All About Where to Eat in Barbosa, Antioquia

All About Where to Eat in Barbosa, Antioquia

TLDR? In Barbosa, you can find American and paisa-style breakfasts accompanied by the best coffee in the world.

If you’re in Medellin looking for a weekend escape, look no further: Barbosa, Antioquia is the perfect destination.

This beautiful town close to the capital city has different pleasant spaces with good food and various dishes, without leaving the typical Antioquian food aside.

In this article, I’ll show you where you can try the best food in the area!

Where’s Barbosa?

Where’s Barbosa?

Barbosa is located north of the Valle de Aburrá, just under an hour and a half from Medellín.

It’s a small town surrounded by enormous green mountains. Barbosa’s also called the land of pineapple due to the number of crops found there.

It’s also one of the favorite destinations for adventure and heights lovers, as it offers good experiences in paragliding and hang-gliding flights.

Best Breakfast Places in Barbosa

Best Breakfast Places in Barbosa

Apart from several tourist activities, Barbosa can also offer you good food at affordable prices.

If you’re going to live an adventure in this town, gather your energy and start your day with an outstanding breakfast in one of Barbosa’s best breakfast places.

Barbosa Gourmet la Cabaña

With an Antioquian cabin style, this restaurant has delicious dishes without much cost.

If you’ve just arrived in Barbosa, La Cabaña is a good option for breakfast. Breakfasts in Colombia don’t usually include waffles or pancakes, but here you’ll find them on the menu with other delicious dishes.

Don’t forget that you’re in Antioquia: accompany your breakfast with a good coffee, either a double espresso or a rich American prepared with the best coffee in the world.

Address: Calle 16 #18 – 32, Barbosa, Antioquia

Tostao Cafe & Pan

Located two blocks from Simón Bolívar park, this place may seem familiar to you since, in Medellín, you’ll also find some Tostao stores throughout the city.

Here you can find different drinks for breakfast, not just coffee. You can choose juices or slushies.

For breakfast, I recommend the arepa if you want something light. However, if you know you’re about to spend a lot of energy in the morning, you should try a more filling meal.

Address: Cra. 17 #11-17, Barbosa, Antioquia. 

Best Lunch Places in Barbosa

Best Lunch Places in Barbosa

Visiting places where there’s so much to see makes one very hungry.

Barbosa may be small, but it has a great variety of restaurants. You can almost find one on every corner, so when it comes to having a good lunch, you’ll find several options.

Here are some!


If you’re a fan of rice, this is the place to fill your stomach!

Karamba has more than four rice options to offer. I recommend paisa rice, one of the classic rice dishes to eat in Antioquia.

You can also try the house rice. It comes with a mixture of meats you won’t find anywhere else.

The restaurant’s just three blocks from Simón Bolívar Park.

Address: Cra. 17 #17-28, Barbosa, Antioquia.

La Negra Celina

One block from Simón Bolívar Park, you’ll find a restaurant with a typical Colombian name and equally typical food.

If you visit La Negra Celina, you must try its famous beans with pork rinds accompanied by ripe plantain! It’s delicious!

Address: Cl. 13 #13-35, Barbosa, Antioquia

Best Dinner Places in Barbosa

Best Dinner Places in Barbosa

After a day of adventure, you just want to rest. But first, you have to satisfy your stomach!

Here are some options to sit down and have dinner in Barbosa.

Bajo El Cielo

Bajo El Cielo is an inexpensive but tasty restaurant within the town of Barbosa.

Here you can find roasts. If you want something healthier, a chicken salad would be your best option.

The restaurant has a simple picnic style and a particular way to facilitate your attention by the waiter. It consists of turning on the lamp on your table.

Bajo El Cielo is a pet-friendly restaurant.

Address: Cl. 17 #14-112 #14-2 a, Barbosa, Antioquia

Shawarma Barbosa

You wouldn’t expect to find Arabic food in such a small town.

This restaurant specializes in shawarma with the meat of your preference.

They offer weekday promotions, so if you’re in Barbosa during the week, you can have a delicious and inexpensive dinner.

Address: Cl. 15 # 10- 20, Barbosa, Antioquia

La Guarida

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy good music while you eat, La Guarida is your best option!

It’s a small place but with good style. They’re burger specialists here, so I recommend trying the Azteca if you want to try a burger that mixes different flavors.

After making your stomach happy, you can also enjoy their offer of cocktails, sangrias, and different drinks.

Address: Cra. 11 #15 -07, Barbosa, Antioquia

Eat and have fun in Barbosa

Barbosa, as a good paisa town, has different food options from breakfast to dinner! Here you can find from typical Antioquian dishes to Arabic food.

Don’t miss out on visiting this town! And satisfy your stomach!

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