All the Best Places to Eat in Caucasia

All the Best Places to Eat in Caucasia

TLDR? El Exito is one of your best options for breakfast in Caucasia.

In this beautiful country, you can find food on every corner.

Still, if you plan on traveling to Caucasia, you need to know where you can find the best food.

Despite being a fishing town where the seafood is the most common gastronomic offer, Caucasia has different types of restaurants to satisfy locals and tourists.

Come with me, and I’ll show you the best places to eat in Caucasia!

Where to Have Breakfast

You’ll find different options for breakfast, restaurants that serve varied food at any time of the day, and even take-out. Here are two of the best options to have breakfast in Caucasia.

El Exito

El Exito

If you want to go to a known place, that’s the El Éxito store. You must have seen it in Medellin or elsewhere in Colombia.

Their facilities are standard, so you know you can find a variety of things for breakfast that aren’t necessarily going to a restaurant.

This is an option if you need something quick to eat when your itinerary is tight and you have scheduled activities in the town and its surroundings.

However, you can also have a delicious breakfast in one of the places inside the warehouse.

Address: Éxito Caucasia, Barrio La Ye, Cra. 20 #28-12, Caucasia, Antioquia

Parador La Suegra

Parador La Suegra

Parador La Suegra is a classic place to stop and have a Colombian breakfast as it should be.

You can have the typical arepita from Antioquia with a good coffee or chocolate and enjoy its cheese.

In Colombia, you’ll find a breakfast dish known as fritanga. For some people, even natives, it may be too much to be the first meal of the day; but it’s a good option if you have a day full of activities ahead.

Parador is a simple place where you can have a quiet and rich breakfast.

Address: Cl. 30 #22-115 a 22-11, Caucasia, Antioquia

Where to Have a Lunch

When you travel, lunch’s one of the most anticipated meals to recharge and continue with your schedule.

You have different options for lunch in Caucasia, but one restaurant stands out!

Brisas Restaurant

Brisas Restaurant

Brisas is probably the restaurant you’ll like the most due to its location!

It’s a restaurant with an open atmosphere and a great view of the Cauca River. Who doesn’t like to have lunch on a riverside balcony?

Although seafood’s on the menu, you can find other classic Colombian foods, such as meat with French fries.

Address: Cl. 17 #0-37 a 0-1, Caucasia, Antioquia

Best Dinner Places

Here are two options to enjoy a delicious dinner in Caucasia. If you want to try something different from what you’re used to, I suggest you go for it! Make this a memorable trip.

La Estancia Asados & Mariscos

La Estancia Asados & Mariscos

Perhaps this is the restaurant with the most varied menu in Caucasia.

Here you can find vegetarian pasta and typical Colombian fast food such as Salchipapa, Chuzo de Pollo, or hamburgers. You can also try their roasts, other presentations of meat and chicken, and a variety of seafood dishes.

There’s the option to dine indoors or outside, illuminated by small light bulbs.

In my opinion, this is the perfect option to have the last meal of the day. If you’ve finished your meal and want to have a beer or cocktail, you can also order them here.

Address: Cra. 10 #21-2 a 21-52, Caucasia, Antioquia

Peccatori Restaurant

Peccatori Restaurant

Peccatori Restaurant is your Italian option in Caucasia!

The restaurant’s menu offers pizzas, including a vegetarian option. You can also try the Calzone, the Crepes, or the Rissoto.

If you’re from the USA and maybe you miss some typical American food, you can try the menu option that includes chicken wings or hamburgers.

Sandwiches and entrees with different types of meats are your safer option.

Peccatori is a simple place with a quiet atmosphere ideal to end the day.

Address: Cra. 20, Caucasia, Antioquia

Find Good Food in Caucasia

You can make food one of your activities to do in Caucasia!

Now you have a list of places where you can go. There are no excuses for not adding Caucasia to the list of places you must go to in Antioquia!

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