The Best Places in Medellin for a Bachelor Party


No time to read? Medellin has great bachelor party ideas for the average explorer including both daytime and nighttime adventures!

Are you getting ready to tie the knot? Will you be celebrating your big day by traveling abroad for a destination wedding?

Well, if you’re one of the lucky few planning to hold a destination wedding in Medellin, you’ll need to find a good place to throw a rocking bachelor party. 

Luckily, there are some pretty fantastic places. Let’s check out some of the top spots for a bachelorette or bachelor party in Medellin!

Daytime Bachelor Party Ideas 

Although we typically think of bachelor parties taking place at night, that’s not at all the only way to have a bachelor party. You can also try fun, daytime experiences that get everyone involved in the fun!

1. Take a Beer and Tejo Tour

Take a Beer and Tejo Tour

This tour isn’t just great for bachelor parties. It’s also a great idea for anyone who’s exploring Medellin and wants to experience some unique culture!

Medellin’s beer scene is pretty well-rounded, with tons of microbreweries cropping up around the city. You can taste some truly unique drinks all while enjoying Medellin’s bar scene. 

On the beer and tejo tour, you won’t just get a chance to check out some of the best breweries in the city. You’ll also get the opportunity to try your hand at a classic Colombian pub game – tejo. 

The tour lasts four hours and takes you to four different bars in the city. At each one, you’ll be treated to a glass of beer. 

Another great thing about this tour is that it doesn’t just fill you up with alcohol. You’ll also get to try some delicious Colombian food in the form of a picada. This is essentially a platter of meat, sausage, potatoes, and yuca that you can pick at as you sip on your beer. 

2. Explore Comuna 13 in a Chiva Rumbera

Explore Comuna 13 in a Chiva Rumbera

Anyone who’s spent a bit of time in Medellin has probably spotted a Chiva party bus making the rounds from time to time. 

These brightly colored buses are usually packed full of passengers and blasting boppy music as they peruse the city. 

Now, while most people who rent these buses are planning on lighting up the night, that’s not the only type of Chiva bus you can enjoy! You can also go on a Chiva party bus during the daytime!

These buses offer tours of the city as well as tours of Comuna 13. They can be a fun, upbeat way to explore Medellin and get the party started. 

Chiva party bus tours usually last four hours and feature a tour guide who speaks both English and Spanish. In between stops in the city you can boogie down on the bus’s dance floor and jam out to your favorite tunes. 

3. Rent a Party Boat in Guatape

Rent a Party Boat in Guatape

Even though there are tons of fun things to do in the city, it’s not a bad idea to escape Medellin for a weekend as part of your bachelor party. After all, this is the time to go big or go home!

There are tons of reasons why this is a great choice for your bachelor or bachelorette party. For one thing, these boat parties offer hotel pick-up so that you don’t have to arrange transportation out to Guatape. 

From there, you’ll have your pick of a pontoon or speed boat. The boats are, of course, laden with alcohol. 

The tours last about 2 hours although you can negotiate longer trips if you’d like. Aboard your vessel, you’ll enjoy personal butler service and stunning views of the lake marked by your very own sound system. 

This truly is a great way to get the party started and celebrate your final days of freedom in style!

4. Spend the Day at Parque Norte

Spend the Day at Parque Norte

There really is nothing as magical as a day at an amusement park. And, while there are several scattered around Medellin, none beats Parque Norte for a bachelor party. 


Well, for one thing, this theme park is located right in the center of town. That makes it super convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to venture far away just to enjoy waterslides and amusement rides. 

Parque Norte is open year-round which is one of the reasons it makes such a great place to celebrate your last days of freedom. Regardless of what season you’re visiting Medellin in, you’ll be able to enjoy the park. 

The park has a number of different rides, too. You can enjoy checking out water slides, bumper cars, and a sweet train that takes you around the park. 

If you plan on going to Parque Norte, you don’t have to ride any of the amusements, either. You can also pay just to get into the park and stroll around. 

That makes it ideal for anyone who’s nervous about going on rides but still wants to support you on your big day!

5. Try Out Some Trampoline Parks 

Try Out Some Trampoline Parks

If your idea of a good time is being a kid again, I’m right there with you. One great way to celebrate your final days as a singleton is to check out a trampoline park

Now, although many people will tell you that trampolines are for kids, that’s exactly what I love about this activity!

You can get silly, let loose, and have fun jumping on the trampolines. There are a couple of different trampoline parks around Medellin, and each of them has rooms that you can rent out for your party. 

There are also fun obstacle courses in the trampoline zones that you can enjoy. It’s a lot harder than you’d think, even with the extra power that the trampoline gives you!

6. Go on a Winery Tour 

Go on a Winery Tour

There’s nothing quite as classy as spending the day wandering through a vineyard with your besties. 

On this tour, you’ll get a chance to stroll through the grounds of a nearby winery in a sweet little town located just outside of Medellin. You’ll get a chance to taste some delectable wines from Antioquia as well as learn how wine is made. 

The tour has tons of additional inclusions and perks, which is what makes it such a great choice for a bachelorette. You’ll start with pick up from your hotel and then make the short, 45-minute journey out of the city. 

Once you arrive, you’ll have the chance to stroll through the winery and learn about the history of the vineyard. You’ll also learn how the wines are made before enjoying a tasting of some of the vineyard’s best wines. 

Afterward, you can enjoy the pool and jacuzzi in the winery. If you want, you and your gang can stay overnight at the winery. Otherwise, you’ll venture back to Medellin to finish out the day.

Bachelor Party Ideas for Night Owls

While there’s truly an endless list of party ideas you can plan during the day, it’s at nighttime when most people start to really get into the spirit of the bachelor party. 

If your idea of fun looks more like dancing the night away than taking tours, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best bachelor party ideas for night owls.

1. Pump Up the Party With Chiva Rumbera Rentals

Pump Up the Party With Chiva Rumbera Rentals

If you loved the idea of the Chiva rumbera but want to take things to the next level, you can expand your horizons with a nighttime tour. 

Nighttime Chiva rumberas are a great choice for anyone who really wants to get the party started and enjoy some time on the town!

Typically for nighttime tours, you’ll need to rent out the entire bus. However, you can actually bring along up to 50 people all for a flat rate. That makes it a pretty affordable deal!

The Chiva buses are BYOB so you can bring along whatever you need to make your time great. And, you can schedule stops at bars or photo ops around town so that you and your besties can make the most of your experience. 

2. Enjoy Dinner and a Movie

Enjoy Dinner and a Movie

If you want a quieter type of bachelor party, you might want to consider grabbing dinner and going to a movie. 

Don’t think that means you’re confined to your run-of-the-mill theater, however!

Medellin is home to quite a few unique theaters, including the outdoor theater at Parque de Deseos. If you check out this outdoor theater, you won’t be able to pick the movie, however. Movies shown range from things like the Lorax to new releases in the International Film Festival.

Aside from this movie spot, you can also check out Cine Colombia or some of the other better-known theaters. We recommend you check out the Dynamix 4D theater, where you’ll be immersed in a sensory experience. There’s one of these rooms right here in El Poblado

You can also check out the private VIP rooms at Cinepolis. The private VIP rooms are a great way to experience the cinema in style. 

3. Go on the City’s Best Bar Crawls

Go on the City’s Best Bar Crawls

There are plenty of bar crawls around Medellin, making them a no-brainer for anyone planning a bachelor party. 

Most of the bar crawls take place in the popular Poblado neighborhood. That’s largely due to the fact that the best bars seem to be centered in this corner of town. 

One of the more popular bar crawls is the Pub Crawl Paisa. This pub crawl takes you to a number of different bars, each with its own unique vibe. You’ll get drink specials and free entry to the bars and clubs on the crawl.

Another favorite pub crawl to check out is to go on a rooftop bar crawl. The rooftop bar crawl takes you around the best rooftop bars in the city, giving you great drinks, vibes, and views all in one!

You can also do a DIY bar crawl. Just find out your favorite bars and go bar hopping with your bachelor bros!

4. Host a Video Game Night

Host a Video Game Night

If you’re a gamer and are wanting something that speaks to your heart, there are some great places around town where you can throw an awesome video game party. 

Probably the best spot in town for gamers to check out is Game Over. This restaurant and bar combo has everything that a gamer could wish for, including incredible video game-themed meals. 

Aside from the great grub, you’ll also find fun decorations. The decor you’ll see features retro game ads, Star Wars paraphernalia, and other nerdy decorations that will bring out your inner geek.

After you’re done eating some of the pub food and grabbing a beer or two, you can head over to the arcade portion of the bar. There you’ll be able to play classic arcade games such as air hockey and Pacman!

Except on Sundays, the bar is open well into the night. That makes it a great place for you to start your party and enjoy celebrating your final days as a singleton.

5. Join in a Pole Dancing Class

Join in a Pole Dancing Class

This one is probably best left to bachelorette parties but is still a great choice for anyone wanting a fun way to say goodbye to their singleness. 

There are tons of pole dance studios around Medellin where you can learn to crank up the sexy and have some fun. 

Better yet, many of these pole dance studios actually offer private classes and event space rentals. You can treat yourself and your girl gang to a night of learning to pole dance without having to share the floor with anyone else. 

There are also additional types of classes at these studios. Many of them also offer salsa dance classes, aerial silks, and other activities for you to participate in. 

Classes usually last just one hour, so this will be a shorter bachelorette. Still, they’re a great way to get everyone involved in the fun and to try something a little quirky for your final days as a single lady. 

6. Check Out the City’s Best Nightclubs

Check Out the City’s Best Nightclubs

A classic bachelor party plan is to go to a nightclub. Luckily, Medellin is home to some fantastic nightclubs and late-night bars.

You can book nightclub crawl tours if you want to go with a guide. Or, you can simply take matters into your own hands and explore some of the city’s nightlife!

Most nightclubs close somewhere between 2:00 am and 5:00 am. That means that you can keep the party going well into the wee hours of the morning!

You should note that many nightclubs require you to purchase a bottle of liquor if you want to sit at a table. Still, that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re hosting a bachelor party!

Throw a Bachelor Party You’ll Never Forget

Medellin is full of places that will provide you with a night to remember. Regardless of whether you opt for a low-key event or you want something a bit larger scale, there’s something for everyone.

Pick from these fun bachelor party destinations and enjoy a night on the town that you won’t soon forget.

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