You can then take care of a few different tasks that you might be looking for.

The services that you can receive at Balance Wellness include:

  • Massage of a variety of kinds, including herbal enhanced deep tissue and micro-fascial
  • Basic dental work
  • More complex dental operations such as getting your wisdom teeth removed
  • Complex dermatological procedures for beautification, such as micro dermal abrasion
  • Laser treatments and things like botox injections
  • And much more!

Given the breadth of the number of procedures you could move forward with at Balance Aesthetic, there’s an equally wide range of prices that things could run you. It all depends on what you decide to purchase.

Quality Operations for A Bargain

Quality Operations for A Bargain

Overall, the prices are extremely reasonable, especially in comparison to what you would shell out for similar things in the US.

The fact that you can receive similar treatment for a fraction of the cost in other more expensive countries is one of the reasons that Medellin, and Colombia in general, are becoming destinations for people seeking a variety of wellness treatments.

For my part, I didn’t need much, so just bopped in for a quick massage and a dental cleaning. These were both things I got at a discount for owning the illustrious Casacol VIP Black Card.

First up was the massage. I was led by the very charming receptionist to a shower area where I washed off to be polite to the masseuse. I was then offered a pair of trousers which I put on and then proceeded to the massage room.

The masseuse was extremely professional and led me to the table. She then gave me a lengthy, thorough massage to provoke a relaxed state.

Despite the massage’s affordability, I felt like I was given VIP treatment, and the masseuse spared no muscle of mine in their quest to get me to relax. I can report it was quite effective, as, after the massage, I indeed felt like I could just doze off into a relaxed slumber.

The Dental Experience

The Dental Experience

To many Americans, the idea of getting discount dental work is enough to raise some hackles. Many assume that if the work is so cheap, then there must be something wrong with it.

I’m quite happy to report that, at least in regards to the basic cleaning experience, my time at Balance Aesthetic made me feel like the dental work was at least on par with the care I would receive at home. And all for a fraction of the price.

The dentist, Jaime, was an extremely jovial individual who chatted me up while I took the chair. That being said, it was a bit of a one-sided conversation.

This is because I had several dental instruments in my mouth and couldn’t quite say anything very intelligibly. But still! He was a nice guy.

The cleaning experience was identical to the kind of cleaning that one would receive in an American dental office. Jaime also offered to give me a referral to his orthodontic surgeon to remove an errant wisdom tooth that I have neglected to remove for many years. Don’t judge me!

In some cases, the professionals at a place like Balance Aesthetic can be even more effective than places in the US. This is simply because of the extremely high volume of patients they treat.

As Jaime put it, the orthodontic surgeon he wanted to refer me to did one thing all day, every day: remove people’s wisdom teeth.

Overall I felt like the experience was extremely satisfactory and very professional. And it felt all the better because I wasn’t paying an arm and a leg for treatment.

Taking Care of Yourself in The City of Eternal Spring

The people of Medellin like to look good, feel good, be good, and also look good. Did I say that more than once?

Given that, it makes all the sense in the world that there would be a plethora of wellness centers. They offer their constituents high-quality beautification care at prices that are often lower than at home.

I would place Balance Aesthetic among the top contenders. And I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if you’re looking for affordable, high-quality care.

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